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Avatar m tn It will depend on your diagnosis and severity of condition. Book a consultation and skin analysis at a skin clinic, and get back to us with some more details.
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Avatar n tn Hi I have been undergoing som yellow and white peels at the skin clinic in preparation to laser skin resurfacing treatment. I hve finished 2 sittings of both the peels. Now just before a month to the laser treatment, my doctor has advised me to take sotret tablets for 30 days, and once done will start the laser.
Avatar f tn Permanent removal of hair usually takes more than one session so i would have faith in the dermatologists who told you the hair and skin will be fine after this trauma. Does the laser clinic offer an after-care service? He should definately make them aware of his bad reaction.
Avatar n tn I have been using duac gel and it reallt has not gotten much better. I have been told that laser treatment would be a great choice. What is the average price range for the laser removal of ingrown hairs? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Infected facial hair follicles (in-grown hairs)</a>.
Avatar m tn But after a few hours, the redness went away and now there are little circles all over the areas where she got lasered, presumably where the laser touched her skin. They were there last night and are still present this morning. They are reddish brown. My mum says that there is slight burning and that her skin feels 'stretched'. As it is the weekend, we haven't been able to contact the clinic but plan to do so first thing tomorrow morning.
Avatar m tn Dear Practioners, My questions are in relation to a potential allergy reaction to a tattoo laser treatment. On 1st March 2011 I underwent a laser treatment (Alexandrite device) on a couple a tattoos I have (one on the inner part of my left arm and the other on the back side of my right arm) however, I have noticed that about 04-05 weeks later I started developing mosquito-bites type of thing on the area of the tattoos which can be very itchy and come and go within a few hours.
Avatar n tn I saw a plastic surgeon who offered co2 laser resurfacing and punches for the deeper pitted scars (which I have about a dozen of.) In what order should this be done?I also have lots of blackheads and large pores (on my nose mostly) and I am almost 50. The worst of the the scarring is on my cheeks. He said I could go either way but I want to know what standard procedure is. Also should I have the small pitted scars subscised 1st?
Avatar n tn Hello. About 2 years ago I had laser hair removal with IPL (Intense pulsed light) on my lower back and it caused brown marks. The clinic that I used prescribed a special cream made up of retinoic acid (0.025%), hydroquinone 3% in Eumovate cream. I was told to apply this cream twice a day for 7 days ONLY and they said it would expire. However I used it for longer and started to notice the area get red and irritated..however I kept using it for a couple of days after.
Avatar f tn however, the skin on the upper lip is far too sensitive for laser hair removal, whatever your skin tone. I have spent a fortune on creams such as Clinique's dark spot corrector with little effect. The issue is that the damage caused by the laser is so deep no topical solution is effective. I fear that the hyperpigmention will worsen over time, which terrifies me as the situation is already distressing enough.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor Rockoff, I have been receiving laser hair treatments in the pubic area for the last 6 weeks. I notice a small black spot exactly 2mm in size near the crease near my groin. This is the same area that is being treated by the laser. The spot is symetrical and small but I'm worried because it's black rather than the normal mole color. Can the laser cause something like this or could it be a small melanoma. I'm a female age 39 with no health conditions.
Avatar f tn I have read somewhere or heard, can't remember,that sometimes the treatment triggers things you have, to become worse. Does this seem to include skin problems, even if the skin problem had resolved itself years ago? I understand many people get riba rash, I not referring to that.
Avatar f tn Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with hyperpigmentation of the skin on the face (Melasma)? I have had problems with dark pigmented areas on my face for 10+ years, despite wearing sunscreen religously. However, when researching the hyperpigmentation, I found that a number of people with this problem also have thyroid disorders. I'd love to get some feedback to give to my Endocrinologist. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I asked the woman about it at the clinic and she was adamant that it will be perfectly fine as she reckons that laser treatment does not pierce or break the skin. I am a little unsure though as I doubt she has any medical qualifications or knowledge on diabetes. My GP is away on holidays so I cannot ask him. I know that waxing for example is not recommended.
Avatar f tn Now my acne days are over but it left me with scard and uneven skin surface. I have really sensitive and oily skin, i have tried so mant toners, facial wash moisturisers but they only make my skin more worse, more oily and the remnants of acne more visible. i hate it. what can you recommend for me to try? i am also going to clinic for microdermabrasion once a month but nothing ever mad my skin improved. any idea? thanks..
Avatar n tn they make me unconfortable. I saw the doctor at our local clinic and he only asked me to wash my face with Dove Saop and apply caphor cream thereafter but no improvement yet. i also want to look good.
Avatar n tn Laser treatments can cause a histamine response which would make your skin patchy and red. Did you have a patch test before commencing therapy and is the clinic that treated you happy with your progress? Did the blue light clinic advise use of medique as a cleanser? AHA's can cause rashes on sensitized skin. I would suggest using Lutsine Hydrafnia cleanser and moisturizer which is especially designed for acne-prone skin which has become irritated or dry due to some acne treatments.
Avatar m tn Hello, From the symptoms it can be seborrheic keratosis or genital warts or some benign skin growth. Seborrheic keratosis is a benign skin growth and the cause is exactly not known but sunlight and hereditary predisposition have been proposed. The treatment methods employed are cryotherapy with carbon dioxide (dry ice) or liquid nitrogen, electrodesiccation, electrodesiccation and curettage, curettage alone, shave biopsy or excision using a scalpel, or a laser or dermabrasion surgery.
2206935 tn?1373642205 im very emberassed to visit a gu clinic but i rlly want to clear warts been 19months and emotionally i feel very suicidal and very sad can a doctor do freezing?or a dermatologist?
Avatar m tn A year and a half ago I grew tired of experiments and started visiting professionals in a very expensive elite clinic. I have wasted enormous amount of money on all these treatments and procedures they have prescribed me. But, as I compare my current looks to photos I made before I started visiting the clinic, I didn't notice any difference. The redness dropped maybe a little bit, but it is hardly noticeable. So, my current situation is this.
Avatar n tn If your skin condition is causing you psychological problems, talk to your doctor about anti-depressants. I took Venlafaxine to help with my depression linked to acne, and it really helped. Best Wishes, Eloise.
Avatar n tn As the spots seemed to spread, so did the mottled, pink/red skin. Soon, all the skin on my legs was affected. When pressed, the places would blanche and my feet would return to normal if I raised my feet. I tried different things, but the color would return as soon as I stopped. I decided to consult my primary care physician. He ran a series of tests for various toxicities and did a 24 hour urine. The results did not provide any clues. Also, he ruled out Raynaud's.
Avatar n tn Methods Those subjects who presented to the dermatology outpatient clinic with skin tags on multiple sites and were otherwise healthy and willing to participate in the study were enrolled. After obtaining informed consent, biopsy specimens from skin tags were obtained from neck, dorsum of hand and axilla from 37 patients. Ten biopsy specimens from the normal skin surrounding skin tags were also analyzed.
Avatar n tn that's is most likely not skin cancer at all. it sounds like tinea versicolor possibly. google that term and look at the images. if that's what you have it is a fungal infection that is often times caught in tanning beds. that is absolutely not the only place people catch it, but common. and it is very very common on the chest and back. easily treatable. you'll need a prescription. skin cancer comes by way of scaly sores, weird bumps , lesions etc.
Avatar m tn My husband age 59 has been experiencing burning, prickly itchy skin at random times but mostly during the evening. He has the sensation of pins and needles pricking his skin from the inside out. This mostly occurs on his arms or legs or back, but not concurrently. First it was his legs then it moved to his back and currently the problem is on his arms. The sensation will be symetrical, i.e. both arms. The prickling turns into severe itching with sensations of pin pricking pain.
Avatar m tn The surgeon will examine the skin to determine how sensitive it is and to adjust intensity of the laser according to colour and type. Then hair is trimmed. Success depends on skin colour and colour of the hair. Light skinned people with dark hair have higher success rates whereas dark skinned people have lower success rates and those with gray hair even less in the traditional method of laser hair removal.
1009855 tn?1250699420 I used a menthol face cleaner in the shower and it made my skin feel great and it looked like the skin started healing but then I started using it more than once a day and it made my skin really dry and I had to find a medium which seems to be using it once in the shower in the morning. About a month ago it looked worse because I scratched at it to get away any dead skin and it basically just took the top layer of skin off of my nose where it was at.
Avatar n tn I havent heard of a hemmheriod skin tage before.I have known other people with regular skin tags that looked like moles that had them removed. They didnt say it much.I guess if it's in the anal area it may be a bit more painful though.