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Avatar f tn Before, it just looked like discolouration, but here you can see that it's actually indented into the skin. I am not a dermatologist, but I think with this type of scar, you would need something like collagen injections, or laser resurfacing, something of that nature to make it the same level of your skin. Having said that, I realize you are desperate, but please don't go to any shady establishments that offer these treatments without certification.
Avatar f tn 8/3/13 Tues (arrangement for future underarm laser removal). 7/24/13 Tues (first Spa laser session). 8/29/13 Sun (our first at Dog Park). 10/5/13 Sat (4 or 5K Marathon run). 10/7/13 Mon (received vocal lessons sched). 10/11/13 Fri (Flu shot work-req). 10/15/13 Tues (work-required Tuberculosis test, Negative) 10/16/13 Wed (interviewed for 2nd job). 10/21/13 (Dentist). 11/5/13 Tues (Spa laser #2). 11/14/13 Thur (Super Moon :-). 12/16/13 Mon (MD full Physical exam).
720604 tn?1230853479 If medical professionals do not treat every patient as if they had a communicable disease, they are not doing their jobs correctly as their license or certification requires. Imo, No need to get your surgeon shaking in his boots. Or preoccupied with anything but how to preform your surgery to the best of his ability. That might even make them nervous enough to make a mistake and get infected, or worse. I wonder how many medical professionals with HCV, or Hiv, etc, tell their patients.
Avatar n tn However, in March of this year, another body, SAMHSA, or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, will have the authority to authorize physicians to provide methadone and LAAM maintenance and/or detox to patients, as long as the physician is affiliated with an Opioid Treatment Program-based organization and gets SAMHSA certification.
Avatar n tn I also took a SCUBA course in 2005, no problem then that I can remember, but when I went to get my advanced open water certification, I could not equalize, bled out of my ear (I think; someone remarked that they saw blood in my mask, so maybe out of my lacrimal duct?), and since then I have noticed fullness, stuffyness in ears, ringing, inability to equalize, significant pain when trying to go even a few feet underwater.
Avatar f tn 5% - that worked for about 4 months and gradually stopped plus it thinned my skin tremendously. Keeping my fingers crossed that whether its the prudoxin, sun shirts or menopause, I am just hopefully that this is ended. My heart goes out to you all. I am amazed how many dermatologists are oblivious to this, making you jump through so many hoops over and over again starting with anithistamines then a battalion of creams.
Avatar n tn Dizziness, Fatigue, Panic Disorder, Fuzzy Eyes, Stuffed Head, Eyes taking to long to adjust to darkness, Disbalance, Unexplained Skin Rashes (thought it was Allergies), Forgetfullness, Sensitivity to beight lights, headaches, etc. She was diagnosed with something called Toxic Encephalopathy. Exposure to certain chemicles which can cause an effect of the nervous system. Being that my husband is a pest control tech, I inadvertently come in contact with them.
Avatar f tn Placing permanent metal dental implants in allergic patients can provoke type IV or I reactions. Several symptoms have been described, from skin rashes and implant failure, to non-specific immune suppression. Objective: Our objective was to evaluate the presence of titanium allergy by the anamnesis and examination of patients, together with the selective use of cutaneous and epicutaneous testing, in patients treated with or intending to receive dental implants of such material.