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Avatar m tn Acne is a common skin disorder that often appears briefly during the teenage years and then disappears by adulthood. Those who experience mild cases of the skin disorder may not have any indication that the acne ever occurred. For those with more severe cases or which last into adulthood, the end of active acne may not be the end of their skin problems. Purple and red scars and a “pitted” texture in the skin may look just as bad as, or worse, than an actual acne outbreak.
Avatar f tn Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn Yes, I too expected to have a total Hysterectomy & removal of ovaries & Endometriosis by Laparascopic surgery. Well, that did occur but I knew that after my surgery that something was very wrong. My Sigmoid Colon had been ruptured. I was hugely distended & kept questioning this to no avail. I even suggersted that I had Peritonitis, but was told to think happy thoughts! Finally, day 5 in the hospital I felt my bowel really "Go" whilst on the toilet.
Avatar n tn I know that these leads should be removed by a cardiologist specialized in this. I understand there are two such doctors in Canada, one in Toronto and one in Vancouver. I do not know how they actually go about removing the leads. Do they have to perform open heart surgery, or are they able to do it through a cath procedure. You help in helping me understand this procedure would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn One of the leading Clinics of Toronto, Laser Medical Centre is a well-equipped treatment centre and provides a number of skin treatments like Laser hair Removal, Acne treatment, Stretch marks and scars removal, Weight loss treatment, Photo Facial and Photo rejuvenation, Laser Skin Tightening, minor skin irregularities, Cellulite reduction, Detoxification and Natural Cleansing, etc at affordable prices. Visit to know more.
Avatar f tn He was told to do laser PI to prevent the glucoma first. Just wonder if the laser PI is needed and is it will worsen the catarct situation since he plans to have the cataract removed at least 6-9 months later.
Avatar m tn Amy Schefler, MD, from Retina Consultants of Houston, who is clinical assistant professor of ophthalmology at the University of Texas, said that she has not seen any injuries with the blue laser, but has seen similar injuries from the YAG laser used for hair removal. She agrees with Dr. Arevalo that it's tough to regulate Internet sales. "I'm no expert in government regulation of Internet purchases, but it's obviously challenging," Dr. Schefler said.
Avatar n tn Options might include special glasses, IOL removal/exchange/repositioning. Use the archives, eye topics and search feature to read the many posts on "flickering" after IOL surgery.
Avatar n tn There is a clinic in Vancouver, BC, Canada doing laser removal of pearly penile papules. Check it out!
Avatar n tn After new implant is placed (something like tecnis or sofport AO monofocal aspheric) you could have a yag laser after that. The yag laser will not affect the long term effectiveness or safety of implant and I would not worry about this very easy, quick procedure. Concentrate on the symptoms you are currently having. Your other symptoms of blurry spots in vision - I really cannot explain.
Avatar m tn Apparently the astigmatism I had has been corrected (toric lens) but I am now slightly shortsighted (I had hoped for good vision overall). It has been suggested I could have laser surgery to correct this. My main worry is that I have what I feel is quite bad flaring from car headlights at night and also lots of circles around the lights, presume this is haloing. I see you talk about haloing and I am wondering if this has diminished/improved for you as time passes after the surgery.
Avatar n tn The procedure I would like to learn about is for skin tag removal although my doctor said to just leave it and live with it since the pain is so excruciating that he would not want me to go through it. I just want to know from people who had this done and to learn just how extreme the pain is to remove a post hemorrhoid skin tag. I believe I'll be getting the banding done in 6 months upon my return visit appointment with the doctor.
Avatar m tn Laser wart removal. prices start at $100 dollars but i think its totally worth it considering this thing can be on your face for over 2 years. im going to try it.
Avatar f tn That seems to help but I have to use it every day along with warm compresses and a cleansing routine or the blurry vision gets worse. She now wants to perform laser surgery on me for a slight astigmatism I have. She says this will help, they gave me glasses to try on with the way it should look after surgery. I can see clearer but still double vision and she doesn't know if that will go away.
Avatar n tn I am from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. I had my first lipodissolve treatment done on Thursday January 24th, 2008 at 2:00 pm. I had my lower abdmone just below my belly button and my love handles done. The initial shots did not hurt that much - they felt like a typical shot. I wore jeans into the session (big mistake) because I could not do them up afterwards. Anyhow...I wasn't too sore just annoyed by the feeling. The next day which was Friday...I spent the entire day in bed.
Avatar f tn I found a book online called The Atlas of Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthesis Its a medical book for sale and you can only see a couple pages, but from the index there was a whole chapter on plate removal due to immunologic response. Also.... Allergic reactions to metal implants: Influence of wear debris Properties of implant materials and particles.
Avatar f tn I am undergoing surgery for the removal of axillary breast tissue under my right arm. The surgery is scheduled for 20 Aug 07. I was briefed throughly that the casuses could be hereditary, due to lactating, etc. I noticed mine shortly after nursing my youngest child (23 months) and it has been bothersome ever since. I have gone to the doctor so many times and they always tell me maybe it is my lympnodes or cancer.. I had a breast ultrasound done and there is no trace of cancer.
Avatar f tn The limp got worse and he had to use crutches so he was sent for an MRI which only showed the above findings and he was referred to Sick Kids in Toronto. While we were waiting for an appointment at Sick Kids we took him to a Chinese acupuncturist in downtown Toronto who stretched him, pulled, pushed, tugged, shoved and when he was done, my son was able to walk the next day without any limp, but only for short distances.
Avatar f tn So I went to the surgeon and it costs $2500 + tax and I'm in Toronto Canada so the tax is quite a bit. I plan on getting the surgery done before July or else I will have to pay more tax cuz of the new HST tax. He told me he doesn't see it as anything extreme but of course I would but he said ge sees what I am talking about.
Avatar n tn I now have them on my eyelids too. I just moved to San Antonio Tx from Toronto, Canada. I never had this before. So I believe I got this form of allergy, here in Texas. I look forward to your next post. Also please read Alohachic comment. I'll give it a try and let your know.