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Avatar f tn Any responsible clinic will not perform laser hair removal while pregnant. However, it is safe afterwards.
Avatar f tn My husband had laser hair removal about two weeks ago to his beard. He developed folliculitis. The folliculitis is now cleared up and the hair on his beard is very patchy. The skin under the hair seems to be lighter than the skin that has no hair. Is this b/c the skin without hair is still healing and will blend in eventually or is it going to stay this way. Also, this was the first treatment. Will hair grow back in these spots that have no hair.
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Avatar m tn Dear Practioners, My questions are in relation to a potential allergy reaction to a tattoo laser treatment. On 1st March 2011 I underwent a laser treatment (Alexandrite device) on a couple a tattoos I have (one on the inner part of my left arm and the other on the back side of my right arm) however, I have noticed that about 04-05 weeks later I started developing mosquito-bites type of thing on the area of the tattoos which can be very itchy and come and go within a few hours.
Avatar m tn My mum and I have been recently getting laser hair removal done every 4-6 weeks. We are both on our 6th or so session. Both of us have responded well and nothing bad has happened. However, yesterday my mum went for her session and she came back with a lot of redness. She gets her neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip done and everything was very noticeably red. This has never happened before. There might be a little bit of redness/itchiness/soreness afterwards, but not to this extent.
Avatar f tn I am a 35 year old caucasian woman. I had laser hair removal done with the final session in May 2010. I avoided the sun last summer due to the fact that I was on a topical cream to treat a mild case of perioral dermatitis. I have had significant sun exposure this year, and have developed a clearly defined area of dark pigmentation on my upperlip. It basically looks like a hairless mustache. There is no other blotchiness on my face at all.
Avatar n tn // Price is per one (1) treatment: Full face - $150-300 Upper lip - $50-150 Chin - $50-150 Underarms (both) - $50-150 Regular bikini - $100-200 (definition at each clinic is different – ask!) Brazilian bikini - $200-300 Half legs (both) - $200-400 Half arms (both) - $200-400 Butt - $150-300 Back - $200-500 Chest - $100-300 (ask for definition) Abdomen - $100-300 (ask for definition) http://www.zimbio.
Avatar n tn Hi guys, I have booked in for laser hair removal treatment on my back & shoulders this Friday. But I want to double check if this procedure is recommended for Type 1 diabetics? I asked the woman about it at the clinic and she was adamant that it will be perfectly fine as she reckons that laser treatment does not pierce or break the skin. I am a little unsure though as I doubt she has any medical qualifications or knowledge on diabetes. My GP is away on holidays so I cannot ask him.
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Avatar n tn i have a mole on my nose. I went to a laser clinic and the doctor advised that the mole cannot be removed by means of a laser as it is deep into the dermis. He suggested I go see a plastic surgeon. The mole is about 3-4 mm in diameter. Would plastic surgery be able to excise the mole without leaving a scar. Is this procedure considered complex and costly? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I had cataract surgery 1.5 years ago. My eyesight has since been deteriorating, and I just found out today that I have the "secondary cataracts". The doctor said only one eye (down from 80% vision to 50%) should be treated with the YAG at present as the other one is not too bad yet (down from 100% vision to 80%).
Avatar n tn Only you and your doctor can decide whether this is the situation. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to remove my beard completely with laser and get rid of these gray hairs . An is there any clinic in INDIA which does it safely without any side effects.
Avatar m tn Thanks to modern technologies women need no longer suffer the periodic pain of hair removal by shaving, tweezing or waxing. Laser hair removal is a fast, relatively painless process that guarantees near permanent results. If you are bothered by hair on legs, arms and your body then laser hair removal in Delhi is both quick and affordable. The process is carried out by a trained and expert cosmetic surgeons using state of art laser equipment.
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Avatar n tn Hello. About 2 years ago I had laser hair removal with IPL (Intense pulsed light) on my lower back and it caused brown marks. The clinic that I used prescribed a special cream made up of retinoic acid (0.025%), hydroquinone 3% in Eumovate cream. I was told to apply this cream twice a day for 7 days ONLY and they said it would expire. However I used it for longer and started to notice the area get red and irritated..however I kept using it for a couple of days after.
Avatar n tn The doctor will use a laser to remove it. The stricture is causing me to urinate frequently, not empty the bladder, and have a weak urine stream. I'm concerned that the surgery will only be a temporary fix and then cause even more problems. Through numerous forums I haven't found one person that describes having a stricture removed with this procedure and being satisfied with the results.
Avatar n tn Good Afternoon, I am a 40 year old mother of three and healthy until I had my gallbladder removed (laser) in Dec. 1999. I had some intense pain in my right abdomin and chest area that my doctors said was due to a diseased gallbladder. Although these pains were infrequent, I had the surgery to prevent any further problems. Since then I have had chronic abdominal cramping, burning and diarrhea always 15 to 30 minutes after I eat and many times first thing in the morning.
Avatar n tn I had laser kidney stone removal 2 weeks ago. During the process I was cometely out. If any dr wants to perform this procedure while you are awake I would advise you to seek another opinion. When i woke up only pain I felt was in my penis it was swollen 4 times its normal size. The nurse kept me comfortable with morphine. I was required to pee before I was released and let me tell you! This was so painful it burned soooo bad. I had to sit down to pee for the next 3 days.
Avatar m tn I suspect the doctor cauterized the mole instead of lasering it because I smelled burnt skin during the procedure. Does laser mole removal produce burnt skin smell too? I had a flat mole, but I don't know why he still chose to cauterize it. As a result, I got this bad looking dent on my face and I am really sad. Before the procedure, he told me that laser mole removal would not leave scar afterward. Thus, I assumed he was going to remove the mole by laser.
2206935 tn?1373642205 Hello, For small warts that affect only the skin around the anus, several medications(like podophyllum resin, Podofilox (Condylox), Trichloroacetic and bichloroacetic acids, Imiquimod 5% cream and interferons) are available, which can be applied directly to the surface of the warts.Other treatment options include electrical cautery, surgical removal, Carbon dioxide laser treatment and electrodesiccation.
Avatar m tn I had a stent for 1 week after my 1st stone was removed. Since the removal of the stent, I have had waves of severe back pain similar to the initial pain I had when I discovered the stone. I heard the ureter can spasm as it heals and this blocks the urine flow in the kidney causing the pain. How long should this last? What is the best way of managing the pain?
Avatar n tn If facial hair is a problem you could look into permanent removal at a laser clinic, or go on an anti-androgen contraceptive pill like Dianette (called Diane35 in some countries).
Avatar n tn Can you tell me the results of your one ovary removal surgery? Have you had recurrence of endometrioma? Are you on oral contraceptives?
Avatar f tn Based upon its results it will be determined if only affected lobe needs to come out or the complete thyroid removal is necessary. Laser nodule treatment was on the trial, but the outcome of this procedure is questionable.
Avatar m tn One of the leading Clinics of Toronto, Laser Medical Centre is a well-equipped treatment centre and provides a number of skin treatments like Laser hair Removal, Acne treatment, Stretch marks and scars removal, Weight loss treatment, Photo Facial and Photo rejuvenation, Laser Skin Tightening, minor skin irregularities, Cellulite reduction, Detoxification and Natural Cleansing, etc at affordable prices. Visit to know more.
Avatar f tn after looking up various other removal procedures (such as laser) and decided to pay them a visit. The Colorectal health centre accepted my insurance (HMO) otherwise banding would be $600 per visit...first my Dr asked what problem was and I told her. She used a instrument that is like the anal speculum to look inside my anal cavity and saw that I had 3 interior hemorrhoids. I had my banding that first visit. It was painless, a lil uncomfortable but quick.
Avatar f tn my lovely boyfriend has booked me in to a private clinic in the morning for laser hair removal consultion.... which he said he is going to pay for! my worrie is that iff we spend all this money and it does not work! and i am left feeling worse then ever... Has anyone has laser treatment either offerd by NHS or private and how have they found this?