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162948 tn?1205256292 I had the mirena in for about 13 months & had it removed end of august to try to get pregnant. I had thought it was more immediate. I found out it can take 3-6 months for your cycle to return. my husband and I are pretty bummed because we would have removed it earlier (or never had it put in). Anyway, I bled a few days after removal (probably due to the removal) & then nothing until a couple days of brown spotting at the beginning of this month.
639669 tn?1223058059 Throat) Residency, University of California, Irvine • Plastic Surgery Residency, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City BOARD CERTIFICATION • Board Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery • Board Certified, American Board of Otolaryngology HONORS • Outstanding Resident, University of California, Irvine • Physician’s Recognition Award from the American Medical Association • “Humanitarian of the Year”, Sojourn Services for Battered Women and their Children for donated
Avatar n tn She said they would be calling me Monday to schedule a consultation about laser removal of the scar tissue. I will post new info as I find out. Thanks to everyone. It really helps to get other opinions and insight. Bless you all!
Avatar n tn I didn't come across this healing problem on the forum. (2) I am reluctant to go for laser removal of these fibroids given my extreme dry eye condition. What is the risk of not leaving these fibroids untreated? Will I go blind eventually? (3) The ratio-brimonidine did help eliminate the light reflections though it makes my eyes even drier. How safe can I use this kind of medicated drops? (4) At this moment, i.e. 3 months of post-surgery, I have good distant & reading vision.
Avatar f tn 8/3/13 Tues (arrangement for future underarm laser removal). 7/24/13 Tues (first Spa laser session). 8/29/13 Sun (our first at Dog Park). 10/5/13 Sat (4 or 5K Marathon run). 10/7/13 Mon (received vocal lessons sched). 10/11/13 Fri (Flu shot work-req). 10/15/13 Tues (work-required Tuberculosis test, Negative) 10/16/13 Wed (interviewed for 2nd job). 10/21/13 (Dentist). 11/5/13 Tues (Spa laser #2). 11/14/13 Thur (Super Moon :-). 12/16/13 Mon (MD full Physical exam).
151263 tn?1243377877 stage 1 or 2 is only swelling. i thinks he is saying why tx with a shotgun when a laser is on the very near horizon? it is all ones perspective. to waste one year of my life on a tx that has only a 45% to 50% chance of working when to wait 1 or 2 years to see how the new tx will work makes no sense to me. i feel the chance of svr with the new tx will be so much higher than it is now so waiting most likely will improve my odds.
720604 tn?1230853479 I told 2 healthcare professionals about my Hep C status: my dentist (via letter, since when I found out I was way between appointments) and my laser hair removal nurse. With my dentist, I see that they've added "HCV+" to my chart, but have never asked me anything about it. As with all my dentists out here (in Ca), regardless of the HCV thing, they ask you first thing if your health has changed in any way, and ask you to sign a release form.
Avatar n tn What happened to their keratome for laser vision? Off the market for complications. What about their excimer laser? Being out sold by VISX and Allegretto. As with any company they have their share of problems. Restor? Look at the FDA data. What percent of patients have problems? Start with 5% have SEVERE glare. Why does an ophthalmic implantable device get FDA approval if 5% have a severe problem? Any post on this site complain of dissapointing results with this lens? You bet.
Avatar f tn I found a book online called The Atlas of Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthesis Its a medical book for sale and you can only see a couple pages, but from the index there was a whole chapter on plate removal due to immunologic response. Also.... Allergic reactions to metal implants: Influence of wear debris Properties of implant materials and particles.
Avatar n tn I was very thankful for the finding and removal of the turmor But! I had another ct last week, my brain seems to be ok, I can't get him to tell me a thing about the chiari, I told him I the reason I came to him in the beginning was the pain I have all over my body, now the dizziness, it moves around and sometimes it is so bad I can't stand it.