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Avatar n tn The first question I would ask is whether he/she is a board certified plastic surgeon or another kind of physiian who just happened to buy a Smartlipo laser. Liposuction is definitely skill and technique dependent and I personally find that treatment under general anesthesia with traditional liposuction (I use power assisted liposuction) gives consistently good result. Sometimes touchup procedures are appropriate.
Avatar n tn I too had lumpiness/waviness from prior liposuction in my abdomen as well as my inner and outer thighs. I had a second liposuction procedure done using fat grafts attempting to correct this problem. As it made some minor improvements, I still won't expose my tummy to anyone. I'm getting lipodissolve done on Friday and am scheduled for a total of 4 sessions 8 weeks apart. They are also doing some skin tightening using a laser which will also help with the wavy appearance.
Avatar f tn I do not use the laser for liposuction because of the expense of obtaining the laser and reports by other surgeons using it that it is not that valuable a tool. It is not that powerful and many surgeons I speak with use it to only a limited extent (in order to say that they have used it). I currently use power assisted liposuction with a very powerful radiofrequency device (Bodytite) to "shrink-wrap" the skin in conjunction with liposucution.
Avatar n tn Smartlipo uses a modified neodynium-YAG laser to destroy fat cells. Most surgeons liposuction the dissolved fat, rather than allow the body to slowly absorb it. I have had wonder success with traditional liposuction for removal of lipomas.
Avatar f tn I am optimistic that it will work better than any laser liposuction technique. This will be performed initially at a substantially reduced fee. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area and would like further info, call my office at 650-961-2652.
639669 tn?1223058059 He was selected by the Consumer’s Research Council of America as one of the TOP PLASTIC SURGEONS IN AMERICA, 2007 and included in the “Guide to America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, 2007 Edition. CosmetiCare was voted one of the “Best Plastic Surgery Centers in Orange County”(two consecutive years), by The Orange County Register’s “Peoples’ Choice” and published in their guide “The Best of Orange County”.
Avatar n tn If the hernia is significant, then it could be repaired at the time of liposuction. Major hernia repairs are usually performed by general surgeons. The use of a Smartlipo laser assocaited with traditional liposuction in the presence of a major hernia, could potentially injury bowel (a major catastrophe). Smartlipo machines are sold to any physician who is willing to shell out the funds for this equipment irregardless of training or specialty.
Avatar f tn The problem is called large mons pubis and the solution is liposuction. It's a small procedure that takes 30 minutes and can be done under local anesthesia. Recovery takes about 1 to 2 days. It costs $3,000 to $4,000. I'm already saving money to go get it done. It will change my life completely. I hope I helped those who share the same problem.
Avatar n tn They told me that the fat cells are dissolved and that they don't come back. I guess this is supposed to be like liposuction. Day 2 - after my 2nd treatment. Pain is minimal, abdomen has more swelling and feels heavy - just like after the 1st treatment. Redness, but no bruising yet.
Avatar f tn I've bee looking into plastic surgeons for years and it all came back to him/ His name is Dan L. Bennett, his # is 913-491-9777. People swear that he's the greatest. I'm still going to get my refund, still going to start my page, and still considering a lot more, I'll just talk to you guys in email.
Avatar f tn Well I just heard back from 3 plastic surgeons I sent e-mails to and... One doesn't do the procedure said I should speak with a general surgeon. The other has done the procedure several times and said sometimes it takes lipo other times it has to be excised. And another just said we do all kinds of breast procedures come in... Will update when I know more. And it is called axillary breast tissue... Still wondering if my insurance wil cover any of this since it is painful...