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Avatar n tn I'm wondering if newer lipo techniques ( like the one with the laser, smart lipo?) and smaller canulas might give smoother results. I'd ideally like to have lipo suction on my waist, thighs and lower legs -- but a friend who is an aesthetician says she thinks when you are 40 or older, the skin tends to look bad after lip and you don't get good results . Do you agree? Also, if I can't have lipo, I would love a thigh lift. that's my main complaint, sort of saggy, lumpy but not large thighs.
Avatar m tn I presume you mean laser liposuction. This involves destroying fatty tissue with a laser. Liposuction is still necessary to remove the damaged fat. I personally prefer traditional liposuction using a power assisted unit where removal of fat hs been consistent and effective. Usually recovery from this technique is an extended weekend to return to normal activity levels, with three or four weeks for most of the gross swelling to subside.
Avatar n tn The first question I would ask is whether he/she is a board certified plastic surgeon or another kind of physiian who just happened to buy a Smartlipo laser. Liposuction is definitely skill and technique dependent and I personally find that treatment under general anesthesia with traditional liposuction (I use power assisted liposuction) gives consistently good result. Sometimes touchup procedures are appropriate.
Avatar n tn In April this year I had External Ultrasonic Liposuction with Smart Laser Liposuction of the arms to reduce the size and make them more in proportion to the rest of my body. I don't recall the amount that was taken out but it was pretty substantial, plus I was awake for the procedure and saw the fat in the collection container. It is now 5 months since the surgery and the swelling is gone, but my arms are still 12" in circumference. They are not smaller at all.
Avatar f tn I also now recommend most of these pocedures under general anesthesia, except for very small areas, since I find it difficult to obtain the profound anesthesia required for the best results. In addition, I am now using radiofrequency assited liposuction (BodyTite) under an investigational protocol. It is far more powerful and effective for fat reduction and skin shrinkage than laser liposuction.
Avatar n tn I too had lumpiness/waviness from prior liposuction in my abdomen as well as my inner and outer thighs. I had a second liposuction procedure done using fat grafts attempting to correct this problem. As it made some minor improvements, I still won't expose my tummy to anyone. I'm getting lipodissolve done on Friday and am scheduled for a total of 4 sessions 8 weeks apart. They are also doing some skin tightening using a laser which will also help with the wavy appearance.
Avatar n tn Didn't see a lot of results after one, it definatley takes 2 treatments to see results. I'm not sure why they want you to go 6 weeks between treatments, maybe just your places treatment plan. Expect you abdomen to swell, like you are 4 months pregnant. It goes down after about 3 days, at least it takes that long for me to go down. Expect it to hurt, or should I say burn. The first 24 hours are the worst - it is tolerable, but it does hurt.
Avatar n tn The actual technique for liposuction varies from surgeon to surgeon (traditional, power assisted, ultrasonic, laser) and tumescent fluid is used irrespective of the liposuction technique. As liposuction is performed, the fat and the injected fluid is removed, so that the results can be visualized. Ankle liposuction is no different than any other area with regard to the use of tumescence fluid.
Avatar f tn While the procedure can and has been performed without liposuction extraction of the fat, it takes months and months for natural healing processes to remove the damaged fat cells. If liposuction was not performed at the time of your procedure, then any results you see will be a long time in appearing. If liposuction was performed, any result from the liposuction will not be event for at least one month following the procedure.
Avatar n tn While I have heard of anecdotal reports of better skin retraction with the use of a laser as an adjunct to liposuction, it is my belief that the results of this surgery are more operator dependent than technique dependent. In other words, I would place more weight on the surgeon you choose rather than whether he/she owns a $95,000 Smartlipo machine.
Avatar n tn Swelling at two weeks post liposuction (whether using a laser or other techniques) is the norm. If the problem persists after several months, then your procedure was not successful and aditional traditional liposuction may be appropriate.
Avatar n tn I personally am quite satisfied with the results I get with traditional liposuction (I actually primarily use power assisted liposuction). At four days, it is much too early to assess the results of your procedure. If shape problems are present at three to four months or more after the procedure, then this will become an issue that will need to be addressed. Discomfort at this early stage is usual and should resolve over the next week or so.
Avatar n tn It is not designed or promoted for cellulite treatment. Liposelect is a form of direct ultrasonic liposuction. Again, its use is for liposuction purposes and is not often used for cellulite. Other alternatives include repeated treatments with roller therapy over the affected areas with either vacuum suction (Endermology treatment) or in associated with low level radiofrequency therapy (Velasmooth laser system).
Avatar n tn More important would be the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. The use of power assisted liposuction or traditional liposuction could produce equal results with a skilled expert.
Avatar f tn How closely spaced (in distance) are the injections - there are different approaches, not sure which is better, ours are half inch. 7. How many treatments will it take to see results - if they say guaranteed results in one treatment, run for the hills. Evidence seems to show somewhere between 5 and 10% will not respond to the treatment.
Avatar n tn Vaser and Smartlipo are two different techniques for removal of fat (Vaser is a form of ultrasonic liposuction and Smartlipo is the use of a traditional neodynium-YAG laser to destroy fat cells). Both techniques result in permanent fat removal.
Avatar n tn The final results with liposuction typically occur at three to four months. While Smartlipo damages fat cells, it always requires standard liposuction to remove the damaged fat as well as any additonal fat. If you are not satisfied with the results of the procedure, have a frank discussion with your surgeon in several months to determine if additional surgery will be required to improve your situation.
Avatar n tn It is apparent to me, based on your consultations, that liposuction alone will probably not meet your needs. There is no question that brachioplasty (using a combination of direct skin excision as well as some traditional liposuction) will be the definite solution for your problem. There is a linear scar that runs along the inside of your arm, but this usually heals very well. If you are willing to accept this scar, then this form of surgery is for you and is very predictable.
Avatar n tn Will I get as great results from the other doctors who really do just liposuction? I don't know which one is proper for me in my case, and every doctor I meet wants a ton of money, maybe because its NY, and says that their the best. I just want whats good for me and will give me the best results with the smallest undetectable scar as possible.
Avatar n tn The results vary; I've had great results to my abdomen after 3 treatments. The total cost where I go (Bonne Terre Medical Assoc. about an hour south of St. Louis) is $750.00 per zone. Are you considering having it done?
Avatar n tn I requested liposuction of my neck and was told that I would not be happy with the lipo suction alone and would need a face lift as well ( no eyes or forehead) I was told that some lipo would take place in my jowls (extra $500) and the Dr suggested that I have a laser peal around my mouth (extra $500). He would cut in front of my ears, behind my ears and along my hairline (as far up as my eyes) and pull all of this. All of this took place on April 3.
982526 tn?1248901665 Although laser liposuction has been shown to have some skin contracture characteritics, you will be able to judge the final results of your procedure in several more months.
639669 tn?1223058059 He established his practice in 1982, has extensive experience and an extremely refined technique in performing all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. His skills as a surgeon and the positive results seen on thousands of satisfied patients have helped him create one of the most successful cosmetic surgery practices in Southern California. Dr. Niccole loves helping people, and it shows with every patient he sees.
Avatar n tn I had it done on my abdomen and inner thighs in Bonne Terre, MO. The doctor there is offering an introdutory special at $750. per zone. I've had good results with the abs, but cannot say too much yet about inner thighs; i've only had one set of injection there so far. I have heard from others at his office (Bonne Terre Medical Associates) who have had thighs done and they have lost up to 1 inch after 2 treatments. So, I am excited.
Avatar n tn RE: Accent Laser Treatment by Alma Lasers (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) -vs- Lippodissolve I'm 4Real when I say "I'VE FOUND THE ANSWER FOR PEOPLE WITH MILD-MODERATE CELLULITE AND LOOSE SKIN" It's called Accent Laser Treatment. Had my 1st treatment on Friday, March 2, 2007 in Philadelphia and OMG I saw an immediate improvement. FDA approval expected any day now. There are only 90 units in the U.S. so expect to travel if you're desperate, like I was.
Avatar n tn Acupuncture is very helpful especially with adjunct therapies including physical therapy, chiropractic, cold laser therapy, and of course the correct herbal formulas. But acupuncture treatments take a while. Sometimes 6 to 12 treatments before there is a response, especially in an older dog with a chronic problem, and than he may need “touch up” acupuncture treatments long term. You must be patient., and a bit committed. Another extremely helpful therapy is Stem Cell therapy.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any advice on how to speed up the healing process? Also, when should I start to see results? I am only scheduled to have three treatments. Is the first treatment to harden the cells and then the second and third are to break them down??
179530 tn?1368940203 RE: Accent Laser Treatment by Alma Lasers (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) I'm 4Real when I say "I'VE FOUND THE ANSWER FOR PEOPLE WITH MILD-MODERATE CELLULITE AND LOOSE SKIN" It's called Accent Laser Treatment. Had my 1st treatment on Friday, March 2, 2007 in Philadelphia and OMG I saw an immediate improvement. FDA approval expected any day now. There are only 90 units in the U.S. so expect to travel if you're desperate, like I was.
Avatar f tn Hi AFter 2 treatments I could see a little bit of results. Just keep it up, you will see results soon. Going 3-4 weeks between treatments really helped me - not only were the lumps gone - but, I got to see results in between treatments. Not sure about the thighs, haven't had that done. I'd love to have the area under my neck done - but, don't think I'll do it. I'd look like I had my wisdom teeth out again, lol. I go for another treatment on Nov. 27th. Good luck.