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Avatar n tn Cannot decide whether to see a dermatologist with 28 years experience to do a typical liposuction or should I see a dermatologist with 36 years of experience to do a laser liposuction? The erchonian laser has been used for at least one year on one hundred patients.Sounds great for healing and shrinkage of skin tissue BUT this guy here in the midwest has personal health problems and Im wondering if I can trust him to do the best that he can do when he has his own problems on his mind?
Avatar n tn I'm considering this new technique- laser liposuction. I am of dark skin, and was wondering if there might be any pigment problems afterwards?
Avatar n tn I too had lumpiness/waviness from prior liposuction in my abdomen as well as my inner and outer thighs. I had a second liposuction procedure done using fat grafts attempting to correct this problem. As it made some minor improvements, I still won't expose my tummy to anyone. I'm getting lipodissolve done on Friday and am scheduled for a total of 4 sessions 8 weeks apart. They are also doing some skin tightening using a laser which will also help with the wavy appearance.
Avatar n tn As I have repeatedly suggested in this forum, Smartlipo is a technique of using a laser to destroy fat cell which are then removed with liposuction. I personally am quite satisfied with the results I get with traditional liposuction (I actually primarily use power assisted liposuction). At four days, it is much too early to assess the results of your procedure.
Avatar n tn Vaser and Smartlipo are two different techniques for removal of fat (Vaser is a form of ultrasonic liposuction and Smartlipo is the use of a traditional neodynium-YAG laser to destroy fat cells). Both techniques result in permanent fat removal.
179530 tn?1368940203 I had been wanting to do hip hop lessons for some time now. I guess one of my problems then is… I don’t drink enough water!? I work out everyday too! I do kickbacks with my legs & squats hoping that I can get that smoothness I desire. I can’t wear thin cloth (like my work pants) or you can see it. It’s so embarrassing for me. My whole family has problems with cellulite in the same areas as I do. We all have “apple bottoms” that are dimply & we are all embarrassed by it.
Avatar n tn They told me that the fat cells are dissolved and that they don't come back. I guess this is supposed to be like liposuction. Day 2 - after my 2nd treatment. Pain is minimal, abdomen has more swelling and feels heavy - just like after the 1st treatment. Redness, but no bruising yet.
Avatar f tn The problem is called large mons pubis and the solution is liposuction. It's a small procedure that takes 30 minutes and can be done under local anesthesia. Recovery takes about 1 to 2 days. It costs $3,000 to $4,000. I'm already saving money to go get it done. It will change my life completely. I hope I helped those who share the same problem.
Avatar f tn There may be complications we are not aware of further down the road but at least all of us get out of the clinic alive to journey down that road, people have walked into liposuction and not walked out. how would you feel if one of these women you are encouraging to get liposuction took your advice and they died during the surgery from one of the numerous complications that can arise during this procedure ?
Avatar f tn I had it to smooth out unevenness left by liposuction done a few years ago. Lower abs, sides, love handles, hips, inner thighs (just the very top) no idea how many injections. Still pretty swollen, looks like I did before the liposuction. The cost was $600 and after what I've been reading that sounds like a good deal. Hope the swelling goes down fast, I feel like a big fat pig. Dr. didn't mark areas or use numbing stuff on me so I am curious about other's experiences.
Avatar f tn If I started to gain all I had to do was count calories and do 1600 a day and the weight came off. When I was 37 I had laser liposuction to my stomach. They took out about 5 pounds. I always had a belly, my whole family does and I really wanted to get rid of it. The fat came back in the same spot. The doctor was amazed, and wanted to redo it, but I said no way! Since that time I have progressively been gaining weight and nothing I do will get that weight off.
Avatar n tn I started reading reviews of the service and people were stating that they had major problems with them, like charging interest after 2 months. I went ahead and dug in my savings and paid it off the first month. I hate payments hanging over my head. I will have to ask about that cream, I've never been offered it. I know what you mean about having this done and trying to go to work.
Avatar f tn I now have 4 children and have had problems with the tenderness of them for the past six years. They are the size of ping-pong balls and it is very hard to find a bra that fits with out it rubbing or poking the excess tissue. It is very embarrasing. I won't wear a sleeveless shirt. However, my best friend is getting married this Sept. and I am the Maid of Honor. Of coarse the dresses are sleeveless. I was referred to A PLASTIC SURGEON by my primary care physician.
Avatar n tn Mic-12 injections, HCG, prescriptions for weight loss and appetite suppression, Laser Liposuction, laboratory testing for appropriate hormone levels, male and female hormone etc.
Avatar n tn My husband is such a doll that he forked out $6,500 for liposuction. That liposuction has since gone into remission (haha). Let's just say I am once again Calorically challanged! As far as your other life If you ever want to talk about it I would love to hear about it! Exciting Life too huh!!! Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Now when you say you keep obsessing about the past do you mean the good ole days? Like you look at it now and say damn I want to be there again?
Avatar f tn And I know just how much lyrics can help someone threw a rouph time plus people need someone to look up to who is not perfect! Who has their own problems so that when they go threw them they can help other people with the same problem get threw it!!!! I know I'm not perfect and I have my problems and I am pritty much positive that I am going threw deppression so I could help other deppressed people or other people who are uncomfortable with their weight. I feel it is my duty to help people!