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Avatar f tn Louis is connected to the center in Las Vegas NV. I went for my first treatment last Friday on my lower abdomen.I was contimplating getting mesotherapy but found out it only takes out wrinkles and lumps from the surface of the skin and doesn't last. I decided on Lipodissolve because it goes deeper into the actual fat cells layer and dissolves the fat forever. The nurses give you about 12 shots 6 on each side of your belly. The shots don't hurt at all. But for about 1.
Avatar f tn She prescribed Bacitracin ointment, took some pictures of the rashes and told me she would recommend stopping all treatments and issuing me a refund. From then on, I've been shuffled around between the Las Vegas clinic and the corporate office. I got the feeling that they are trying to avoid reviewing my case so they don't have to give me a refund.
Avatar n tn You will notice that not all clinics will give the information over the phone, they will tell you to come in. I just dropped by a clinic in Las Vegas today, to ask about the procedure for new patients, and to see what kind of pamplets they had available. I was very disappointed. I received one piece of paper that had the basics: the appetite suppresents, Xencal, and something else with very little information. I then asked the Assistant what does their packages consist of.
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