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Avatar n tn I look far younger than my 59 years anyway - I've always taken good care of my skin and I'm healthy and in shape and the mom of a kid still at home. I had jowls and they appear GONE! I had my ankles liposuctioned over 20 years ago when the technique was still new and it left me rather lumpy and I was never happy with the result. Also, some at was taken from inside my right thigh to put in my face at the time -- that left a hole and the fat graft didn't last so I never tried that again.
Avatar n tn I requested liposuction of my neck and was told that I would not be happy with the lipo suction alone and would need a face lift as well ( no eyes or forehead) I was told that some lipo would take place in my jowls (extra $500) and the Dr suggested that I have a laser peal around my mouth (extra $500). He would cut in front of my ears, behind my ears and along my hairline (as far up as my eyes) and pull all of this. All of this took place on April 3.
Avatar n tn back down now to reg weight but I should have just went for reg. liposuction, less pain and only 1 time....I sure hope it works for you, this is just my experience...
Avatar n tn They told me that the fat cells are dissolved and that they don't come back. I guess this is supposed to be like liposuction. Day 2 - after my 2nd treatment. Pain is minimal, abdomen has more swelling and feels heavy - just like after the 1st treatment. Redness, but no bruising yet.