Laser liposuction how much does it cost

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Avatar n tn As to whether he's still doing it... Who knows. The point is, there is more in the shot than B12 - how much more... Well????
199177 tn?1490502134 Then one day I sent a box of crap to my grannies yard sale and she found it and called us over to ask what it was and how much she should tag it for. I peed myself laughing and told her it was a vacume for a fish tank. I said I didn't think she should sell it and that it wasn't worth anything. One mans trash is anouther mans treasure she said and demanded to put it out with a $2 tag on it. That pump sat there for all three days people holding it and looking at it asking questions.
Avatar n tn I hope we see the results we want. By the way, where did you go and how much did it cost? Here in Minneapolis, it's expensive $1900 for a 3 treatment package. Or $690 per treatment if purchased separately.
179530 tn?1368940203 After I bought my rebounder I found so much information about how and why it works and all about the lymphatic system, formerly known as the circulatory system. Rebounding and the lymphatic system go hand in hand. Lymphatic system, white blood cell formation, inflamation, wather retention...felt like I was getting a Master's degree in this subject area. And, all I wanted to do was bounce away!
Avatar n tn Plus, even with the swelling still a bit present - my abdomen is much flatter than it was. It does work, at least for me. I'll continue on with it. I've not told my hubby about this - he'd kill me. He makes fun of the commercials on the radio and I just sit there. So, far he's not noticed my abdomen tenderness or the swelling. LOL Any other questions, just ask.
Avatar f tn theyre a good thing..majority rules) 2) Does it get bigger as I get older? 3) How can i fix it? 4) and I heard about the lypo solution BUT I would STILL have a problem bec other than the fat tissues my Pubic Bone IS half the its prominent and looks like a hump when lying straight on my back.. So Is there a surgery for that?
Avatar f tn Feels like when you put icy hot or mineral ice on a sensitive area of your body and it starts to burn, so you put a cold washcloth on the area to try to subdo the burning feeling, but instead the burn increases. Thats about how much it burns. Not unbarable like I've read from other people. If you have gone thru child birth or root canal or sprained or broken anything even a toe. All those things hurt way worse. The pain for me happened the next day, Saturday.
Avatar f tn Funny that even some of their employees have told me behind closed doors that it hasnt worked for them and they have told me to get my money back. lol Now how does that look for the company. WHAT A JOKE.....All I can say is DONT GET SUCKERED IN. If you can lose the money , then GO FOR IT, but EXPECT IF IT DOESNT WORK.....YOU WONT GET THAT GUARANTEED REFUND! thats the only thing you can count on getting.........NO REFUND!
Avatar f tn I have seen the question "how much does it cost and if insurance covers it" asked numerous times in this post but so far I haven't seen a reply to it. It doesn't apply to me as I don't share what you all have but why hasn't anyone acknowledged the question. It's as if it's being completely ignored. Even if you don't know the answer why can't any of you say that when you reply.
Avatar n tn I've never heard of the other side effects you mention. Good luck, I hope your experience improves.