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Avatar m tn Ultrasound Abdominal Liposuction - uses ultrasound waves to break up fatty tissue; Liposuction of the abdominal laser - the laser breaks up the fatty tissue, after which it is sucked out. Article Source :
Avatar n tn It is not designed or promoted for cellulite treatment. Liposelect is a form of direct ultrasonic liposuction. Again, its use is for liposuction purposes and is not often used for cellulite. Other alternatives include repeated treatments with roller therapy over the affected areas with either vacuum suction (Endermology treatment) or in associated with low level radiofrequency therapy (Velasmooth laser system).
Avatar n tn Currently the state of the art treatment for gynecomastia is a combination of liposuction of fat and surgical excision of the breast glandular tissue, although in some cases liposuction alone is effective. It seems to me that your primary risk for the use of laser destruction of the fat and possibly the glandular tissue is limited effectiveness. If you undergo this procedure, make sure you have an understanding with the treating physician about what is his policy (i.e.
Avatar n tn They told me that the fat cells are dissolved and that they don't come back. I guess this is supposed to be like liposuction. Day 2 - after my 2nd treatment. Pain is minimal, abdomen has more swelling and feels heavy - just like after the 1st treatment. Redness, but no bruising yet.