Laser liposuction burns

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Avatar f tn Feels like when you put icy hot or mineral ice on a sensitive area of your body and it starts to burn, so you put a cold washcloth on the area to try to subdo the burning feeling, but instead the burn increases. Thats about how much it burns. Not unbarable like I've read from other people. If you have gone thru child birth or root canal or sprained or broken anything even a toe. All those things hurt way worse. The pain for me happened the next day, Saturday.
Avatar f tn i just want to know how big was the insicion..was it done like a liposuction? Did you have to do any lab work at all? When you saw your GP, he confirmed that it's a breast tissue? Did your insurance cover it or part of it? Are you in the US? Pardon me, I have so many questions.