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Avatar n tn I look far younger than my 59 years anyway - I've always taken good care of my skin and I'm healthy and in shape and the mom of a kid still at home. I had jowls and they appear GONE! I had my ankles liposuctioned over 20 years ago when the technique was still new and it left me rather lumpy and I was never happy with the result. Also, some at was taken from inside my right thigh to put in my face at the time -- that left a hole and the fat graft didn't last so I never tried that again.
Avatar f tn But,I win myself with help of IPL machines from Beijing sincoheren Company,and i do it at home for simple and easy.My parents are cheerful and we take a nice journey to England,unforgetable.I am a lucky girl,and I can understand what you are suffering from chronic acnes. Wish you good health and lucky as me with good mood everyday. Cathy my mail cathyleewin yahoocom ,we can share our suffering and happiness. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn If you have anything a bit stronger at home, take that when you get home. I've got Ultram for back pain and I took that to help. You will have this little lumps - after the swelling goes down. They dissolve in time. I am going to wait 3-4 weeks for the next treatment. I want to see what results I get with this, so maybe use the other treatments for love handles. I am defiantely seeing results. I was hurting a lot after the 3rd treatment - it is so much better now - 3 days after.
Avatar f tn To all my secret friends... I saved the money and had mons pubis liposuction at the age of 19 for the very reasons everyone is stating above. I'm now 25... Why would I google this after going through "the fix"? Because lipo didn't work - not for me anyway. I'm not at all here to be disheartening, yet to offer advise. When your surgeon tells you to wear tight underwear after your surgery for 3 months, he means tight, and he means 3 months.
Avatar f tn Take 2 Tylenol before you go. 2. As soon as you get home, wear a high girdle. You can pick this up at Walmart, near the Lipodissolve center, for 12.00. Get the HIGH WAISTED girdle with the clips on it. I didn't wear this at first and the swelling was a lot more. On Day 2 after wearing it, the pain and swelling was so much better - you can't believe the difference it makes. 3. Wait 3-4 weeks between treatments.
Avatar f tn Actually thats ALL I was trying to lose myself, that loseness left over from having a baby 12 years ago. They said no problem, it would get rid of it. ANd now I am at least 15 LBS HEAVIER and NO RESULTS AT ALL. I wouldnt try'd get more out of a diet or diet pill than LIPODISSOLVE...........ESPECIALLY FROM ADVANCED LIPO DISSOLVE. I , like many others, chose them because they had a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if it didnt work.......TOTAL BULL **** AND LIES.......
Avatar f tn If I started to gain all I had to do was count calories and do 1600 a day and the weight came off. When I was 37 I had laser liposuction to my stomach. They took out about 5 pounds. I always had a belly, my whole family does and I really wanted to get rid of it. The fat came back in the same spot. The doctor was amazed, and wanted to redo it, but I said no way! Since that time I have progressively been gaining weight and nothing I do will get that weight off.
Avatar n tn I had my 1st treatment to my lower abs last week and go for 2nd treatment next week. Along with that, they will do my inner thighs and upper abs at the same time as that next week. I imagine it might be a bit much all in one day, so we'll see what happens. I will be happy once I have had a couple more treatments so I can start noticing the magic of this stuff !! LOL. Will keep all updated.
Avatar n tn I haven't had the heart or money to go back yet to mine, who wasn't too encouraging. If anyone has suggestions for at-home remedies, I'd really appreciate it! I've tried arnica and the like, but no luck yet. Thanks!
Avatar f tn i just want to know how big was the insicion..was it done like a liposuction? Did you have to do any lab work at all? When you saw your GP, he confirmed that it's a breast tissue? Did your insurance cover it or part of it? Are you in the US? Pardon me, I have so many questions.
Avatar n tn Even though this has really been tough for me, I know I can not return to opiates.You didnt say , Did you detox at home or at a hospital? I went to a hospital , helped me with the symtoms of withdrawl. I couldnt do it at home. I still feel that disoriented feeling . At first I didnt feel anything ....but thats getting better. And I had Very disturbing nightmares also. I guess its all part of your brain healing. But I do know you cant heal your brain and or mind as long as your using.....Right?
Avatar f tn Well it's not that I'm lazy more that there's nothing to do here and when I'm at home I usualy go to my to avoid everyone. So I don't get yelled at. Though when I am out with friends I am usualy the hyper one if given the chance. A normal meal at my house consists of some sort of meat a veggie and patatos or side kicks or perogies. Though we haven't had side kicks In months.