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Avatar f tn Has anyone tried out laser hair removal? on face or legs? I've heard its not only expensive but it also can leave a darker tone on the area treated...any insight about it???
Avatar f tn My husband had laser hair removal about two weeks ago to his beard. He developed folliculitis. The folliculitis is now cleared up and the hair on his beard is very patchy. The skin under the hair seems to be lighter than the skin that has no hair. Is this b/c the skin without hair is still healing and will blend in eventually or is it going to stay this way. Also, this was the first treatment. Will hair grow back in these spots that have no hair.
Avatar n tn I have no experience or data with either waxing or laser hair removal but would expect them to be less likely to spread the infection. I hope this helps. Many of the questions and considerations, as before, are things you should be discussing with the doctor who treated you.
Avatar m tn If you are reading this to get an idea of what to expect than just know that each of us is different. Don't expect the worse. You will get through it!
Avatar n tn I was very self conscious about it growing up- for I couldn't find anything about girls with nipple hair. I actually had laser hair removal when I was 16, but it has all grown back which is unfortunate because it cost a lot! I still pluck when their long enough, but they do become ingrown and I end up having some scarring as well. My boyfriend never even noticed when we first got together, I couldn't believe it. It goes to show that men miss detail. It was a huge relief for me.
Avatar n tn The surgery was done via C-section and my recovery time was probably a week before I felt up to going to college classes and what not. I have to admit that for a year I didn't feel the same. The tumor had pushed my organs all out of whack and the doctor said it would take time for them to come back into place and it did. Like you I have a history with my sister Brittany having ovarian cancer and passing away from it.
Avatar n tn Would be grateful for anyone's similar experience to give some idea of what to expect and how soon will feel normal again if ever? Didn't really get much from hospital and main follow up isn't until July?? Any help is welcomed.
Avatar n tn I am 25 and have been dealing with the same list of ongoing problems as everyone else apparently this a very common thing I am fixing to go to the doctor right now she is very passionate at wanting to help me with this I know that I have PCOS I was diagnosed 5 years ago with it and I have more hair on my face then I care to have and I went to the laser hair removal place and the technician has PCOS also she said it will take up to 2 years to get 85% of the hair permanently removed and that I wi
162948 tn?1205256292 I do have a hormonal IUD. I want to have it removed. But, I do Not know what to except from the removal.... I wish I new how long it would take me to get pregnant. With my first baby it was very fast for me to get pregnant... Thanks..
Avatar n tn But I too cannot wait till I can afford laser hair removal.
Avatar f tn Ive been waxing through this whole pregnancy. Its painful but not as painful as people say .. Some.people are different and have a high tolerance or less tolerance to pain. I mean everytime i go i know its gonna hurt lol but only hurts for a little while . Im 34 weeks now and getting my next wax some what close to my due date .
485259 tn?1519050626 It's been almost 2 weeks since my laproscopic surgery, I have learned alot both from experiencing it and talking to ya'll here on the forum. Time to share, because just maybe somebody is about to go through the same thing and has questions or needs help. It would be great if everyone added their two cents and we will have a nice "what to expect when your expecting laproscopic surgery" 1. Don't be fooled, this is major surgery. You could be having body parts removed.
Avatar n tn --- In the past at the age of 17-18 my parents paid for laser-hair removal sessions (6 total spanning over 16 months, separated roughly 8 -12 weeks apart) and found the treatment to have minimal effect, actually disfiguring or denaturing the appearance with constant irritation, ingrowns, and acne (that is otherwise unheard of on my skin) rather than thinning it out to something approximating 'normal' or 'presentable'.
233488 tn?1310696703 There are some very dangerous to moderately complication prone cosmetic procedures that are advertised on the internet. Articles are have been published in major Ophthalmology journals world-wide reporting complications anywhere from failing to make the eye whiter, to surgery necessary to remove "bling" to loss of the eye. This is not cosmetic eye surgery to give the eyelids a more youthful appearance (blepharoplasty) or a rounder shape.
948349 tn?1294383837 A great creditable Dr. mentioned it in his book. Thanks to your suggestions I picked up his book to research what you had to say on the subject and found it. I have so many books, I'm glad I picked up that one. I know it will help my issue. He's been right on the money with everything else. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I've recently started shaving my chest, but find I have to do it about every other day, and even then the hair is so dark that you can see it under the skin (I have fair skin) after shaving. I am considering laser hair removal... but I don't really want to be a hairless nit, I just want LESS of it.... except on my head of course where I am losing it! It really IS a sick joke!
Avatar f tn 7) What about the syphilis? Should I expect mono in 4-6 weeks? 8)I am having a full body laser hair removal session in 6 days. Includes the lips and the genitals. Should I go along with the appointment? 9) What is the right thing to do next time I am in a similar situation where kissing will be involved?
363243 tn?1331037450 Hi coco727272, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I am not African American, I am of Sicilian decent. I also have had problems with hursutism. I had something called laser hair removal on my face to remove upper lip hair, chin, neck and "sideburn" hair. It is really very effective and permanently removes hair as the laser kills the hair's root. You'll probably always have some hairs because you can grow new ones at any time in your life but it kills the hairs that are there.
Avatar n tn The possible beneficial effects of laser epilation do, however, suggest that hair removal may be of independent importance. In one study, nearly one quarter of patients were unable to list any measure that helped their condition, despite an average disease duration of nearly 19 years. This outcome indicates that the available treatments for hidradenitis suppurativa are, on the whole, still unsatisfactory.
Avatar n tn A mild corticosteroid cream like dermacort will also help. Also you can go in for laser hair removal which causes permanent reduction of hair and does not cause folliculitis also. Please consult a good cosmetologist/dermatologist for that. I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
Avatar n tn ) I know I appreciate it, and hopefully your partner does too ;) As far as laser hair removal goes, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get that down, unless there are certain risks that go with the area. Your best bet would be to call in and find out.
233488 tn?1310696703 which eye to operate on first, what type of IOL to insert, desired-targeted post-operative refractive error, how much glasses will need to be worn post operatively [NOTE: glasses are almost uniformly needed post operatively and are usually modern progressive bifocals] SOME OF THE TIME a small % of people after cataract surgery can function without glasses or with inexpensive over the counter reading glasses.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have the same problem and it's awful! Anybody who says it has to do with your razor or shaving lotion, etc has no idea what you're going through. It's the hair growing back & having to push up through the skin so your best bet is to shave as infrequently as possible. Strangely, I only experience this on my legs but it is so incredibly bad. I can't even get by with scratching just using my finger nails.
Avatar f tn The house wont die, errands wont die and once u get back on your feet, this part will be done. Dont expect to be able to do all the things u were doing before, b/c what we were pulling off was not real! Its not normal to be able to work, raise kids, keep spotless house, be wonder wives, PTA board members, blah, blah, blah! Something always suffers, and its usually US!
Avatar n tn I really like them there, I went to them for laser hair removal. They are honest and the prices are resonable. Has anyone had there 2nd treatment? What are your thoughts?
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
1726082 tn?1309929142 typically your lymph nodes won't become swollen with recurrences. Since it's hsv1 genitally, you really should be more surprised when you do have recurrences more than expect to have them with any frequency. you might want to consider a different form of hair removal if you are prone to razor rash. Consider waxing or even some laser hair removal to make the area you have to keep "tidy" smaller.
Avatar n tn Ladies - Keep in mind that "menopause" caused by ovary removal or post-hysterectomy ovarian failure is nothing like natural menopause. That is why women in our shoes usually have more severe and ongoing symptoms. The ovaries of women with all their parts produce hormones into their 80's for optimal health and well-being.
363243 tn?1331037450 -) I do have some appointments scheduled with some physicians. I'll see what they have to say but I have a feeling that I'm going to have to do a lot of research myself. Take care.
Avatar m tn After several treatments, your sinuses will resume their normal function, and you will be able to breathe freely through your nose. If you want to know what causes sinusitis, and why the saline solution works, go to Part II of this journal. PART I 1. MAKING YOUR OWN SALINE SOLUTION WARNING: Do not use tap water, unless it has been boiled first. There is a rare microbe that can get in your brain from some water systems. Saline solution is salt water.