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Avatar n tn If I have a mole removed on the back of my head using a laser (it's flat, and about the size of a pencil eraser) will it take out the hair with it? will I be left with a noticeable spot missing on my scalp for a few weeks? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I also received two laser hair removal treatments on my beard and have come to regret them. I realize now that the treatments were unncessary and would like them reversed. Unfortunately, after a year and a half, my facial hair continues to grow in splotches and streaks. Should I wait to see if my beard will eventually grow back? Is there any procedure that will reverse the effects of the laser? Or do I have no choice but to bite the bullet and get my streaks removed?
Avatar n tn I am interested in laser hair removal, but have read a lot where it is not permanent and hair can regrow in lighter so when you go to get the removal done again it's not effective due to the color of the hair. My menstrual cycle is very unpredictable. Most of the time it is very light and lasts a couple days to lasting a month and very heavy. My hair is thinning on my head. On my legs you can see my pores. Looks like chicken skin.
Avatar m tn After shaving my hair recently i noticed a mole on my head (high and towards the back).I'd like to keep my head shaved but i am worried about this mole being exposed to the sun and also the appearance if it. I would like to have it removed but i am wondering how badly this area is likely to scar? Im also wondering would it be a procedure for a Dermatologist or a Cosmetic Surgeon?
Avatar f tn Due to the continued irritation even after changing methods and products, I think that the likely cause of your condition may be due to dry skin or eczema and probably sensitive skin to top all that off. I agree with the previous comment about laser hair removal, as the itching is probably due to the hairs pricking against your skin as it grows out.
Avatar f tn The initial complaint that I brought to my doctor was experiencing hair growth on my face, excess hair growth on my arms/legs/bikini, and hair loss on my head. I've since begun laser hair removal on my face and arms, but I am about 4 treatments in (24 wks) and am not noticing results. It is becoming more and more difficult to hold my head high- many days I don't even want to be seen in public. Are there hormonal therapies/treatments that I can look into to assist with the hair growth/loss???
Avatar n tn i take Levothyroxine 25mcg.
Avatar m tn I have a mole on the back of my head that is about the size of a nickel, and I have had it my entire life. It has never really changed color or appearance, etc. I am wondering what my options are for removal. You can see the mole through my hair and I think I want it removed now. The only reason I have yet to go about this is because I worry my hair wont grow back in that spot. Do I have any options here?
Avatar m tn Very fine soft hair and not nearly as thick as the hair on her head. Will this stop coming in, should she shave, we don't know what to do with it. After 2 weeks of growth, it is long enough to see. Doe anyone have any suggestions?
328799 tn?1276569332 When I was a teenager, I started growing hair on my stomach and today it's a damn mess. I'm in my late 20s and am growing hair on my chest and chin for god's sake. I did electrolosys and laser treatments and am part of the low percentage WHERE IT DOESN'T WORK. Hair on your stomach does not indicate necessarily a hormone problem. More women suffer from this EMBARRASSING problem than you'd think. Shaving sufficed in the beginning but now, i get ingrown hairs and .. .yeah..yuck.
Avatar n tn Im surprised that only Brunette26 mentioned Laser hair removal. Does anyone have any Info on it?????? I know Im a smart, pretty girl but this isuse brings me down all the time......I won't even get intimate w/ a guy cause I feel so embarrased by the scars. I don't want to waste anymore time feeling like **** about it. I want to look into Laser hair removal (At this point I can care less about the cost).
Avatar f tn it could be polycystic ovaries it causes hair to grow due to a rise in male hormones tell your doctor and have an ultrasound scan just wondering do you have any other problems like hair loss on your head problems getting pregnant or acne because those are other symptons i have polycystc ovaries i only have the irritating face hair and none of the other symptoms if you dont want to face your doc yet try going on nhs website first
Avatar m tn Hi, ive had this mole on the back on my head inside my hair for quite a long time, since i was 15 yrs i think? i cant really rememeber. I am 28 yrs now. Ive attatched a photo for you to see, im not sure what it is.. i really hope its nothing serious... it looks very... disgusting to me.. makes me upset to know that i have this... can u please tell me what this is? can i get rid of it? pls help... Thank you!
Avatar n tn It is applied twice daily for a week and is repeated every 6 months. Some stubborn cases of folliculitis have been responsive to laser-assisted hair removal. This process uses a laser to destroy the follicle. This reduces the scarring that results from folliculitis. Let us know if you need any other information and consult a skin specialist if the lesion is persistent. Regards.
Avatar n tn For now it's not too much of an issue, but it will be in a few year's time. How young can one consider laser and other methods of hair removal. Is she too young for creams? At what age does one become concerned about an underlying medical or hormonal condition. I have no way to trace heritage. Additionally her head hair doesn't seem to want to grow much beyond chin level. And she has a triple crown! Help!
Avatar n tn ) Still, you need to check with your pediatrician about whether there is any hormonal imbalance to explain the hair. Assuming you find that there's nothing wrong, you may want to consider laser hair removal. This is quite a safe procedure, even for a child. It would very likly help thin the hair and make your daughter more comfortable. The hair loss might not be permanent, but if it gives her a few years' respite, that's OK too.
Avatar n tn shtml Some stubborn cases of folliculitis have been responsive to laser-assisted hair removal. This process uses a laser to destroy the follicle. This reduces the scarring that results from folliculitis. Let us know if you need any other information and consult a skin specialist if the lesion is persistent. Regards.
334776 tn?1249972181 Im hairy as it is being half mexican, but being pregnant I have even more hair, the only place that seems to be lacking in hair growth is my head lol. I have hair from my toes to my eyebrows, I even noticed that im getting a mustache lol.
Avatar m tn I went to the ER on 4/24/2011 was admitted and had surgery for removal on 4/25/2011. Stent was placed and removed on 4/28/2011. 2 hours later I was back in the ER where the doctor told me everything looked good. CT, Xrays, Blood work.... Back in the ER 4/29/2011 and looked at like I am crazy because Xrays, Urinalysis, blood work all came back normal. They mentioned Spasms, and that they saw swelling in the CT scans... However today is 5/2/2011 and I am still having the pain....
Avatar n tn Can you tell me the results of your one ovary removal surgery? Have you had recurrence of endometrioma? Are you on oral contraceptives?
Avatar f tn i am 68 yrs old and has some small growing moles growing on my head also my daughter has the same and she is only 47 yrs old, what is it, how can i remove them all, can they cause hair loss, please help, thank you.
Avatar n tn I am a bit worried that i could have some sort of disease or somthing wrong inside my body? I have read that laser hair removal could help, it's soo expensive, and I have so many areas to treat. I wish that someone would do some reasearch and find out whats going on, im just glad im not alone though. Lastly if anyone has a sucsses storey, please tell.
Avatar n tn shtml Some stubborn cases of folliculitis have been responsive to laser-assisted hair removal. This process uses a laser to destroy the follicle. This reduces the scarring that results from folliculitis. Let us know if you need any other information and consult a skin specialist if the lesion is persistent. Regards.
Avatar n tn I had laser hair removal treatment for the bikini area. I had 4 treatments that went well no reaction or reddness, but the 5th I got a new person and she increased the strength and the head size on the laser. I had some sort of reaction. Initially they thought it was a histime reaction. It went away but less than amonth later it returned and were stumped. It gets really red swollen and itches like you wouldnt believe. I'm wondering what is going on as no one has seen it come back a month later.
Avatar n tn It is now three weeks since the op and I can at least move around more, no longer doing an impression of a ladybird on its back trying to get up... The main scar is still sore on the inside and by later in the day I get pain down the left side, still have the shelf overhanging which hoping with time and eventually some exercise will go, still quite bloated but this comes and goes seems to get worse later in the day. Hormones have been all over the place as well.
Avatar m tn If the infection doesn't go away or keeps coming back, laser hair removal may be an option. Laser treatment destroys the hair follicles so they can't get infected. How can you prevent folliculitis? There are many things you can do to prevent folliculitis or keep it from spreading. Bathe or shower daily with a mild soap. Also, bathe or shower after you exercise and after you work around chemicals. Avoid sharing towels, washcloths, or other personal items.
Avatar n tn I have always had a callic (where the hair spirals) on this part of the crown of my head, but it seems that when I brush my hair nowadays, it seems like a much larger bald spot. The biggest cyst is right next to the callic. Is the cyst a non-issue w/ regards to hair loss or could it be a factor? (4) What causes cysts that I may be overlooking? Hairspray, types of shampoos/conditioners? I switch around my hair products every so often just to have variety.
Avatar n tn I read someone got laser hair removal on their stomach.. if that person is reading.. it is gone for good? If so.. it'll def be the one thing I save my money for.. to be rid of this feeling & HAIR is something I have wished for a long time! <3 thanks for the knowledge I'm not the only one.. I love all of the girls that have posted on this site!