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Avatar n tn I did laser hair removal about two weeks ago on my lip, toes, and underarm. I love it - I have not shaved my armpits during this time and only have a few thin hairs there. My lip is a little better but they said the lip is hard to treat and can require a few treatments. I used Hair Today Gone Tomorrow and they were pretty affordable. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I had laser hair removal 4 days ago. Just today i woke up and had puss balls(not sure what to call them) all over my chin and area of treatment. I dont know how to treat it other than wash my face twice a day. My face is also drying up. Can someone please help me. What can i do to help heal this faster?
Avatar n tn We are contemplating getting laser hair removal. We heard that getting laser done close to an opening on the body like navel, vagina, etc. there is a possibility of infertility. Is it true ?
Avatar f tn I do not want to explain to her why mommy is in there. I had my first Laser Hair Removal Treatment on the 27th of June, next appointment is August 2nd and this time they will use numbing cream!!! I'm worried that this will be ongoing for the rest of my life because of the PCOS. My question is has anyone gone through these treatments and if so what was your success do you still do touch ups?
Avatar n tn I'VE HAD LASER HAIR REMOVAL!!!!!! I haven't started it on my face, because it's not as bad, but I had it on my areolas (sp?) and it is GREAT. I HIGHLY recommend it! It's not THAT expensive either. Most places can charge per body part. For instance, if you ONLY want your chin done, the place I go to charges only $19 a session.
Avatar f tn Hi llenda, I wish i read your comments before I made the mistake of having laser hair removal on my beard. I had a very thick beard and planned on having the beard thinned. After one treatment, my beard was very uneven with bald spots around my cheeks. I went back after a month to have a few random dark spots treated again. Another month and a half has gone by and my face is still very patchy around the cheeks. My mustache and chin facial hair seems unaffected.
Avatar m tn My mum and I have been recently getting laser hair removal done every 4-6 weeks. We are both on our 6th or so session. Both of us have responded well and nothing bad has happened. However, yesterday my mum went for her session and she came back with a lot of redness. She gets her neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip done and everything was very noticeably red. This has never happened before. There might be a little bit of redness/itchiness/soreness afterwards, but not to this extent.
Avatar f tn The most irritating thing of all is that the hair on my upper lip has grown back, so not only do I have to deal with the problem I had pre-laser hair removal, I now have a moustache tattooed onto my upper lip. I'd advise everyone to steer clear of laser hair removal on the upper lip. I have very pale skin and was informed that I was a perfect candidate for laser hair removal on the face; however, the skin on the upper lip is far too sensitive for laser hair removal, whatever your skin tone.
Avatar n tn Pseudofolliculitis barbae, on the other hand, is a very common ingrown hair condition on the beard area of men that presents with groups of red bumps on the beard area that may flare with repeat shaving. Other treatment options include professional laser hair removal, electrolysis, electric razors, or cream depilatories. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Drugs like androgen receptor blockers, androgen suppressing agents and 5 alpha reductase inhibitors are also used. Permanent means of hair removal by electrolysis and laser treatment are also useful. I would suggest you to consult a dermatologist and discuss all the pros and cons of these methods so that the best treatment for you can be decided.
706214 tn?1244526649 Laser hair removal, expensive but the only thing that works permanently, even if you cant change your diet or lifestyle on your own!
Avatar n tn Hello, Laser hair removal is permanent form of hair removal and unfortunately it cannot be reversed. You will have to get sessions of laser hair removal to get this patch of hair on the chin removed. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn when having laser hair removal on the cheeks, can new hairs start growing in untreated areas such as the neck or the chin?
Avatar n tn // Price is per one (1) treatment: Full face - $150-300 Upper lip - $50-150 Chin - $50-150 Underarms (both) - $50-150 Regular bikini - $100-200 (definition at each clinic is different – ask!) Brazilian bikini - $200-300 Half legs (both) - $200-400 Half arms (both) - $200-400 Butt - $150-300 Back - $200-500 Chest - $100-300 (ask for definition) Abdomen - $100-300 (ask for definition) http://www.zimbio.
Avatar n tn I'm a 62 year old woman taking levothyroxin tab 50 mcg my chin grows a lot of hair, tired of shaving daily.
Avatar n tn My upper lip tends to sweat The hair on my upper lip and chin is very coarse/inflexible I Have Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms & legs and I have mild Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii More than likely I have Trichostasis Spinulosa on my nose
Avatar n tn Hello, For hair on chin, you can get shaving, waxing or epilation done. try to wax the hair out in a single strip as multiple strips may injure the skin more. After waxing apply ice(wrapped in a towel) and some calamine lotion on the skin which helps in soothing. You can also take some over the counter anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen after waxing. However,the best method of painless hair removal is by laser treatment.
Avatar f tn Try not to shave but wax if you can...shaving leaves razor bumps and uneven tone of the skin after a while. I have chin hair and I pluck those but it makes my chin darker. also I recommend that you see a doctor to check youe hormone levels...facial hair may be an indicator of pcos and high testerone levels! you are not alone. There are many many women with facial hair and I know its depressing when you are suppose to have femmine parts and nautre and NOT facial hair! hang in the!
Avatar f tn What are the best methods, and safest, to permanently get rid of excess hair growth on upper lip and chin. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn They are white pimples that occur mostly on the upper cheeks, nose and chin. The best way to prevent milia is to avoid treating your skin with excessively harsh chemicals and to limit sun exposure. Also use good quality cosmetics and exfoliate your skin regularly. If still the symptoms persist then chemical peeling or laser removal can be done. Hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries. Warm regards.
328799 tn?1276569332 When I was a teenager, I started growing hair on my stomach and today it's a damn mess. I'm in my late 20s and am growing hair on my chest and chin for god's sake. I did electrolosys and laser treatments and am part of the low percentage WHERE IT DOESN'T WORK. Hair on your stomach does not indicate necessarily a hormone problem. More women suffer from this EMBARRASSING problem than you'd think. Shaving sufficed in the beginning but now, i get ingrown hairs and .. .yeah..yuck.
Avatar f tn Although I am concerned mainly with the hair on my face. I have hair on my cheeks, sideburn, upper lip, chin. I tried waxing but it only made that portion of my face like 5X lighter than the rest of my face. Im terrified of trying new ways of hair removal because i feel as if it will come out looking stupid. Thisissue is making me very stressed and anxious; also its ruining my life. I have very low self esteem and have become very quiet. What do you sugguest I do?
Avatar n tn Im surprised that only Brunette26 mentioned Laser hair removal. Does anyone have any Info on it?????? I know Im a smart, pretty girl but this isuse brings me down all the time......I won't even get intimate w/ a guy cause I feel so embarrased by the scars. I don't want to waste anymore time feeling like **** about it. I want to look into Laser hair removal (At this point I can care less about the cost).
Avatar n tn I myself was considering laser hair removal recently but have researched the topic on the web and have finally decided that it is too risky to invest in laser treatment. Considering that many men undergo electrolysis treatment, I don't believe any amount of excess hair can be "too abundant for electrolysis". I would recommend Olivia to visit the site of the American Electrology Association at .
Avatar n tn There is laser hair removal...a girl I work with had her lip done and loves it. I havent heard anyone complain about the laser hair removal. Usually you go in for a couple treatments and either the hair is very light and unnoticable or theres none at all. As for the pimples you should see a dermatologist. I went to one when I was a teenager and they gave me Retin-A and minocyline and it cleared my face up. Cetaphil is also a very good cleanser and I use it everyday.
Avatar n tn Two days ago I had laser hair removal on my arms and hands, done by my dermatologist. I have had my chin/upper lip done numerous times so I am very familiar with the procedure and have been able to tolerate the pain. However, on one spot under my little and ring fingers on the back of my hand I experienced the most excruciating pain which lasted for several long seconds. Now I am experiencing puffiness and a slight pain/ache.
Avatar m tn I am never able to fully get rid of the facial hair above my lips and on my chin. I've tried depilatories, razors, electric shavers and plucking. None of which provided any satisfactory results. The "cleanest" way was to pluck each and every single hair one by one which was often painful and left redness on my skin. The facial hair I pluck out are always very much longer than the length that shows on the surface, and I am not sure if that is normal.
606433 tn?1220243537 The decision rights to get permanent hair removal surgery or not is completely on you. However I'll suggest you to get it to remove all the wanted hair permanently. There are few methods to permanent remove unwanted hair. According to, permanent hair removal can be divided to 3 method, which is electrolysis, laser and latest painless radio frequency wave.
101028 tn?1419606604 I did laser, and it worked well on my upper lip, but my chin hair has actually gotten worse.