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280369 tn?1316705641 Ive heard that laser hair removal really stings like someone flicking a rubber band! ouch!! Have you tried using talcum powder and a razor,it doesnt sting and prevents rash.
280369 tn?1316705641 hi chantal21, i also looked into laser hair removal, mainly for my belly and bikini line. i do not have a lot of body hair, but those two places really bother me. i did not end up pursuing it after i learned that you have to receive regular treatments to ensure that the hair is removed, and even then there is no guarantee that the hair will not return. talk about frustrating! each visit can cost up to $200 depending on where and how much hair you need removed.
Avatar f tn I had laser hair removal of underarms on 2/27--went off without a hitch. On 2/29, underarms began itching--no rashes noted. On 3/1, I developed a VERY itchy, red, puffy, warm/hot rash to left armpit, by the evening, it began popping up in my right armpit. on 3/3, I called cosmetic center-->MD suspected "laser burn" and wanted to eval. Doc said it was an "infection", was given topical ointment for itch & oral antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Okay, this is really embarassing. I'm starting my first session of laser hair removal this weekend. I've never had it done, but as I'm very hairy, it's about time!!! ha ha! Has anyone had it before? And is it really effective? I have dark hair, so suppsedly I'm like the best candidate. The techs have been very adament about saying that they're not allowed to call it permanent, but they say that they're confident I'll love the results. All I really care about are the dark, nasty man hairs.
Avatar n tn I was burned on July 17 after laser hair removal. It later peeled and I was left with white hypopigmentation marks. It has been three months and I have not seen any changes. Please let me know if this is permanent or if there is any treatment for this.
Avatar n tn I have made an appointment to get laser treatments on my legs, stomach, chest, arms, armpits, upper back, and face. The thin hairs are barely visible in most of these areas, but I do not even like 'peach fuzz' so I have decided to get rid of it. I had a few concerns I hope you can answer: 1. My doctor is insisting that sessions for all areas are done once a month. I have read that the lower body should be spaced out 6-8 weeks, but he says it is fine.
Avatar n tn // Price is per one (1) treatment: Full face - $150-300 Upper lip - $50-150 Chin - $50-150 Underarms (both) - $50-150 Regular bikini - $100-200 (definition at each clinic is different – ask!) Brazilian bikini - $200-300 Half legs (both) - $200-400 Half arms (both) - $200-400 Butt - $150-300 Back - $200-500 Chest - $100-300 (ask for definition) Abdomen - $100-300 (ask for definition) http://www.zimbio.
Avatar m tn If you are bothered by hair on legs, arms and your body then laser hair removal in Delhi is both quick and affordable. The process is carried out by a trained and expert cosmetic surgeons using state of art laser equipment. A thin beam of laser light is concentrated into hair follicles. Hair follicle pigments absorb light and are destroyed in the process. It does require careful preparation before the process is initiated.
Avatar f tn As for hair removal I have stopped shaving completely . When I was going for my laser hair removal treatments it seemed to spread them . So I have taken a break from that . I have started using Nair only when absolutely necessary , with the hair removal creams you have to rub or scrape the hair off it definitely irritates them and pop up smaller warts . Definitely frustrating .
1044425 tn?1257546110 After a week of hair removal my skin got brown and started to peel off, Now i have white marks on my arms and i am not wearing sleeveless and just wearing full sleeves.....Its all hypo pigmented,,,,I am using vitamin E all the time...........Could you please suggest how long it will take to re pigment and what could i do to get rid of hypo pigmentation.....I have seen a little change in some of the spots.......
Avatar f tn Due to the continued irritation even after changing methods and products, I think that the likely cause of your condition may be due to dry skin or eczema and probably sensitive skin to top all that off. I agree with the previous comment about laser hair removal, as the itching is probably due to the hairs pricking against your skin as it grows out.
Avatar f tn The initial complaint that I brought to my doctor was experiencing hair growth on my face, excess hair growth on my arms/legs/bikini, and hair loss on my head. I've since begun laser hair removal on my face and arms, but I am about 4 treatments in (24 wks) and am not noticing results. It is becoming more and more difficult to hold my head high- many days I don't even want to be seen in public. Are there hormonal therapies/treatments that I can look into to assist with the hair growth/loss???
Avatar n tn , bleaching with hydrogen peroxide), to temporary removal by waxing, or permanent removal by electrolysis or laser destruction of hair follicles. ref: ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn Im surprised that only Brunette26 mentioned Laser hair removal. Does anyone have any Info on it?????? I know Im a smart, pretty girl but this isuse brings me down all the time......I won't even get intimate w/ a guy cause I feel so embarrased by the scars. I don't want to waste anymore time feeling like **** about it. I want to look into Laser hair removal (At this point I can care less about the cost).
Avatar f tn Just be careful because there is always the chance of something going wrong. My cousin used to shave her arms until the hair on top became super thick and she just wanted to get rid of it. She went in for laser surgery and they burned her skin - now she has a horrible white scar on the top of her arm. Just make sure you do your research and find a good doctor before you try anything drastic.
Avatar n tn Two days ago I had laser hair removal on my arms and hands, done by my dermatologist. I have had my chin/upper lip done numerous times so I am very familiar with the procedure and have been able to tolerate the pain. However, on one spot under my little and ring fingers on the back of my hand I experienced the most excruciating pain which lasted for several long seconds. Now I am experiencing puffiness and a slight pain/ache.
Avatar n tn I have alot of body hair and I am only 19. It is very dense on my legs, arms, belly, and butt. I'll also get some random hairs that'll grow to about 2 inches before falling out (or I pull them out) on my chest, upper back, and shoulders. I also have alot of hair in my between my legs and butt crack. It get's very hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. I was considering laser hair removal, but I'm a little embarrassed and it's VERY expensive.
Avatar n tn They recommended very expense laser hair removal treat, which of course they offer. Added some pictures, Please and advise would be great. Had theses all my life, 33 years of hiding most parts of my body.
Avatar n tn Also used Oil of Wild Oregano, Tea Tree Oil and EmuAID Max Cream – all helped to clear the starter pimple boils, but they did not stop new ones appearing. I have since had 2 underarm laser hair removal sessions as shaving causes many starter pimple boils to appear the day after shaving.
Avatar n tn ) Still, you need to check with your pediatrician about whether there is any hormonal imbalance to explain the hair. Assuming you find that there's nothing wrong, you may want to consider laser hair removal. This is quite a safe procedure, even for a child. It would very likly help thin the hair and make your daughter more comfortable. The hair loss might not be permanent, but if it gives her a few years' respite, that's OK too.
334776 tn?1249972181 Everywhere else though I shaved every other day! I am so glad i'm getting laser hair removal my SIL (who does it for a living) gave me gift cert for birthday to get it done then I found out I was pregnant. but now I am able to get it done since I had the m/c last month. I had one treatment so far on my underarms and the hair hasn't grown back but bikini area i've had two treatments and it's still there but thinner and some smooth spots.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me the results of your one ovary removal surgery? Have you had recurrence of endometrioma? Are you on oral contraceptives?
4330487 tn?1352908549 I'm sorry I'm not qualified to give you a range of credible alternatives. But what does come to mind is laser hair removal. Those with light skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal. I have PCOS, too, but I am the opposite...almost hairless. But, in the ways many women would like permanent hair removal, I do too. But since I have very fair skin and blond hair, I'm not a candidate for laser hair removal. Although expensive, that would be a permanent solution.
Avatar f tn Hi, i am Cathy,you can have a try with IPL or laser machines for hair removal. or take some medicines if it's light, but pills maybe work nothing for some serious hair. And device treatment is permanent,painless, but expensive for common.
Avatar n tn I now get small ingrowing hairs on the inside of my thighs, small ones on my legs, my stomach, under my arms, on my bum and occasionaly on my back.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem and just recently I had the Afirm Laser procedure done on my neck and my arms from hand to shoulder completely. After that I had a peel done on them. I notice a HUGE difference. The Affirm laser tightened and the peel did even more. It cost $450. for the laser and then $100. for the peel so it was not cheap but I feel much more comfortable showing my arms now. I was told that the tightening of the skin will continue over the next few months.
Avatar m tn I tried laser hair removal, but I pick at the loose ends of hair on my legs regardless! I really wish I could stop it. I also bite the inside of my cheeks, but I had no idea it was sth that could be related. It's so hard to do things. i love swimming but can't go. I have a great body but can't show it off. The lights have to be off for me to even let my boyfriend touch me. and every morning I ave to wake much earlier than him to cover my face with make up again.
Avatar n tn I have hair issues (face, stomach, course hair on my arms/legs..), I have hardly any periods and when I do they are HEAVY, skin tags (underarm), Type 2 diabeties, and yes.. I am overweight. My list could on. What you need to know is that there are different types of PCOS. Look into it and find out where you fit in. Most IMPORTANT- ask your doctor/ ob-gyn/ endocrine doctor is they believe there is such a thing as PCOS. A lot of them do not even admit there is a condition called such!
Avatar n tn It is now three weeks since the op and I can at least move around more, no longer doing an impression of a ladybird on its back trying to get up... The main scar is still sore on the inside and by later in the day I get pain down the left side, still have the shelf overhanging which hoping with time and eventually some exercise will go, still quite bloated but this comes and goes seems to get worse later in the day. Hormones have been all over the place as well.
Avatar n tn I read someone got laser hair removal on their stomach.. if that person is reading.. it is gone for good? If so.. it'll def be the one thing I save my money for.. to be rid of this feeling & HAIR is something I have wished for a long time! <3 thanks for the knowledge I'm not the only one.. I love all of the girls that have posted on this site!