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Avatar m tn Hello, Light sheet duet laser is one the most advances and commonly used techniques for hair removal. As with any laser treatment the side effects accompanying are there like redness, burning, superficial burns or hypopigmented patches. So please discuss it in detail with your dermatologist before going in for this procedure. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn Hi I have high myopia on both eyes(-12 D) in both, I never have any retina problems but my retina like any other high myopia patient is not normal, I am 31 F, I have unwanted facial hair and I want to use laser, the laser is The LightSheer Diode, the technician showed me the eye protection gear and it was dark glasses but it was see through, she told me I can close my eyes for more protection !
Avatar f tn I was doing a laser hair removal treatment (lightsheer diode laser) the therapist told me to cover my eye with my finger but clearly it wasn't enough, she zapped my eyelid and ever since then, my eye is red and sensitive to light but I can however still see, but I have had a constant headache. Going to see a specialist but cannot help but try to look for some more information or get advice. Can this be treated? Could my vision deteriorate? Or will it heal naturally with time?