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Avatar m tn If you only have good vision in one eye and the other has severe amblyopia it is probably not a good idea to put a secondary intraocular lens (IOL) into your eye. Lasik, CK and other refractive procedures will not normally correct the amount of hyperopia you have. I suspect that given what you were told by the Eye MDs that examined you that there is no acceptable treatment for your problem.
Avatar m tn mjk i have had a laser iridoplasty(have plateau iris) however still have episodes of mild blurriness eye discofort and slight headaches occasionaly and still on xalatan. optholomogist have said the Laser surgery has worked and angles are no longer as narrow and pressure has dropped to 10..Does this sort of laser stop an Acute angle atack?.
Avatar f tn Most problems are local in the eye only and usually a elevated pressure in the eye. This resolves when the steroids are decreased or stopped. Dr. O.
Avatar n tn Is there any way to check the outcomes of laser vision correction procedures performed by surgeons? For example, when it comes to cardiac procedures, NY State requires certain mortality and difficulty information to be reported to the state and this information is available by hospital and by doctor.
Avatar m tn Is there anyone who could give me information about laser vision correction, I'm not interested in info from the internet, I'm looking for someone who has the experience with that. What were the results? Were there any side effects such as headache?
Avatar m tn It is possible that this is inflammation inside the eye, dry eyes or a number of other conditions. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn I have a related quesstion to eye vision? what is the different between 20/20 and 20/50 eye vision?
Avatar m tn 00 x 66 OS - 1.25 - 0.50 x 70 Cataract OD ( right eye ) is very advanced, severely affecting your vision in that eye which is now only 20/200 with glasses on , the left is 20/40.
Avatar n tn This last Saturday I got "shot" in the eye several times by a kid playing laser tag at my work. I went to a doctor Monday who found a small retinal tissue damage area and he referred me to another doctor. I went to the specialist today, (Wednesday), he told me he couldn't find anything wrong and that my symptoms must be being caused by something else.
Avatar n tn hey , i canot see frm one eye since i was 10 due to breakin of a vessel in front of my retina and the blood got deposited on the retina. since then, my central vision is zero. i can see from the periphery. nothing has been of much help til now.not even laser. so what should i do?
Avatar f tn Shape of the eyeball is not permanent & it changes according to your viewing habits,for example if one focuses on near objects & ignore (or loss interest) viewing long distant objects then he or she's eyeball elongates & become myopic when age passes on.
Avatar f tn I was doing a laser hair removal treatment (lightsheer diode laser) the therapist told me to cover my eye with my finger but clearly it wasn't enough, she zapped my eyelid and ever since then, my eye is red and sensitive to light but I can however still see, but I have had a constant headache. Going to see a specialist but cannot help but try to look for some more information or get advice. Can this be treated? Could my vision deteriorate? Or will it heal naturally with time?
Avatar m tn corneal thickness, corneal topography, whether or not you have dry eye or ocular surface disease are only a few. I would seek out a very reputable refractive surgeon, and have a complete evaluation. Don't just be swayed by price. A really good refractive surgeon will screen you carefully, and honestly tell you that you are not a good candidate if you are not. In the proper patient who is a good candidate, the results can be excellent.
Avatar m tn I panicked about it for a long time and I think I see a dark shaded area in my vision sometimes, my eye does not feel right... My parents say i's imagining it but I think there is a darker patch where its slightly less focused. Yesterday I went to the optician (for the first time) and they tested my eyes. And the results said I have healthy eyes and perfect sight. They used a microscope to look into my eye and said there was no damage.
Avatar m tn I Have had Yag Laser Surgery on my left eye on 7/27/12 I am Stll Cloudy in that eye and reading is wavey Can you tell me if this is normal ????
13008581 tn?1432436410 I agree with JJ. The optic nerve, and the vision issues it can cause, will not benefit from laser surgery which only involves the surface of the eyeball itself. Also, vision correction procedures conducted by reputable professionals require a period of stable vision testing (in other words, a prescription that doesn't change over a period of time) before they'll consider going forward with the surgery.
Avatar f tn My opthalmologist told me my eye pressure in one eye is 28 and has given me drops to use. In 3 weeks he wants me to come back and consider laser surgery. I also have the beginning of a cataract. I am 65 year of age. Should I see a glaucoma specialist or is this something my opthalmologist can do? Also, I am very frightened - is this always done in the office? Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/716815'>Cataracts and glaucoma</a>.
Avatar n tn Not as good as we had hoped but I was still happy with the results. Last week the yag laser was done to fine tune my vision and I am now miserable. My far sighted and near sighted vision are both considerably worse. There also seems to be a glare all the time. It has only been one week since the final yag laser and I am hoping that it will get better with time but I am really scared. I wish I had never had the yag laser done.
Avatar m tn D., M.S.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! Has anyone had laser corrective surgery for their vision? I do not have any eye issues but do get visual field defects from a brain lesion but also read that it is not recommended if the patient has an autoimmune condition.
Avatar f tn At checkup a couple weeks ago, doctor scheduled appt in Jan to re-check left eye and possible YAG laser treatment. He said he could see some cloudiness around the edges. I am noticing marked decline in vision in left eye. It was 20/25 near and 20/20 intermediate a month ago. Now I'm having to wear readers to see both ranges more clearly. Does this further indicate the need for YAG,? Also, will this deterioration continue for the next few weeks, or should it stop getting worse.
Avatar f tn I had laser surgery to repair a hole in my right retina 9 days ago. My vision is blurred and my right pupil appears to be slightly mis-shaped (not round). I also have some lingering discomfort in my right eye. Not really pain, just a tight feeling. My opthamologist/surgeon said everything should go back to normal the next day after surgery. I phoned my opthamologist 5 days after the surgery (3 days ago) and asked him if I needed to be worried about my symptoms.
Avatar n tn I had All Laser LASIK with Intralase performed over 3 months ago and I have noticed that my left eye is almost always worse then my right. The vision on my right eye is extremely sharp even for far off objects but I notice that if I close my right eye and focus using my left that I cannot see things as clearly. I might be driving and notice that the traffic lights look very sharp on my right eye but I will see more of a halo on my left eye.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, In a physics class we have used a green laser (5Mw) for about half an hour without any king of eye-protection. After that class (and now, 2 days later) I've noticed my vision extrange, as diminished. Do you think that this sensation will remain for a long time? I wear a pair of glasses with UV protection until 396 nm, could they have protected my eyes?
Avatar m tn As said in the title, I accidentally hit my self with a 100mW green laser pointer for a fraction of a second. After that, I have a grey spot in my vision in the left eye which is still there after one week. Right after I was hit by the laser (it was point blank by the way) I went to the hospital and they sent me to ophthalmology . They tested the visual acuity of both my eyes. My left eye which was hit is 20/20 and my right eye is 20/25.
Avatar m tn hii myself mann am 25 year old and am software developer i had a problem in my right eye there is very low vision in my right eye from till chilhod. i had shown to doctor and they have advice me that if you have show this problem in chilhood then at that moment ihad been cured i had very low vision in my right eye i can only identify the thing if once i have seen . i can 't read from my left eye in sense i can only just identify the colour i have heard about the New technology.