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Avatar f tn However the Shiley eye center affiliated with a major local university (UCSD) where patients have come from across the country for eye surgery, doesn't have femtolaser, only ORA. This is in contrast to the many local big Lasik eye practices that also do laser cataract surgery and promote femtolaser as a big advantage. That made me wonder about it!
Avatar m tn Doctor thinks the burning from the numbing drops was a result of the laser docking, the laser is held in place by suction and this eye was more irritated by the docking procedure. Doctor says I should now use 2.0 dollar store readers to read for 2 weeks and then 1.0 readers after that for another 2 weeks. After that, I will be using the accommodating muscles and the Trulign hinged haptics to focus. We are expecting, and hoping for, glasses freeā€¦.