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Avatar m tn Hi, I am from Central Europe and I returned from two optometrists, who perform laser photocoagulation therapy (conflict of interest maybe?), and both recommended laser photocoagulation therapy. The first one said I have a "ticking bomb", and I need preventive care ASAP, and even told me to cancel my plane trip which is in two weeks, especially underlining that in my condition flying by plane is very dangerous and I could be hospitalized.
Avatar n tn But my doctor said that weakness is not of that much concern right now but its better you should have laser on right eye to seal those two holes.
Avatar n tn I spoke with my retinal specialist after my laser therapy. I feel like i am second guessing him because he has given me his time and answered my questions. But I guess I am still sad at why a 34 year old woman( me) who is near sighted (but not severe (in my opinion) or legally blind) and active gets a torn retina? Anyway.. the doctor said that my floaters will take time to drop out of the line of sight.
Avatar n tn how long can it take before there is a noticeable improvement in vision as I have just had it done and at the moment although the eye is painless and doing well my vision hasn;t improved as yet(24 hrs)
Avatar m tn Yes almost all patients that I have treated or taken care of that are aware of light/dark images arising from retinal stimulation from laser or cryo therapy (freezing hole shut) have had it fade away over a period of several weeks.
Avatar n tn I experienced a dark spot and wavy lines in my left eye a couple of months ago, went to a retina specialist who diagnosed it as a neovascular membrane due to severe myopia and treated it with PDT. Since then I've noticed the spot growing, went back today and learned the blood leakage has stopped and the larger spot is due to scar tissue.
Avatar f tn I am 22 years old, I have astigmatism, myopia and strabismus (around 19 deg) and my latest prescription (1 year old) was RIGHT EYE - 2.25 - 3.25 axe 180 degrees LEFT EYE - 4.00 - 3.25 axe 180 degrees As a child (maybe 12 years old if I remember right) I did a vision therapy during which one of my eyes (don't remember which one exactly) was covered with a patch for three weeks. When I went back after the treatment to see my doctor, he was very pleased with the results.
Avatar f tn Surgery for lattice or other peripheral retinal degeneration does not decrease floaters. The laser or cry-therapy can both cause irriation of nerves under the treatment area and cause pain, discomfort or awareness. It usually gets better with time. If you're concerned get a second opinion.
Avatar n tn About 5 years ago I had a cold laser treatment to correct fluid leakage in my eye caused by Central Serous Retinopathy. My vision was great then about 2 years ago it started to get worst. At first no doctor could tell me why. They said there was change in the retina which they could see but did not know why it happened. I recently saw a retina specialist who said that the retina change was from scar tissue due to the cold laser treatment.
Avatar f tn Hello, I recently found out that i will need to have laser therapy for my right and left eye. I was told that i have lattice degeneration and i also have traction on both eyes. I am 27 female and chinese. I have been reading up on this topic online and i just have a few questions that i thought you guys might be able to help me with before i go for the surgery.
Avatar f tn My husband had weak spots in both his eyes 8 years back, After 4 years, one of his eye developed a retinal tear, so his doctor did a laser seal over it. Now after 3 years, his doctor confirmed that hez suffering from lattice degeneration. Multiple weak spots have developed near the laser seals, and a new hole(linear) has developed in the posterior part of his retina(both eyes) which has got some pigmentation.
Avatar m tn after laser therapy, and as it has been almost 6 months post laser, I wonder if I can resume gym. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Is there a treatment to remove these scars? Maybe stem cell therapy? Retinal transplantation? Surgical removement? Anything? Thanks for all of your answers.
471354 tn?1221065794 MOSTLY Unpredictable Lymph SWELLING/Pain - Objective Assessed by Professor {World Leader in Lymphoedemia Treatment} Weekly Laser Therapy Daily SELF Massage of Lymph areas 5X/day (base skull,legs,groin,torso,arms,fingers/toes) ->cannot wear closed shoes or cloth on lower arm) => some control/ease for 12-36hr ! {BUT cannot wear closed shoes or cloth on lower arms} - LLLaser Therapy 90 min/wk; 1x-2x/wk acupuncture; Leg ELEVATION most/day.
Avatar m tn hi, i am a nurse and am currently working in a iv laser therapy clinic, and on the course of my work there have been instances wherein i was exposed to laser light indirectly(looking from the side) but with diffuse reflections of red lasers with 5mw of energy less than a foot from the side for approximately 5 secs, infrared laser of 50mw seen from the side about 1 foot from the source for about 30 secs non-continuous about 5 secs at a time no visible laser, diffuse reflective surface(scalp), and
Avatar n tn I use drops (Xlatan, Timolol) I also got Laser glaucoma therapy ,2 y. ago now, with my left eye, the straight lines (scale, edge of the wall, road, etc.) appear curved (positive Amsler grid test). Is this a sign of retinal detachment or it is posterior vitreous detachment, alternatively could it be retinal vessel occlusion or any other thing. My doctor suggested to do Fluorescein Angiography, Is it a reliable test method for me?
Avatar f tn On 26 july 2013 I had Retinal detachment laser therapy with barrage laser. After that laser treatment i started getting flashes of light downside of left vision. After 2 weeks I rushed to retinal specialist. He told everything is fine. Still after 2 weeks i got change in the pattern of flashes. Again i rushed to eye hospital. Doctors said we got perfect result of barrage laser and i don't thing it will again detach from that portion. But you need regular checkup in every 6 months.
Avatar m tn I definitely recommend being evaluated by an eyeMD as light sensitivity can indicate other issues such as inflammation inside the eyes or dryness, to name a few, which may be helped by therapy. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn At present, radiation therapy and laser eye surgery are two possible options for eye freckles treatment. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn Most thin areas occur in the peripheral retina that is NOT used for everyday sight and very few people are aware of any blurred spots post laser. Do you mean that ALL laser spot will leave a blind spot in my eye sight post laser? In that case, my eye sight is pretty normal. After laser, i will have disadvantage of a blind spot in certain areas. The advantage is i would reduce my risk of retine detachment. 5.
Avatar n tn I visited eye clinic for follow-up of laser therapy for retinal holes and lattice degeneration in right eye. The doctor in the clinic discovered a cotton wool spot in right eye. I read about it online and found that HIV infection can cause cotton wool spot(s). Next day after the eye examination, I went for HIV1 and HIV 2 antibodies test and Thanks God, it was negative. My full blood count, renal profile, CRP and fasting glucose were normal.
Avatar m tn iam 23 years simply asking doctor i have lazy eye i did lasik laser and cryo now iam 23 these things done when 10 years back i just wanted 2 know can i able 2 recover atleat 20 percentage of vision through any new technology new improvement in science.. any vison therapy ............
5084534 tn?1363366657 After 1,045 SING$ test and scan, they give my father PDT Laser (5th Feb 2013), which the drug alone cost 2,700$, and the PDT laser operation + the surgeon was ard 1,700$. Okay, no problem as long as my father's eye can be helped.
Avatar m tn Is it possible that I have damaged effects of this treatment by heavy sneezing? Is eye discomfort normal after barrage laser?
Avatar f tn Lattice degeneration occurs in 8 to 10 % of the population. It does not need treatment unless there are certain problems. Many surgeon treat for their benefit. Dr. O.
139792 tn?1498589250 Do you mean "laser" therapy? If so NO laser does not cause age related macular degeneration. Ozone therapy is not helpful for dry ARMD. There is a lot you can do for dry ARMD: eat a good diet of fruits/vegetables. Do not eat a fatty diet, do not get fat. Eat lutein containing vegetables (spinach, greens, collards, kale, etc). Don't smoke. Protect your eye from sunlight.
Avatar n tn I haven't heard of anyone else having eye problems except vision changes that worsen and improve. It seems my right eye has accommodated for the left and actually improved.
Avatar n tn A certain percentage of retinal detachments (RD) develop from tears in lattice degeneration, thus in some individuals with a high risk of RD, ophthalmologists will seal the lattice shut with laser or freezing (cryo therapy). Lattice is not painful, nor does it cause tired eyes or headaches. Perhaps you're worrying too much about it. If the lattice was threatening the ophthalmologist (Eye MD Physician) would have recommended laser or cryo.
Avatar n tn I was given an injection of Avastin 6 mos ago in my eye. My MD repeated it yesterday. Will this help my vision or will I need additional treatment. He mentioned having laser surgery the beginning of May. How safe & effective is this drug? Is there any other drug/procedure that will work better than the Avastin to regain my vision? I do have some vision in which I can see shapes/shadows but I just can't read words.