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Avatar f tn I just had cataract surgery on the ALT eye done mid-September. One note of caution, if and when you get cataract surgery, consider going with a mono-focal instead of a premium multi-focal lens. I have a premium ReStor lens and regret it. Also, there is some thought by some (not all) doctors that a premium lens is not a good idea if you have glaucoma.
Avatar f tn Hi, i'm thinking about having laser eye surgery and have been doung some reading up about it. Has anyone had complications with lasik and regret having it? and what is wavefront worth it?
Avatar m tn I wasn't experienceing any vision problems in this eye prior to the laser retinopexy procedure, as the tear was detected during my annual eye exam by an eye physician. It should be noted that this was my "good eye" prior to the procedure, as it was rated better in the vision test over the other eye. After the laser retinopexy procedure, I have experienced wavy lines at the center of my vision of the repaired eye that won't go away.
Avatar n tn Will any of these laser treatments counteract the known drawbacks of Restor? I do not want a second surgery on each eye. At this point I do not want any laser procedure either. My doctor says I have 20/20 vision. I can read at least 3 lines smaller on the eye chart below what is the expected outcome of Restor. My inclination is to just leave my eyes alone and accept the drawbacks of Restor. This website is marvelous. The doctor and patient feedback is totally educational. Thanks to all.
Avatar m tn 5 and stable for 15 months, by far sufficient corneal thickness and perfect overall health) but pointed that my pupils are h-u-g-e. Apparently, “traditional” laser eye surgery patients with large pupils often times suffer from reduced night vision due to extensive glare. Which one of the current laser eye procedures, namely Lasik, PRK, Lasek and Custom Lasik do you think is most beneficial to address my large pupil size? Your comments would be greatly appreciated.
574673 tn?1234129578 I am exploring the option of laser surgery as a method of controlling eye pressure for open angle glaucoma. Can any one speak to the effectiveness, risks and benefits of this procedure. Does it only last for a while and can it cause cataracts? I have had two cataract surgeries in my left eye, one was an explant of a restor lens in January 2009. My right eye has a small cataract and has not yet been operated on, I am wearing a distance contact in it.
Avatar n tn Can someone who has had laser cataract surgery with the use of the femtosecond laser please describe their experience and the long term results of that procedure. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I am a 69 year old female with a very small cataract that is not near the surgical stage as yet.. I was told that this laser surgery is minimal risk, and my eye pressures are normal at this point. The decision is up to me. Exactly what are the risks and how old and perfected is this laser procedure?
574673 tn?1234129578 I am exploring the option of laser surgery as a method of controlling eye pressure for open angle glaucoma. Could you speak to the effectiveness, risks and benefits of this procedure. Does it only last for a while and can it cause cataracts? I have had two cataract surgeries in my left eye, one was an explant of a restor lens in January 2009. My right eye has a small cataract and has not yet been operated on, I am wearing a distance contact in it.
Avatar n tn My surgeon used the LenSX for cataract surgery in my left eye last month. These are the only things I can tell you.... The actual surgery was uneventful. As soon as the pupil came back to normal size I had to keep reminding myself I had had surgery. Never any pain, dryness, scratchiness, but maybe it would have been the same regardless. In the one week follow-up the optometrist noted that the incision where they removed the cataract had a nice clean perfect edge. Does that matter?
Avatar m tn The laser energy is less likely to propagate elsewhere in the eye and disturb the retina. Another laser procedure benefit is that the machine can precisely map and cut limbal-relaxing incisions in the cornea to diminish any astigmatism you may have. If you have no astigmatism this won't be a benefit in your case. These can also be cut by hand by the traditional surgeon, I think.
Avatar n tn hello .. i was told to have a laser eye surgery next week and the problem is am a little bit afraid of any side effects ! is there any possibility that i might go bling after having it ?? , my problem is Nearsightness and i just wanna get rid of my glasses ! plz tell me what the right thing to do ? shall i go for it ??
Avatar m tn Hi, I am planing to do lasik laser eye surgery. I planed for surgery and taken appointment from doctor. But some people and my friend say this is not secure and there is chance of geting number again or you may losse you vision completely. I am confuse wat to do now. Please advice me what should I have to do.(My cylindrical power is high) please help as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn The U-shaped tear is also called a Horshoe Tear. If retina doc is recommending laser (aka "barrier laser" to form a barrier of laser around the tear), then I'd do it. Sure, there are risks. Nothing is risk free, but the risk of not treating is much much higher than the risk of doing the procedure. Sincerely, Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
Avatar n tn He also identified a small retina tear to the periphery of my dad's retina, which was 'tacked down' with a laser ahead of the cataract procedure, just to make the cataract procedure less likely to disturb the retina. I hope your surgeon is able to help answer your question or provide a referral. If not, there are Internet resources to help you find a retina specialist if you want to see one before your surgery. Good luck.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago I had the bubble procedure done and 3 days later a Laser procedure on my left eye. Was advised to lay on my right side for 7 days only getting up 4 times a day for 5 minutes. I followed this to the letter, and was told on my re-exam that the Retina had reattached and the Specailist was please with the results. I still have the bubble and I know it takes awhile to be absorbed. Is it normal to have floaters, and dots?
Avatar m tn I had cateract surgery about two years ago. My left eye is ok but my right eye has lost some vision. My eye doctor told me today that I could have my right eye lasered. Do you know what this procedure involves? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi! I'm 16 years old. I got minus 11 power in my both eyes. Can I undergo a laser surgery to reduce power before 21 years?? If not, then is there any alternative way?
Avatar n tn My eye doctor says i need yag laser treatment to correct cloudiness in my right eye. he said it is an easy procedure. I guess my question is that I am worried that this cloudiness could come back months or years after treatment. I was surprised to have this problem after cateract surgery which I had about 3 years ago.
Avatar m tn However, my surgeon told me that he does not recommend a laser surgery. In his opinion, a laser surgery may hinder subsequent operations on the retina if need arises. Is this really the case? What is the latest research/experience in this respect? Thanks very much. Thanks very much.
Avatar m tn (1) Would capsulotomy tend to decrease refraction within the eye (increase focal length) and thereby reduce the amount of negative correction presently needed? (2) Would you suggest that I undergo surgery on the left eye in the near future and defer it for the right one -- or, would you suggest that surgery be performed on both eyes in the near future during one session? Postscript: Overall, I believe that monovision was a good choice.
921672 tn?1243639361 I understand that it can be removed via laser. !) What is that sack called? 2) What is the laser treatment procedure referred to?
Avatar m tn Hello, I just had emergency laser eye surgery for a torn retina. (Sunday, June 21st). I have a schedule vacation for July 5th and will be flying (7 hour flight). Will this be possible? I do have a follow with my surgeon, however if the common census is " no way", then I will want to cancel and break the news to the grandchildren now rather than wait to the appointment.
Avatar m tn On January 3, 2012, I had to go through the YAG laser procedure to get rid of the scar tissue from the cataract surgery in my left eye. Since the first YAG procedure in January, I have gone through this procedure two more times, January 17, and February 14, 2012. I have been looking for information on this and I cannot seem to find it. What I need to know is how many times does a person have to undergo YAG laser before it finally causes damage to the eye, more specifically the retina?
Avatar m tn Hi again, Well I have now had my procedure on both eyes and is was a little like electrodes going through my eyes! The surgeon performed the procedure at 12 o clock - his response to me was 3 o clock and 9 o clock are very old fashioned positions! I obviously dont have the expertise to discuss with him but I did ask and am worried I will now having this arching you mentioned but now the procedure is complete on both eyes and I have to live in hope they both were successful.
Avatar f tn Novacain was injected into my eyeball to keep the eye stationary during the procedure. Aftewards, my eye was extremely red, swollen, and very black and blue under the eye where the injection was done. Now, my eye doen't move upward, only back and forth. I saw a specialist yesterday and she wants to do surgery to loosen the muscle at the bottom of my eye. we agreed to wait until after hristmas to give the eye more time. Is there any possibility it will get better without surgery?