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Avatar m tn Laser Eye Surgery Clinic Reviews 2. Laser Eye Surgery Costs 3. Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery 4. Technology Advances with Laser Eye Surgery 5. Where will Laser Eye Surgery be taking us in the future? Official Wikipedia page on laser eye surgery i thought i would start with this as they are a major authority on the internet. Here is a page on Eye surgery one on Lasik http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn My eye sight is quiet weak around -6 for both left and right. I wanted to get my laser eye surgery done to get rid of glasses forever. I went to the dr yesterday, he did few tests and then he told me that I can never ever have my laser done because my cornea is very thin and they cant make it more thinner. Another thing he told me is that my Retina is weak as well, which he meant by spots. I did have this in my mind that he would say this because I knew about it already.
Avatar n tn I am a 69 year old female with a very small cataract that is not near the surgical stage as yet.. I was told that this laser surgery is minimal risk, and my eye pressures are normal at this point. The decision is up to me. Exactly what are the risks and how old and perfected is this laser procedure?
Avatar n tn Thank you very much Dr. Fazio for the information about femto second laser cataract surgery. I wondered if you knew of a highly reputable cataract surgeon located in the Denver, CO region (preferably the Ft. Collins area) who is very experienced in the use of the femto second laser? Thank you again.
Avatar n tn Read as much as you can without becoming too overwhelmed. Search the internet for information on Cataract Surgery using femtosecond laser method. Search your area for MDs using this relatively new method of surgery but I personally believe it is worth the extra out-of-pocket expense. Keep asking questions. Take care.
Avatar m tn I will be having cataract surgery and have a choice of with or with-out laser-assisted surgery. Am I likely to have a better outcome using the laser? It will cost more. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi! I'm 16 years old. I got minus 11 power in my both eyes. Can I undergo a laser surgery to reduce power before 21 years?? If not, then is there any alternative way?
Avatar m tn I have two questions related to this procedure, but, first, I wish to submit some background information on the cataract surgery and its results. After implantation of a "far-distance" IOL (toric) in the left eye, I agreed to use the monovision technique. Residual astigmatism in both eyes after surgery was zero. Optical power corrections needed are -0.50 diopter for the left eye (for viewing objects at 20+ ft) and -0.25 for the right one (for reading at 18 in).
Avatar m tn On January 3, 2012, I had to go through the YAG laser procedure to get rid of the scar tissue from the cataract surgery in my left eye. Since the first YAG procedure in January, I have gone through this procedure two more times, January 17, and February 14, 2012. I have been looking for information on this and I cannot seem to find it. What I need to know is how many times does a person have to undergo YAG laser before it finally causes damage to the eye, more specifically the retina?
Avatar f tn I have recently had a cataract removed from my left eye and a lens implant (power 13.5D). Since the surgery I have had a lot of floaters and my vision seems to be getting worse. I have a catarct in my right eye and also will be needing surgery shortly for it. I am concerned about having these same problems with my right eye as I have with my left eye. Sometimes I also see flashes of light when my eyes are shut. Is there anything that can be done to save my eye sight?
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Avatar m tn Within 2 weeks, my distance vision started to deteriorate and I saw a criss-cross starburst pattern when looking at headlights at night. My eye surgeon used the YAG laser on my eye only 3 weeks post op. He said my (young) age and good immune system caused my capsule to become hazy rapidly. It is now 5 days post the YAG procedure, and suddenly my starburst problem is worse than ever - very long, thin streaks of lights coming from some bright lights at night. ??
Avatar n tn Last month, my retinal specialist determined I had lattice degeneration and that I had a hole that needed to be repaired via laser surgery. My question pertains to future holes, etc. Does having one tear/hole predispose me for a stronger likelihood of future tears? Or, is there no real correlation - as in just because I had one tear doesn't mean anything about future occurrences.
Avatar f tn Robotic surgery is a wholly different deal. It has been proven for many procedures like prostate and brain surgery.
Avatar f tn Subsequently, right eye was operated on Mar 16, 09. Experiencing similar problems with the right eye, this time in the right corner of the eye. Also, my left eye QUIVERS - on occasion - and during these times, vision is impaired. I have discussed this numerous times with my doctor and he can only recommend having accupuncture (which I had this past Friday) with no favorable results.
Avatar f tn I also havea progressive eyeglass prescription to wear at the computer at work Just had a recent retina exam and tiny hole was spotted in one eye. I had laser treatment that same office visit. At my follow up visit to specialist, what questions do I need to be asking? I think I need more information about my retina health before deciding to proceed with cataract surgery this year. Am I at higher risk of detachment because of this hole?
Avatar f tn The young doctor wants to do both eyes at the same time. No symptoms. 52 year old female 20/20 & 20/30 vision Eye exam Jan 2014 measured eye pressure to be 15 and 23. Feb 2014 it was 14 in both eyes. Plan to have a Yag-Pi in April. Seeking second opinion advice since such a dramatic drop in eye pressure is unusual. Am I'm being over-diagnosed with preventive operation? I'm getting really scared that I won't be able to do photography anymore. Is this is an unnecessary procedure?
Avatar f tn I regret that I must end this discussion thread. You will need to get further information from your personal Eye MD or if you are "unhappy" then get a second opinion. I cannot answer all the questions as it is.
Avatar n tn Yes the cataract that you get with RP is often a PSC cataract and can be difficult to peel the last remnants from the posterior capsule. Thus it is not unusual to need a YAG laser capusulotomy in a few months after the cataract surgery. Very common. Normally, I would not do the yag laser until the implant has been the eye at least a few months - preferabley 3 months. Also if you do it any sooner than 3 months - the insurance company may want a detailed expanation as to why.
Avatar f tn Your question can only be answered by an Eye MD that has acutally looked into your eye. You will need to get that information from the Eye MD taking care of you. You have a very serious problem, its important to understand that.
Avatar n tn so far he has had 4 laser surgeries in his right eye, he is legally blind in his left eye. He had a vitrectomy in his right eye, about 2 months ago. He is seeing ok in his right eye...Did the vitrectomy stop the blood "floaters" or is there a chance they will come back. He is not in good control of his diabetes, type 1, so is there still a chance he could lose his sight. What time frame are we talking about.
Avatar f tn On Friday, 6/26/09, I had laser surgery on my right eye to repair tears in my retina. Because of the location of the tears (apparently near a nerve that controls the pupil), he numbed my eye socket prior to the surgery. After he injected the numbing solution (not sure what), he pressed some gauze over my eye and pressed very hard and told me to hold it very firmly against my eye or I would end up with a black eye.
Avatar f tn He said my options are we can wait and watch and he can recheck me in a week for any tears OR he can do elective laser surgery and laser around the 2 tufts to avoid any tears from occurring in those areas.
Avatar m tn After my second operation the last one being 17 years ago when I was 19 my eyes are currently straight when using my left eye which is my dominant eye however my right eye will drift outwards if I don't concentrate or tired however they are straight and most people don't notice.If I use my right eye or look at something toward my right, my left eye turns outward and also up and my eyes are never straight.This is more noticeable and feels somewhat uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Hi, Please help me with information about the risks of refractive surgery by making a negative implant. I have high myopia of -8.5 and astigmatism of aprox 0.75. I have been wearing contact lenses for about 8 years, but I am not comfortable with them. I still have some hope that I may find a certain type of contact lens with which I will feel comfortable all day long, regardless of the hours spent in front of the computer, but I kind of lost my confidence.
Avatar f tn (reading the literature there is a lot of information about not flying after pneumatic retinopexy which is understandable but not much information on sealing with laser photocoagulation.) Please advise with expert opinion on if this is safe and how soon or long after the surgery?