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Avatar n tn I had a laser surgery for a torn retina about two weeks ago. Follow-ups are good and the doctors think it is healing fine. I trust my doctors very much. I have a followup in two weeks from now. I understand it is normal for a retina to heal slowly and full recovery to take time. The eye that had the surgery is still very in about 35% field of vision. Some environments a little worse, some a little better depending on lites, mirrors, etc. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Your question can only be answered by an Eye MD that has acutally looked into your eye. You will need to get that information from the Eye MD taking care of you. You have a very serious problem, its important to understand that.
Avatar f tn however, without an examination, it is impossible to determine the appropriate diagnosis. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn Did you have sutures placed and if so, are they still in place and responsible for the inflammation. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn They do this with a YAG laser. I had an eye infection because of the lack of tears after the cataract operation (at least Dr Hagan III said it might be from lack of tears) I attribute it to eye drops because it didn't occur until I used these. Other than that my vision is pretty good.
Avatar n tn On July 14th, I lost peripheral vision on the lower right side of my left eye. On July 16th, I got a vitrectomy and gas bubble to fix the detachment. 5 weeks have past and I noticed a new blind spot on the lower right. I immediately checked myself into the ER and the residents told me that there were a bunch of holes that has formed. The doctor (not there at the time -- on call) told me to tilt my head to keep the residual bubble over the area where the holes were found.
Avatar n tn In 2008 I developed really bad floaters in my right eye. They came up very quickly. I went to several eye doctors including the surgeon who did the cataract work. I was told repeatedly that this was just something I had to live with. I did my own research and then went back to my eye doctor this winter (2010). I had already concluded that the laser option was dicey. I asked about vitrectomy. He told me that it was very risky (10% chance of major problems).
Avatar n tn Thus it is not unusual to need a YAG laser capusulotomy in a few months after the cataract surgery. Very common. Normally, I would not do the yag laser until the implant has been the eye at least a few months - preferabley 3 months. Also if you do it any sooner than 3 months - the insurance company may want a detailed expanation as to why. So usually wait 3 months unless patient is very impatient.
Avatar m tn The surgeon told me i needed a Yag laser in my left eye when i returned home. the right eye had streaks going thru all on comming headlights which was very annoying. I waited about 4 months before i found a doctor to check me. I contacted the surgeon in Cal and he told me a Yag laser would eliminate the streak problem.
Avatar n tn It may be possible but not likely that the pressure may increase. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn The tear was on my upper left eye. My question is how long will recovery be for laser eye surgery to repair retinal tears? My vision in my left eye is very blurry. My eye can't focus with my contact lenses. Will I be able to recover my normal vision? Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn Lasers do not increase or decrease floaters. The laser is done to seal a retinal tear/hole. With a sudden increase of floaters in either eye, especially if accompanied by the type of flashes he saw in Paris or any loss of visual field he needs to see an ophthalmologist quickly. The risk of retinal detachment will decrease with time as the process is due to vitreous detachment. Once the vitreous peels off the retina smoothly the risk of RD diminishes significantly.
Avatar n tn I had surgery for 2 retinal tears in my left eye about a month ago. Cryo, laser, and a gas bubble was put in. My surgeon wants to do preventive laser treatment in my right eye where there is lattice degeneration. I am 44 and severely myopic (-13) My question is about the recovery for the surgery. Am I looking at another two weeks of being still? He has only talked about doing laser treatment.
233488 tn?1310696703 If you have red top drops that dilate the eye you make need reading glasses during the recovery.
Avatar f tn My husband had laser surgery for a tear in his retina. The doctor that performed the surgery told him to take it easy and wear a sleep mask that covers both eyes for one week or until he can see him again. He has a conference to attend this weekend. Our regular eye doctor says he is fine to attend as long as he is not straining the eye or doing anything strenuous.
Avatar m tn - I still have not been told exactly what kind of detachment it is (vitreous or retinal) or the severity, if the macula was detached or not. She believes they did some laser work on her eye when she was brought in. Is it possible to do some retinal detachment surgery with a laser so soon after the accident? Without knowing this about Friday's work on her eye, I urged her to go back into the hospital on Monday, which she did.
Avatar f tn The left eye wasnt bad, they did an indirect laser on it. The right eye however, had a large tear and much fluid had gone behind it. On the right eye they did the schleral buckle, laser, the gas bubble and drained 75% of the eye fluid. I guess my biggest concern is that I am a mail delivery person and run rural routes on roads with big pot holes and lots of dust and gravel.
Avatar m tn That is a very serious eye condition and often the eye does not make a full recovery, in many instances even with putting retina back in place the vision remains poor. use the search feature and archives and read about "retinal detachment" and "oil in eye for retinal detachment" 2. Dilated pupil is a common problem after RD surgery and often is permanent and unavoidable. This also is discussed many times use the search feature also. 3.
Avatar n tn I had RD surgery 8 weeks ago. I was given cryo, laser and a gas bubble which finally went away on week 6. My retina surgeon said I had a big tear and quite a few holes but the macula was fine ( his quote was "I did a lot of work in there") He released me until December but I still have questions and issues and want to hear from you guys if these things are normal: 1.
Avatar n tn I had a RD in my right eye and had a gas bubble and laser. The specialist says it looks fine post surgery i.e. three weeks hence but I have wavy vision on the left side of my vision though my reading in that eye has improved. Is it possible to "settle" or is it only the brain that compensates? The surgeon said it should be ok but I still have the wavyness and it is now one month post surgery. Can the wavyness eventually settle?
Avatar n tn My dad suddenly lost his vision in his right eye last week. I rushed him to the hospital and they diagnosed a retinal tear. (My dad had cataract surgery in both his eyes 2 years ago). Given the amount of hemorrhage, the retinal specialist said he could not perform laser treatment but instead performed a 'Retinal Cryopexy' to seal the tear. The doctor ruled out a retinal detachment. But it has been more than a week since the procedure but my dad has not even regained 10% of the vision.
Avatar n tn Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with a PVD in my left eye. Last Friday afternoon I experienced a RD in that eye which obscured the bottom half of my visual field completely. Saturday morning to the optometrist then retina specialist who injected a gas bubble to push the retina back into place (it was 'dangling' in front of the macula). Wednesday I had the laser part of the surgery and was told everything went 'great'.
Avatar f tn You may still have a tiny gas bubble still in the eye. The red patch in not likely to be sutures at all as none are put inside the eye where you would see them.
Avatar n tn What is the "typical" recovery time for a IOL implant cataract surgery to stabilize. That is, how long after cataract surgery should one expect the vision to stabilize.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am wanting to know the stages of recovery after retina detachment surgery. On 9/12/11 I had cryotherapy with pneumatic retinopexy due to PVD that caused a detachment. On 9/19 I returned to work (vision in the good eye only due to the bubble in the other) On 9/28 I was in the hospital due to another detachment (same eye, different location) this time I had a scleral buckle, viterectomy, laser retinopoxy and pneumatic retinopexy.