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Avatar m tn The YAG surgery destroyed what little night vision I had in one eye and I would NEVER get the other eye YAG'd. I have huge starbursts after the YAG surgery and it did not improve the blurriness at all. Crystalenses are a lie. I was 47 and did not have cataracts. I wish someone had warned me. Like maybe my doctor. But doctors who use these lenses are given very good incentives to do many unnecessary surgeries and I think that should be illegal.
Avatar n tn Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn No misunderstanding. The Laser Center is a nationwide (chain) of clinics and Dr. Ernest is affiliated with this group. He performed 40 cataract surgeries and 11 lasik procedures the first day I was there. They offer same day surgery to out-of-state, or overseas patients. I went in at 9 on Monday morning, went thru 2 hours of testing, discussed the surgery with the doc and had the first lens implant right after that. I didn't even know I had cataracts.
Avatar m tn It's OE, the op was at Westfield, I can recommend Byron Burger. This January I had laser correction on the left eye to no particular avail. I'm still suffering from low contrast and blurred vision. That being said when I read a chart I'm seeing 6/6 or better, and my reading vision is great. Sounds like the ideal outcome? Well, not really. Intermediate distances are little short of atrocious, at 3 - 5 meters I find it hard to recognise faces.
Avatar f tn Believe daughter used photoshop on a picture of me the other night and got rid of my smile lines and the between the brow lines I have and I'll tell ya after seeing the difference - I want all the juvederm a doctor can stick into me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I had one laser treatment but it was a freebie and did nothing (SmartXide Dot laser) I've done all this for well over a year and NOTHING has improved. I look like a 40-year-old with an 80-year-old's arms. I live in Canada, so have more opportunity to cover my arms than someone living in Florida and cover them I do. I am embarrassed by them. I feel shocked when I look in the mirror. So ladies, I empathize fully. If I find a solution, I will post for you all.
Avatar f tn not sure how they help prevent that. Photoshop can do that! If my mom and I don't get our refunds then I will be contacting Fox 4 also. I think it would be best if we could get a few people to call the same day or within a couple days of each other. I am also thinking about putting up a website and getting information from unhappy customers. I will only do that if they don't give my mom and I a refund.
Avatar n tn It helps me get through nine hours a day sitting in front of Photoshop followed by modeling gigs twice a week after my internship and freelance projects until midnight every night. Am I killing myself?!!!