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Avatar n tn My mother (54 yrs old) had her two eyes operated for cataract, using laser technology. The date of the surgeries - right eye on July 17th 2008 and left eye on July 24th 2008 in India. Currently we are in USA. She was prescribed to take Prednisolone eye drops and Ciplox ointment for 9 weeks starting with 6 times a day in the first week to one time a day from 6th week to 9th week. Currently its the 7th week for her and she had been taking the eye drops and the ointment once in the night every day.
Avatar m tn First we cannot make a diagnosis nor recommend any treatment in a case such as yourself. I note you live in India, which has some very excellent ophthalmologists. I suggest you try and see a very famous and skilled ophthalmologist that you can get to easily and/or go to a medical school with an ophthalmology department. Remember to take care to keep your "good" eye from injury or disease.
Avatar n tn it is ok to undergo a laser operation under 18 years of age? what are its harmful consequences if any?
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Avatar n tn and the left eye has been cured by laser treatment...and the right eye had some critical problems so she had an operation in her right eye in Singapore last year...even after that operation she is having problems in that eye...and there is non-stop headache ......and the eye remains dirty even after washing it thoroughly .............She is using optical glasses for her normal eye power....What do u thing what should we do now?
Avatar m tn Hi there, well when I was 8 months old I was diagonosed with catract in Lagos, Nigeria. So was operated for the same in London at the age of 8 months back in the year 1981. After the operation, I had to wear spectacles & it started with a very high number of +22 which has come down to +11.5 now over the years. I also have a lazy eye in my left eye at the momen & very less vison in the left eye.
Avatar m tn Hi, Dr, I had retinal tear laser operations. The operation is first done in the right eye, the count is 34, and the second day I had a sharp pain in the right eye, comes and goes quickly. A week later I had the operation in the left eye, count is 27. couple of hrs after the operation I had another sharp pain in the right eye again, this time much severe and longer, the pain starts from eye brow to close to nose. My question is: is sharp pain common for this kind of operation?
Avatar m tn i did the operation 20 days ago on my righe eye and laser treatment on my left eye : 1. am i alowed to do sex now. 2. showring my hair and eye. 3. traveling by air. 4.
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Avatar n tn I need a YAG laser treatment. Question - Can I have a YAG laser treatment now as I just operated my eye in July.
Avatar m tn I have AMD in both eyes which causes seeing problems only in my right eye. I have had cateract removed in both eyes and the improvement in my vision was extremely good - more distant signs in shops for instance and particularly seeing the ball when playing tennis. However now my vision in my left eye (the important one for seeing small objects and reading) in non bright light has now become similar to the state before the cateract was removed.
Avatar f tn As soon as the doctors try and reduce them, my eye becomes imflammed once again, causing pain in my eye and head. The latest consultant which i have been seeing has tried YAG laser capsulotomy. The Hole which they seem to make closed up within weeks off it being opened. They tried this several times, each time making the hole slightly bigger but this was still unsuccessful to my disappointment. My Consultant has now advise that i can either leave my vision has it is which is really poor.
Avatar f tn Yesterday he had it done in the left eye using laser. his vision in the left eye was pretty good even before the surgery, however we got it done as the doctor suggested it. Now when the patch is removed he is not able to see anything at all, it is completely white it seems and i see a bubble in his eye on the black part. Is this normal? the doc said the vision will be blur and will get better in a week, but he seems to have almost nil vision.
Avatar n tn The whole laser reaction is over in much less than a thousands of a second. It might be due to vitreous traction (the posterior vitreous traction) or the formation of adhesions from the laser burns (that's why they are used to create adhesions to seal holes/tears shut).
Avatar n tn 6 mos ago, I had my cataract operation on my right eye. It very well and after a few days, my doctor told me that my vision was almost 20/20. 3 weeks ago, I have the left eye done. I have zero vision on it. The doctor explained that it will take some time, because the cataract that was left was blocking my vision. On Tuesday 4 days from now..or exactly 3 weeks after the operation, he will do a lazer to clean it out. And If that does not work it will suck it out.
Avatar m tn I wasn't experienceing any vision problems in this eye prior to the laser retinopexy procedure, as the tear was detected during my annual eye exam by an eye physician. It should be noted that this was my "good eye" prior to the procedure, as it was rated better in the vision test over the other eye. After the laser retinopexy procedure, I have experienced wavy lines at the center of my vision of the repaired eye that won't go away.
Avatar f tn Seeking second opinion advice since such a dramatic drop in eye pressure is unusual. Am I'm being over-diagnosed with preventive operation? I'm getting really scared that I won't be able to do photography anymore. Is this is an unnecessary procedure? I have NO SYMPTOMS and planning to get a Yag-Pi - can't I just use eye drops? Closed angle. Should cataract surgery be the better initial procedure to deepen the chamber angle and to clear the visual axis permanently?
Avatar n tn hello, I had facovitrectomy surgery 6 months ago for removing excessive floaters in my right eye. I see ark like dark, flashing lights, vibrating, foggy area on peripheral of my vision. and it is very annoying. I always see that, my vision is blocked in the right side.I have some questions. 1) My surgeon says the dark area is the side effect of laser. It will diminish by time. Is he true? does it diminish by time?
Avatar f tn The pupil is dilated and the cornea numbed, A special lens with a mirrow is put on the eye and an aiming beam aimed at the lattice then a heat producing laser is used to create a burn that seals the retina to the underlying eye to try and prevent a retinal detachment. You can do most activities but probably avoid very heavy bending, lifting stooping. The chances of going blind are almost zero. Risks include that you could stil have a RD or could develop bleeding or swelling of the macula.
Avatar n tn My mother has cataracts that should that were originally planned to be opearted on last year. However she has had to nurse my terminally ill father and had to postpone the operation. Is it possible to get to a point where the cataracts are inoperable?
Avatar f tn so, there is no chance that by mistake the doctor touch the nerves?
Avatar n tn I am soon to have cataract operations on both eyes. No other complications apart from a preoperative laser treatment to strengthen the retina adhesion in the left eye today. The ophthalmologist has advised that because I have been myopic since childhood, my visual system will have difficulty adapting to IOLs if we use a power that will correct it. He suggests a target outcome of -6. This would mean I would have to wear contacts or glasses at all times.
Avatar f tn The distorted vision from the eye being amblyopia is much worse than it was before I had this operation. Prior to the operation my lazy eye did not interfere at all with my sight, as my other eye was 20/20. I did not have this blurry double vision coming out of my lazy eye, it somehow worked alongside the good eye and I had some peripheral vision, which I no longer have.
Avatar n tn In a small minority of patients the blood doesn't clear and an operation called a vitrectomy is necessary. Ask your Eye MD next time in about the amount of blood and the rate of clearing.
Avatar f tn Laser surgery (or cryo- freezing) surgery to close retinal holes or tears does NOT treat the floaters. That is not the purpose of the operation. The laser or cryo- seal the hole/tear shut to prevent a retinal detachment. The floaters may or may not go away. As we age the number of people with floaters increases by about 10% per decade of life after age 10. Floaters as a rule do not cause reduced vision. Retinal tears, especially those treated with laser, do not cause reduced vision.
Avatar m tn He had a stoke in 2000 and soon after his vision started to deteriorate. In 2009, he had a cataract operation in the eye with vision. Althogh he was very happy with the vision that was recovered after cataract, he developed foggy vision (due to secondary cataract) within a few months later. Now he has minimal vision in his eye and can just detect hand motion within a foot. A retina expert suggested that he has severe retinal degeneration in his eye now.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had retinal detachment in right eye in 2002 with lattice degeneration in left eye. Scleral buckle fitted in right eye with laser in right. Had PVD in 2005. After a head injury in August this year had retinal tear in left eye in October which was treated via laser. A week after surgery started seeing a lot of floaters and haze. Had it checked by retinal specialist - who treated me in 2002. He discharged me with a return in 4 months.
Avatar f tn A few years ago I was advised against lens replacement surgery because of the risk of retinal detachment. I've now been told that they may go ahead as the new all-laser operation causes less trauma to the eye and lowers the risk of RD. I'm waiting to have an appt with the surgeon and will discuss it further. I'd be interested in any other views on this development.
20833225 tn?1528138106 But my RD told me I have hole in my right eye as well. He said he would do laser treatment for left eye first, then do right eye. I went to see eye urgent care yesterday afternoon. EyeMDs there confirmed that I have PVD in my left eyes and saw vitreous floaters. But they did not see any holes. They said the reason I might have cloudy vision was more like secondary cataract. Some tissue was not completely cleaned out during my original cataract surgery.
Avatar n tn Hello dr. I went to an eye clinic last Thursday - I had cataract surgery two years ago (not at this clinic), and have had gradually deteriorating vision since. then. At a check up a year ago (different doctor) I was told I had the typical clouding that would require a Yag procedure. I have put this off because I knew I was at higher risk for retinal detachment as a former -10 myopic.I knew also that I had "guttata".