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Avatar n tn Aamir Asrar practices in Amanat Eye Hospital Rawalpindi Pakistan contact 051-8439993 and 03315672087. I have had my eye glasses removed by him almost two years back and my brother just had a Femto Lasik last week. We both are more than satisfied. i think he and his staff is brilliant.
Avatar f tn The retina is attached but he has a lot of floaters and yesterday started to see a large black shadow at the top of his eye which continues to about the middle of the eye. Went to the retina doctor today and all is still attached but he sees a large vitreous membrane at the bottom of the eye that is probably causing the shadow. Can anyone PLEASE recommend the TOP PEDIATRIC Doctor in this field in the New York area???? Please.
Avatar n tn Can you please discuss post-op results to date using the femtosecond laser for cataract surgeries, and is this technology at a stage of development where one should definitely opt for it as opposed to the manual corneal incision method. Thank you.
Avatar f tn The retina is attached but he has a lot of floaters and yesterday started to see a large black shadow at the top of his eye which continues to about the middle of the eye. Went to the retina doctor today and all is still attached but he sees a large vitreous membrane at the bottom of the eye that is probably causing the shadow. Can anyone PLEASE recommend the TOP PEDIATRIC Doctor in this field in the New York area???? Please.
Avatar n tn Jodi Abramson, Mark Speaker, Eric Donnefeld, Greg Pamel. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn You can find one close to you by searching the find an eyeMD on the web site. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn He was the one that performed the original emergency laser repair in my left eye for the retinal tear. He said he recommended laser in the right eye since I had lattice in both eyes. But now, I am afraid to take the chance, and leave my right eye alone, but monitor it regularly. I appreciate any more advice. Thank you kindly for your expertise time!
Avatar n tn In jan i started with headache and eye redness in both eyes..i went to see eye specialist..he said..i have one eye(right) is weak than left and i need to wear spectacles..i strated wearing while I work on computers....since last 2-3 weeks...i had headache on left side..with eye dryness..n there is pain in my ear too(left side)...I was wondering that if right eye is weak,,,(i dont have ny pain there)..why my left one is troubling me...any hep will be appreciated...
Avatar m tn i m a girl 22 years old with a hemangioma birthmark on my left cheek just beneath the left eye. it is brownish mark with thin skin. can i get it removed by plastic surgery or ny other kind of surgery. it is about 2cm in diameter.
Avatar m tn The Opthamologist said I had a retinal tear, performed laser eye surgery to repair it, and advised I see a Retina Specialist before returning home. I was in could this happen to me? I have never had any eye problems. Even during the two visits with the specialists in NY, my vision was still 20/20. The Retinal Specialist did more laser surgery so as to prevent a RD. He diagnosed me with Lattice Degeneration.
Avatar n tn I have headaches, my right eye is very bloodshot on the lower lid, and I noticed my vision is even more blurry for the right eye than it is for the left eye. Around my right eye it appears to be blurry as well. I really don't want to go blind! Should I go to the emergency room?
Avatar m tn On January 15th, I had cateract surgery on my right eye. I have a had a cloudy eye since then, with very little imporvement. In fact, almost none at all. I ahve take drops that the opthamolgist prescribed/ He id say it would take some time to correct or he mentioned something about going in and scraping the conre...or if it doesn't get better, I mite need a cornea transplant.
Avatar n tn the laser surgery to fix your retina is totally different than LASIK. different laser, different part of your eye, different goal, different result, etc. every -12.00 patient is at high risk for retinal detachment. you would still be at high risk for retinal detachment if you had LASIK.
1092668 tn?1257036037 Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn Hello, I had Lasik surgery done in Ecuador 8 days ago, i live in NYC and just got back to NY 6 days ago, i have been reading online that it is mandatory to have a follow-up with your surgeon, but since my surgeon is in Ecuador, it is not gonna happen. I want to know if going to a Ophthalmologist and explaining the situation would be similar? or do i have to find a surgeon here? Also...
19867516 tn?1485721104 I had a 6 clock-hour vertical retinal tear in my left eye on Sept 21st ,2016 , I was sent to NY Eye and Ear . They took out the eye jelly,then lasered the tear and then filled the eye with a silicon oil. this was a painful procedure and I even had an I.V. with something to calm me down. I went back for the 2nd surgery to take out the oil on Dec 7th 2016, and they needed to laser some more, but this time they filled the eye with compressed air.
Avatar m tn Dr. Doctor, Recently, while away on a vacation, I had to have an emergency laser retinal repair in my left eye. Now that I am back home, and under the care of a newly assigned Retinal Specialist, it seems like like the repair is holding, but there is still some vitreous fluid which seeped in during the tear, trapped under the (retina) repair. We are keeping a watchful eye on it, and my doctor is concerned that the repair may give way due to the trapped vitreous. Questions: 1.
Avatar m tn Hello, I underwent two cervical Sympathectomiies in 1975 at the age of 16----the stellate ganglion was purposely removed on ny left side for reasons best known to the Surgeon----I obviously developed a "full blown" Horner's but was told the nerve was only cosmetic and no great loss----33 years on I am still plagued with awful side effects in my head and wondered if you could help with ANY of them!!!
Avatar n tn Richard MacKool, director of the MacKool Eye Institute in Astoria, NY, to have her cataracts done. He's a high-volume eye surgeon who averages ~70 surgeries a week. IMO, a very good eye surgeon.
233488 tn?1310696703 It is important for him to follow up regularly with his ophthalmologist for a dilated retina and peripheral retina exam. He should see the Eye MD immediately with sudden increase of floaters, flashes or loss of peripheral vision. You need to ask he surgeon specifically about activity. As a generalization return to golf and tennis would be allowed by most surgeons after 7-10 days.
Avatar m tn I am not a physician only a patient like yourself who had cataract surgery. Usually when your vision is impairing your everyday activities then people consider having them removed. For me night driving became a problem even though I relatively young, 54. A doctor may have other ways of measuring the severity of cataracts. With regard to multifocal lenses. Please Please read the many posts on this forum about people who have had problems with multifocal lenses.
Avatar n tn Talked to couple of MDs and got different opinions ranging from wait and watch, get get minus lenses on the affected eye to mix of restor and rezoom lenses ( meaning clear lense surgery in one eye). Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Hello I am 30 years old male. My vision is very bad and I and very near sited and left eye is -12.5 and right eye is -13 (I am very blind). One day I went to my doctor to see if I was eligible to Laser Vision Correction and I was not eligible. Dr. Recommend me to getting cataract extraction with intraocular lenses. But I do not have any catatact. He said I do not have to wear ant contact lens or the bifocal glass. I am very scared with the surgery.
7840060 tn?1394655783 I got put on zylet eye drops and have to return in 2 weeks to see if any changes took place or I need to return to Flaum Eye Institute in Rochester ny if anything gets worse. When I wake up my vision is pretty good but with in half hr it's back to bad, it's so strange. So I'm still out of work. I drive clients around during my day so I can't be responsible for them with this vision loss currently. It *****.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been identified for the CSR on Apr/2/07 by my Opthamologies (Retina Specialist) Blurred vision on Right side eye I can see objects but center potion is black/grayish Not able to see written letters/TV/computer Can able to see big objects but not clearly Did flourescein angiogram test and the leak is very near to pupil I'm normally healthy person (except for my cold/cough) Is there any nutrition I need to follow? Any vitamins I need to eat to help Rentia to come back normal?
233488 tn?1310696703 Alcon Laboratories, Inc.) targeted for -0.50 D in the dominant eye and for -1.25 D in the other eye. Pre- and postoperative evaluations were obtained with the Visual Function Index-14 (VF-14) to determine visual symptoms and general visual functionality. Uncorrected binocular near and distance vision were assessed, as well as the proportion of patients who were spectacle-dependent for near and distance vision.
Avatar n tn I have been seeing the same doctor Wills Eye Philadelphia for the last 2 years. We have tried Xibrom, Beta Blocker 15mg eye drop and the cold laser once only on my left eye because of its location compare to the right eye. I just did my first visit since the cold laser treatment. Fluid is back on my both eyes. No fluids for 2 months and 3 weeks with Fluid. Good vision (20/30-40) with Fluid (20/50).
203589 tn?1267478770 How do we prevent this from happening to the fellow eye? What can we do to protect the fellow eye? What can we do to get improvement out of the operated eye?
Avatar n tn He was treated two in his right eye with Laser twice and left eye was treated once with Laser. But due to inefficieicny of my doctor, he could not detect that my sons retina is detached and we waited for almot 2 week before he told us. We move to Duke hospital in Durham where Dr Toth performed surgery in both eye for Retina detachment (Right eye complete detachment and Left for Partial detachment). His left eye was attached within a week where as righ eye developed a membrane.