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Avatar f tn I had bilateral cataract surgery in June'05 on the right eye and the left eye Sept.'05. Laser on the left eye Nov.'05. IOL's were Alcon SA60AT. The left eye is extremely light/glare sensitive. Light entering the left temporal area is very uncomfortable..the outer edge of my left eye/orbit is blurry and exposure to light results in a deep ache that radiates to the brow/temple area...
Avatar n tn Now I have to decide between a lens exchange--very risky as I have sight in that eye only,(20/30 daylight) or YAG laser for PCO. My retinal Dr is conservative and is pushing me toward continuing the eye drops. I am terrified the light show will be worse after the YAG. I can't believe I have to live the rest of my life like this. I am really housebound in the winter since we get 5 hrs of daylight here. I don't understand how my right eye developed such a problem.