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358178 tn?1197316235 CK or conductive keratoplasty where the cornea is burned with electrode like divises is not permanent, doesn't always work has side effects and needs to be repeated every several years, the long term effects are not known and of course you don't see as well because you use onlyone eye for distance and one eye for near. Take care of the health of your eyes and either stick with glasses or contacts.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have just come back from my yearly check up at the hospital (I have eye pressures consistently above 26 but not over 30) and my local hospital advised that they only treat over 30 and will actively monitor me for any damage/changes etc which to date I have none, visual field still fully intact and no nerve damage as yet with these pressures. Also to keep you informed my left eye is severely amblyopic so basically I use my right eye for everything!
Avatar n tn I am short sighted. I had my left eye lasered - for an astigmatism and sight correction. It took weeks for my sight to settle. Once settled my sight in my left eye is now longsighted. I unfortunately now rely too much on my right, shortsighted, eye (I do office work and am a student) Q: would it be adviseable to have/ not to have further laser treatment on the lasered eye to correct the sight??? Thank you in advance of your advice.
Avatar n tn I also, for some reason, now have slight double vision in the right eye, (the far-sighted eye) so my closeup vision is poor in that eye and the double vision makes the far vision poor. My surgeon has insisted since even the day after surgery that I had PCO and would definitely need YAG to fix it. A year and a half later (I was scheduled for YAG and cancelled twice) I finally gave in when he said it would fix my double vision.
Avatar n tn I am so afraid that once reach -12, she will not be able to get Laser treatment. Also is severe near sighted more often to get retinal detachment (one of her cousin had that at teenage) ? Can she get glasses that with lower prescription, as long as she has no problem in the school classroom board ? Please help (any suggestions) and Thanks !!
Avatar f tn flashes of light often continue as the eye heals from the laser and in some cases they last for long periods of time. If the flashes become much more intense, occur during daylight without eye movement, showers of floater like soot get in the eye, or part of the peripheral vision is lost call the Eye MD on call and report the new findings. Otherwise make an appointment to see your Eye MD this coming week.
Avatar f tn Is it normal that the retinal specialist did not tell my husband that he had high pressure in his eye, especially that my husband is near sighted and has only one eye. Shouldn't the doctor have told him to seek the help of an eye doctor or at least reffered my husband to an eye doctor?
Avatar m tn He said my eyes appeared healthy, although there is an expected deterioration in vision since last test and prescription 5 years ago. i am long sighted and was given a prescription of +2.25 (R) and +2.50 (L). I am no lo0nger able to tolerate looking at a computer screen for more than 5 mionutes with out intense rubbing and eye soreness, which then lasts all day.
Avatar n tn I had rezoom lens right eye 4/27, left eye 5/17. June 21 right eye started bothering me with blurriness & fogginess. Went back to eye doctor Friday, June 23. He said right eye "decided to swell". Put be back on Pred Forte 4 times a day for a week, 2 times per day next week. Is this common with cataract surgery? After week of 4 drops Pred Forte per day, vision still blurry, foggy. Is this the rezoom lens doing this or is "swelling" common?
Avatar n tn I wanted to have laser correction for my original issues of far sighted and astigmatism, but don't htink I'm a candidate now. Have you ever treated the Hyperviscocity eye problems? I understand I have a rare cancer, and even rarer symptoms so no one has been able to help me.
Avatar f tn Several years later (and no new floaters), I found another eye doctor and had another eye exam and the next day a long string appeared in my right eye ... that is when I realized that it was not the doctor but something about the exam. All the doubt I had that this might just be a weird coincidence was cleared when I scheduled another exam with a specialist and had the floaters appear again. I'm just trying to figure out the connection between the two but can't find the answer ...
Avatar n tn The consultant ophthalmic surgeon, who is well qualified, did all the various tests etc and I was told because I had previous eye laser surgery for distance that I would have a 2 out of 3 chance of the operation being successful and therefore that he would only consider mono vision IOL, one for distance and one for near. I did have a short trial of wearing daily contact lens, one short and one long sighted but did not like the result.
Avatar n tn I don't think I have hereditary issues other than my mother being long sighted. However my gran is 92 and has still never had a floater. Thanks again. It is very sad you have floaters in your remaining eye. use a chinese medicine tincture called ReVision that may be making my floaters more transparent.
Avatar n tn I am 61 and have always been severely near sighted. I had laser surgery 7 years ago and it was very successful. A month ago I noticed a number of specks in vision of my right eye and went to a retinal specialist and he lasered a retinal tear. A couple of days later a bunch of blood entered the vitreous and completely blocked the vision in my right eye. The doctor can’t see where the blood came/comes from to laser it. It hasn’t gotten any worse or better in the last 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn I had couple appointments, however I asked doctor to keep oil in my eye as long as he thinks it's necessary, because I would rather wait with oil in my eye than have some more surgeries... 'm very afraid that the same can happen with the left eye. In such case, its almost the same as being blind. I'm very shortsighted with both eyes, so it can happen. Also, I'm very afraid that eye problems can destroy my future career (i study finance) and my life.
Avatar n tn Regular condition of eyes prior cataract surgery. near sighted when young, now a bit less near sighted, astigmatisms always. Cataract surgery in both eyes within the last 2 month. Raynor IOL with +20.5D in the left, +19.5D in the right. Without any discussion, IOL's were implanted that would give me the best distance vision. That would not have been my choice if asked. Prior surgery I was able, without glasses to see thinks in focus in my home.
Avatar n tn It's happened a few times now so I'm trying to keep track of it now to see which eye (last time right eye) and how long etc as I know they'll ask. I was starting to really worry as couldn't find anything on the internet- so glad I'm not the only one though. I am quite badly short sighted and wear contacts or glasses. If someone can please share anymore diagnosis I'd be very greatful! Thank you.
Avatar m tn 1. How do you know that the eye muscles just aren't working? How long do you use the eye exercises (word games) to begin noticing an improvement? 2. What are the negatives about Crystalens in one eye and Restor in the other? My Dr. says you will see rings around headlights at night with the Restor. Except for not seeing the computer screen or reading, the Crystalens is perfect. rystalens in my left eye and exercise my eyes to try an achieve some close up vision?
Avatar n tn 25 an 19 and i study computing one of my eye, i can see far away - and one cant but the other way round when i wear my glasses one short sighted and one long sighted am worried aout having a lazy eye and a squint it could only get worse cause am studying computing what should i do to stop is stopping studying computing the best way?
Avatar n tn This is what I thought I had when it first happened to me but it didn’t develop and was only in one eye. It is not so noticeable when I put my reading glasses on. My left eye is slightly long sighted so it doesn’t seem to bother me with distance. ( I had laser on both eyes about 15 years ago and my vision has been brilliant since this- My prescription was -7!) Will the vitreous move back by itself with time? I know it moves all the time. If so , how long can it take to do this?
Avatar n tn Also a huge (and growing number) of floaters as well. Have had many dilated eye exams from very good doctors and there are no retinal complications (although, there may be faint signs of PVD, but no retinal tears or detachment). I've consulted with some doctors who have performed upwards of 25,000 cataract operations and several thousand Restor implants. (Dr. Christerbury in North Carolina, Dr. Mckool in NYC, some others in teaching hospitals) No one can really recommend a lens to me.
Avatar n tn I'm 27. I went to the doctor for an eye exam a few hours ago and as a present was told I have "Clinically Significant Macular Edema". The backs of my eyes are bleeding and swelling. Happy flipping anniversary! Sorry, I'm a little bummed right now. I've worn glasses since middle school and my vision has never been great. The only symptom I'm noticing right now is that my night vision is quite poor. Also, I had a hard time with all their vision tests.
Avatar m tn He said that there was no sign of a detached retina or any other problems. I was short sighted before the operations but am now long sighted. The second doctor said he did not think that laser treatment was necessary on the first eye - he advised me to go to my optician first and see if they could improve my sight. I am now confused as to what I should do.
Avatar n tn I have double-vision in my right eye and now have an astigmatism in both eyes. My doctor wants to do laser surgery on both of my eyes and I have to pay for it after him convincing me that these were the right lenses to get. I am furious at the results I have gotten and how far off the lenses are for what I needed. I am going to ask him to take the lenses out because he gave me a prescription for glasses and my vision was even worse.
Avatar n tn Whilst my corrected vision is very good (6/5) I cannot wear varifocal type glasses due to the gap in the prescription (one long sighted eye and one short sighted eye). My job involves near and distance vision being required at the same time (I am a surveyor) so this makes life rather difficult. I must add that I have astigmatism as well as this might be relevant to any observations you make. So my questions are:- How accurate is the pre op eye measurement for the replacement lens?
Avatar n tn I had Unilateral Retinoblastoma when I was three years old which was treated with radiation in my right eye. Due to my job and my frequent eye contact with patients I am wondering how long my eye will be bloodshot and how long will I experience pain? Thanks, Tara Caldwell 26 years old.
1341130 tn?1276119589 You say something about eye skin from my right eye for my left, cant a donated eye be used if you know what i mean. You also say that been long sighted is more likely the cause of the lazy eye, which has never been said to me before. My left also feels like its bulging out, and the pupil is alot larger than the right, i also have a burning sensation on the eye lid and around the eye itself..Cant laser treatment help with scar tissue or to try and correct the eye?
Avatar n tn I am 51 years old. I am far sighted in left eye and near sighed in right. I had laser vision correction about 5 years ago, done 2 times, and my vision has "reverted" somewhat towards my old vision. Now my problem is that my vision changes so much that I cannot see properly and is blurry. I cannot seem to get a pair of glasses that keep anything from being blurry. I work at computer, got glasses, but my my vision changes rapidly during the day.
Avatar m tn 3-When I use both eyes there is no double image formation 4- My doctor in Bangalore says that right eye also has week spots which he would correct using laser once my right eye becomes normal. 5-How long people of my kind are able to maintain normal vision to see this world and read properly 6-I am taking rich diet-Almonds,Spinach,Milk,Green leafy vegetables,carrot juice.Is there any thing by which my retina can be made strong and my right eye(good one) can be protected.
Avatar n tn My vision is improving, but I still need glasses for distance, which I never used before. Actually, I was very far sighted, but I can read up close with the "new" eye. Maybe when I get my other eye done they will balance each other out?