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Avatar m tn Hi there, well when I was 8 months old I was diagonosed with catract in Lagos, Nigeria. So was operated for the same in London at the age of 8 months back in the year 1981. After the operation, I had to wear spectacles & it started with a very high number of +22 which has come down to +11.5 now over the years. I also have a lazy eye in my left eye at the momen & very less vison in the left eye.
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Avatar m tn I would probably recommend grid laser and possibly PRP for the right eye. And possibly grid laser for the left eye. Grid laser is done near the macula outside of the foveal avascular zone with much lower energy and spot size...goal is to seal off the leaky blood vessels. Whereas the goal for PRP is larger energy and spot size its job is to "kill" off the irregular cells "telling" the blood vessels to make more, irregular blood vessels (neovascularization).
Avatar m tn I had a hameoredge in my left eye and this was treated with laser surgery which sealed the vessels. Presently 3 months later I have been told I have eales disease which I have read is some sort of retinal vasculitis. It has only affected the side part of my eye. However I still get blurry vision and severe pain in my eyes at the top part of them and at the side. The doctors are worried about the pain and cannot find out the cause.
Avatar n tn A few minutes after I turned the light off, when my eyes should have adjusted to the dark, something didn't seem right with my vision. So I covered my left eye with my hand, leaving my right eye open, and everything went pitch black. I couldn't see anything out of my right eye. With my left eye I could see the shapes and shadows that you can usually make out in a dark room, but out of my right eye was just total pitch blackness.
Avatar n tn (b) monitoring the eye for immediate whitening; and (c) terminating exposure of the eye to the laser light prior to the onset of retinal damage But how does the whitening work? It cant be an instant whitening so the birthmark area looks white again? Do they have images such as pre and post? I quite like this idea, as I have mentioned before I do have a fear of accepting donor's parts... I read somewhere that if u have brown spots on part of your eye, it can be removed...
20875123 tn?1557218072 They told me that you dont have to worry about eye floaters or you dont have to undergo any Laser surgery and if some doctor is saying that then it means he/she just making money from you, so he told me to just calm down and relax. But after that they surprised me by saying that my left eye's cataract is now grown up and can be treated now. I said that nobody suggested me the cataract surgery at this moment and in 2 months the cataract has become mature enough. How is that possible??
Avatar n tn My husband has been treated (laser) for 5 retinal tears in one eye. At this point, the other eye is fine. We will be taking 2 flights w/in the next month - one to Halifax (about 1.5 hrs flight) and one to London (about 6.5 hrs flight). While I know that he shouldn't fly if he had a retinal detachment, I wonder if flying would increase his retinal tear issues. For example, does cabin pressure or the force of taking off and landing exacerbate his condition? Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn Please note that although these operations will correct the cataract and reduce astigmatism, if there is damage to the optic nerve from glaucoma, it will not be reversed. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
1341130 tn?1276119589 The last time i saw some one regarding the double vision was in moorfields eye hospital in london. They offered to do surgery on my good eye to put it in line with my bad eye, but there was no quarentee it would work. I have never had problems with my right eye. I have also never had prisms in my right lens, its always been the left, despite having prisms i still have double vision. My left eye is not that far off, people dont notice that, what they do notice is the redness in the corner.
Avatar n tn I had a cryotherapy scleral buckling and laser. 3 ½ weeks later my eye is healing well (thank God) vision wise, I can now open my eye and it is no longer weeping HOWEVER I have noticed that my eye lid is slightly droppy (prisms) and more upsettingly I now appear to be suffering from “crossed eye” “cockeye" "wall eye”. I do not have an appointment with my eye Dr until Feb (!) so I was wondering if anyone else could provide me with a few answers.
Avatar f tn They cut a small slit in the white of yur eye and put a camera and laser in to laser close the tears. I actually had 6 tears. They do it under freezing only and not a general anesthetic. BUT it was TOTALLY painless ( and I'm a BIG suck) except for one minute when they make your eye stay open in some contraption ( the nurse said I'd hate the surgeon for two minutes lol ) but even that was quite easy once I knew it would only be a minute or two. They also give you an I.V.
Avatar f tn Hello a friend of mine will not have a cataract operation to her right eye, as she is scared about her trigeminal neuralgia being made alot worse. She is in her early seventies, she is desperate to know if there are any side effects, or if this operation could harm her condition. Please can you help her? We both live near central London.
Avatar m tn There are a number of brands of 1-day contacts, which are meant to be worn for a day and then thrown away.
Avatar f tn i have been told that i have this very rare condition in both eyes. i am a patent at the Morfield eye hospital in london. They want to scrap off the surface of both eyes' what are the risk involved. Is there anyone that could shed some light on this.
Avatar m tn The surgeon in Bulgaria claims that I have some form of retinoschisis on the left eye as well which be monitored and eventually treated by laser. The UK surgeon claims that there my left eye is good. Thanks very much.
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Avatar n tn I had a cryotherapy scleral buckling and laser. 3 ½ weeks later my eye is healing well (thank God) vision wise, I can now open my eye and it is no longer weeping HOWEVER I have noticed that my eye lid is slightly droppy (prisms) and more upsettingly I now appear to be suffering from “crossed eye” “cockeye" "wall eye”. I do not have an appointment with my eye Dr until Feb (!) so I was wondering if anyone else could provide me with a few answers.
Avatar f tn door frames picture frames etc) and vision from this eye appears to be via a green glass window. After the first week I had further laser treatment to remove cloudiness but my eye sight remained exactly the same with the same symptoms and distortions. Yesterday I was diagnosed with Macular degeneration (wet) and given an Avastin injection in the eye and advised that it could take several months for me too see from this eye.
Avatar m tn You will go through stages of have you done the right thing and worry,or shall I have laser treatment,you have just got to ride it out and be patient,even if offered laser treatment decline ,until you get at least 9 months ,because laser can make things worst with star burst etc and can rob you of your night vision.i.e dry eye..reshaped cornea,etc.
284078 tn?1282620298 Macular dystrophy of the cornea is a rare, recessively inherited disorder of the cornea, the clear, focusing window to the eye. It causes grayish-white opacities that can occur across the entire cornea. The problem can begin as early as age 10 but generally worsens between the ages of 20 and 40. As you can imagine the vision can be severely affected and in the very worst cases it can lead to complete loss of useful vision.
Avatar f tn There is some variability in the achieve prescription as well following cataract surgery so wait until you are satisfied to have your second eye surgery. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn I sought 2 second opinions travelling a long distance to London each time with eminent eye surgeons. They both told me this lens should not have been used on me, as my distance vision was so good and that I should not go ahead with the 2nd surgery as I would be compromising my sight in the other eye. This lens can only give me 65% vision. The first man said I should try and see if I can manage with a multifocal lens in one eye and leave the other eye as it is.
Avatar n tn hi. i am an international student from London and have been diagnosed with bilateral lattice, little wwp, and round holes within and outside of the lattice area (holes in only one eye) - shortly before i came to the US. laser-treatment was not recommended. Thus, I am untreated.
Avatar m tn I really don't know how to help you in that healthcare system. England has a few world class eye centers Moorsfield in London is likely the best. This is how I would manage a similiar situation in the USA. I would have my favorite oculoplastic surgeon see you and rule out idiopathic orbital inflammatory syndrome (also known as orbital pseudotumor). You would of course need orbital, sinus and head MRIs. You would need orbital ultrasound and retinal OCTs.
Avatar m tn I had two Lentis M Plus lenses implanted to improve my vision. I was told I wasn't suitable for Laser correction because my cornea's were to thin. I had the first implant on May 12th 2010, in my right eye. I had the second implant on May 19th 2010, in my left eye. From the time of the transplants up untill now, I have suffered with the normal post-op conditions. In late june I also developed Cystoid Macular Oedema.
Avatar m tn And although your doctor said you could have the ICL removed/replaced later on if your prescription changed a lot, be aware that every eye surgery adds to the risk of later retina and other complications. Ditto with laser correction; you might have 1 shot at it to correct most of your astigmatism and any 'sphere' error in the strength of the implanted lens, but I don't think this is a procedure than can be repeated frequently.
Avatar f tn You should certainly be able to wear a contact lens in the unoperated eye, the image sizing problem is only caused by the glasses in the operated eye vs the unoperated eye focusing away from the eye causing a magnification, because the contact lens sits on the eye there is no magnification to worry about. Another optoin is the have laser eye surgery in the unoperated eye, if you have no cataract in this eye you should get some eye balance this way.
Avatar f tn i have just had my natural lens replaced in my right eye, and am supposed to be having my left eye done, not sure if i want it now, as i have a huge floater and blurry vision, which i never had before. will this floater break down or dispear? is my blurry vision normal. my doctor never told me about the after effects of surgery. please help.
Avatar f tn I had a similar circumstance to you, i.e. glasses all my life and chose Restor. I waited before having my second eye done and wound up explanting the Restor after six months. This procedure should only be done by a highly experienenced surgeon because it carries more risk due to the fact that the Restor cannot be suctioned out like the cataract. However I feel the results were worth it. I could not imagine living the rest of my life with such poor vision.