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Avatar n tn It is likely that she did blink and close her eyes to avoid brightness. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn My son just failed the depth perception portion of the eye exam given by the U.S. Marines Officer Candidate School. Is there anything he can do to improve? Is it an indication of a serious problem? This is the only thing keeping him from getting into the program.
Avatar m tn Hi sandy just had a complete eye exam... Problem going j was left eye blurry and terrible glare problem at night and lost sharpness....when the dr put a lens. I. Front of eye it helped but when he had me hold something up to my eye with holes in it.... It completly cleared it up all glare gone and sharpness back.. But my doc said that I had astigmatism and nearsighed in left eye and LASIK could not fx it cause the astigmatism was too minor????
Avatar m tn Hello, 31 yr old white male here. I just had an eye exam at the county charity clinic, I went it due to seeing streaks of light behind light sources, and things blurring together when I look around. The resident looked in my eyes with the microscope, but there were 2 things different about this exam that seemed different than other ones I've had.
Avatar n tn Hello Bob, the amount of light used by an ophthalmologist (Eye MD) for a comprehensive medical eye examination will not cause eye damage. Eye discomfort is a totally different matter and most people (including me when I have my eyes examned) find the lights uncomfortable at times. Some even brighter lights are used if pictures of the back of the eye are necessary. It is possible to damage the eye with lights.
Avatar n tn A recent exam showed I had cataracts in both eyes.My left eye was correctable to 20/20 but the right eye to only 20/40. I went to an opthalmologist. He dilated my eyes and had me read an eye chart with my recent glass prescription on. He said both eyes were between 20/50 to 20/60. I am confused that my dilated corrected vision showed much worse than my undilated corrected vision.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your reply back on 4/10/09 re: question on PRESSURE FROM EYE EXAM by Dnas1 My friend doesn't recall the use of a "scleral depression" held on the eye, just the doctors' fingers. Is it safe for one do the same thing with just their fingers to look at the peripheral retina, if this is the purpose? Thanks.
Avatar m tn The laser beam probably hit near your fovea. A dilated retinal exam is need to see the laser burn. Unfortunately, there is no treatment. Dr. O.
Avatar n tn My with went for a regular eye exam, her eyes were fine when she arrived for the exam. She was given Fluorescein and exam was normal. The next day she had cloudy vision in one eye, a return to the dotor and subsequent exam revealed nothing. Two dyas later she was directed to the hospital, were she had an MRI which initially was read as normal, but 2 days later we were notified that she had optic nueritis. A follow up to a nuerologist confirmed this.
Avatar n tn 1. One eye doctor told me both long eyes and curve of cornea contribute to myopia but only length of eye relates to possibility of RD. Is that true? 2. Generally can US medical insurance plan cover this kind of "preventive check" at ophthalmologist? Currently I have Anthem Bluecard PPO plan in US. 3. You know retina is a very specialized area. Can you recommend 1-2 specialists in NYC with good experience, for example in Manhattan Eye and Ear? 4.
Avatar n tn How long dilated depends on type of drop, how much got in eye and color of eye. One eye usually wears off first because the second eye to get the drops is tearing and sqeezing and not as much gets in.
Avatar m tn When I went to get my first full comprehensive eye exam with a Optician couple months ago, she got my eyes dilated and looking at all kinds of laser looking like lights. I thought the staring at these lights is what caused my "visual snow" and thought it would go away after couple days. Few weeks after went to get a cataract consult, I brought this up and said I had some general noise throughout my vision, Ophthalmologist didn't know what I was talking about.
Avatar f tn That is not as easy as it sounds. Different Eye MDs do it differently. Some retina MDs will "do it all" others will not do refractions and treat anything other than retina. The best thing would be to ask your retina MD.
Avatar n tn Hi- My 9 year old daughter is nearsighted and wears glasses (-425 in one eye and -375 in the other eye), I took her in for her annual vision exam last week the OD told me that he wanted her to come back in 4-6 weeks because when he was examing the back of her right eye he noticed a crescent around the optic nerve (he said was normal) but he said it was red in the area. She is very light skinned with blue eyes he said everything is so bright upon examination but wants to re-check.
Avatar n tn Could you tell me how important it is in your opinion, to have a regular peripheral retinal exam prior to and following cataract surgery for some one with PVD, a history of retinal detachment in the family, extreme nearsightedness and a glaucoma suspect . Can they be performed in several ways...and is the exam with the "head set" a gold standard and/or inserted contact lens ? Should they necessarily or recommended be performed by a retinal specialist or cataract surgeon ? Many thanks..
Avatar n tn I had no symptoms prior to surgery and these holes were discovered on a routine eye exam. I am 48. He examined my eyes and performed the surgery immediately, my right eye felt fine right away and my left felt swollen and for about a month in fact I thought I had an eye infection. He examined my eye a month after surgery and said nothing was wrong, my own ophthalmologist did the same and said everything looked fine & even tested my eye pressure...
Avatar m tn Other causes but less common and those would require exam of eye.
Avatar f tn You should not patch your eye unless you have had a complete exam by an Eye MD ophthalmologist and the Eye MD has recommended it. At your age I would not expect any benefit at all.
Avatar f tn that Friday had the left laser iridotomy done, and the following Friday, had the right eye done. Since then my distance vision is now roughly 20/40 right eye and 20/50 left eye. I asked the ophthalmologist why my vision worsened overall after the iridotomies and he replied he did not know. Now he is talking laser surgery because my IOPs are still not as low as they need to be.
Avatar f tn I also havea progressive eyeglass prescription to wear at the computer at work Just had a recent retina exam and tiny hole was spotted in one eye. I had laser treatment that same office visit. At my follow up visit to specialist, what questions do I need to be asking? I think I need more information about my retina health before deciding to proceed with cataract surgery this year. Am I at higher risk of detachment because of this hole?
Avatar n tn A month ago I had a secondary cataract removed from my right eye with a laser. My eyes were tested yesterday at a different doctors office and I was very surprised to see that the letters on the chart looked jagged! Meaning that the appearance of the letters instead of appearing smooth seemed as if they had been ripped out of something This doctor said that their was nothing that he could do but to come back in six weeks. He would not say that this was caused by the laser. I am stunned.
Avatar n tn To protect you sight, the surgery seems necessary. I lost 80% vision in left eye, so they have lasered my right eye 3-4 times, to protect it. I suggested it to my doctor because, as I told him, I will need my right eye.
Avatar m tn Go see a retina specialist for a dilated eye exam and possibly an IV Fluorescein Angiogram. They would be able to tell you for sure..
Avatar m tn I wasn't experienceing any vision problems in this eye prior to the laser retinopexy procedure, as the tear was detected during my annual eye exam by an eye physician. It should be noted that this was my "good eye" prior to the procedure, as it was rated better in the vision test over the other eye. After the laser retinopexy procedure, I have experienced wavy lines at the center of my vision of the repaired eye that won't go away.
Avatar f tn The young doctor wants to do both eyes at the same time. No symptoms. 52 year old female 20/20 & 20/30 vision Eye exam Jan 2014 measured eye pressure to be 15 and 23. Feb 2014 it was 14 in both eyes. Plan to have a Yag-Pi in April. Seeking second opinion advice since such a dramatic drop in eye pressure is unusual. Am I'm being over-diagnosed with preventive operation? I'm getting really scared that I won't be able to do photography anymore. Is this is an unnecessary procedure?
Avatar m tn I just had laser surgery yesterday to repair a peripheral retinal tear (horseshoe) in my right eye and a hole in the left eye. It didn't hurt but it's very hard to stay still and there will be a bright flashing light. The eye-drops before the procedure burn and your eyes will be very sensitive to light for about two hours after it's done. At this time I don't have any complications. I return for a exam in one week.
1778927 tn?1381882347 When the doctor check again he said it had gotten much bigger. He decided to laser it that night. It has been 10 days since the laser and it appears that some of my vision is returning. Things are still wavy and I see a purple/red hue off to the left of my eye. My question is that since the laser surgery it appears almost that there are 2 spots now so is it typical for the bubble (mine was oblong) to heal in different sections creating the illusion of 2 spots?
Avatar m tn The doctor who took over the practice is female. I was waiting I the exam room for the doctor feeling a little anxious since I had never been examined by a woman. She came in and I told her about my stomach pains. She gave me the standard examination as well as checking my lower abdomen. The last thing she did was the hernia check. She asked me take off my pants. I dropped my pants and just stood there because I wasn’t sure she wanted me to pull down my underwear.