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Avatar f tn These are held by the periphery of the capsular bag and by adhesions that form after the surgery. 9 weeks post surgery there is generally low risk of decentration or moving. With a small to medium size capsulotomy opening the risk is low also of vitreous coming around the IOL into the anterior chamber.
574673 tn?1234129578 My doctors suggestion was to put a piggy back lens on top of the IOL and then do my right eye. Since my cataract in my right eye is not very bad and I am unsatisfied with the restore, I went to Mass Eye and Ear for a second opinion. The doctor there said that he coud try a lazer procedure in case the blurriness is due to clouding behind the lens, although he did not specifically see any. He also said it could be the lens itself, but it is more risky to remove it.
Avatar m tn Is Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) Wavefront surgery a boon for cataract patients or just another marketing hype to increase the bottom line? Traditional surgery, Laser Assisted surgery, Wavefront surgery....what are the indications that one would be better choice over the others?
Avatar f tn I had cataract surgery last week and now am seeing I have a "bag" under my eye...I've never had bags before..its 10 days since surgery...I have complete faith in my opthalmologist here in Teaneck, NJ...I'd just like a second response on why this might be?
Avatar n tn Can a crystalens be replaced with a different power if the patient had yag laser done while having the present crystalen in the eye?
Avatar m tn Everything looking good on right eye; IOP has dropped back to normal. A big relief. Left eye is now about 4 months post-op. As I indicated in a previous journal entry, the IOL in my left eye is decentered slightly nasally, even after the argon laser pupilloplasty procedure that I had shortly after implantation.. My vision in left eye is not as good as my right, but my binocular vision is quite acceptable. Near vision is good as long as there is adequate light.
Avatar m tn to multifocal IOLs, femtosecond laser surgery adn ORA technology. I just posted a review article indicating that femtosecond laser technology has not be found to be worth the extra costs. Most people do not need ORA technology. For most people a single vision aspheric IOL or a toric IOL give the best results and are the least expensive and least likely to have complications.
Avatar n tn toric lens repositioned after orig. surgery caspular bag broke result of repositioning 20/50 myopia pressure was, high laser surgery corrected vison 20/30 pressure still high doctor did not known why .prescribed travatan for two weeks . side affect color change of eye ,brown , can this occur in two weeks also is there reason for the elevated pressure in the eye.
Avatar n tn If the problem is a clouded capsular bag, there is a laser treatment (YAG laser capsulotomy) that may be able to help. But it's premature to discuss any treatment until the cause of the remaining vision impairment is identified. It's also possible you have some issue with your retina such as an epiretinal membrane or scarring; this can cause blurring and a disparity in size between objects viewed between the right and left eye.
Avatar m tn Got Vaseline in my eye after lens exchange hi had tetraflex lens implants 8 months a go great vision 20 - 15 and good reading ability About 3 months later I got a lens bag wrinkle in one eye. I went and seen the surgeon who did a yag laser treatment on one eye this left me with a small stardust. I went back and seen the surgeon who said the yag size and condition of the lens are good. Im putting of getting the other one done until I can find out what's causing the star burst.
Avatar n tn One eye is exceptionally good (was bad eye before surgery). The other eye (my good eye before surgery) still gets cloudy from time to time... goes and comes almost like having the cataract. Has restricted my vision especially when working on the computer or watching TV. Q: Could there still be some of the old lens still in the eye? Q: Is there a possibility that the strength of the IOL is too strong or weak?
Avatar n tn At my initial consultation, I was told that in some cases when they are not sure if the IOL will completely fill the RX, they recommend that the patient come in for laser surgery before the lens replacement procedure to "get the flaps ready." Then, about a month after the second eye, I can come back in for laser enhancements. I would like to avoid additional surgery if I can but wonder if there is a medical reason to do "the flaps" first.
Avatar m tn It is very unlikely that this will cause your implant to dislocate, since it has been a year since surgery, especially if the implant was placed within the capsular bag (entirely within the membrane which surrounds the lens of the eye).
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor, Thanks for your question. I have only one eye, my right eye got the cataract surgery at that time. So when I open my left eye, the image is not the same with my right surgerized eye can see. But when I opened both my eyes, my brain is like blending the two images. I am usually nearsighted ever since I was young until the surgery. My usual eyeglass power is between -2.5 up to -3.00 for either eyes.
Avatar m tn I was farsighted in both eyes until the surgery...
Avatar n tn For those wrestling with the decision of what Type of IOL, I'll offer you my experience with my decision to go monofocal. I had the left-eye cataract surgery yesterday, and met with the doctor this morning. I finally chose the monofocal over the rezoom / restor options. My doctor went with the AMO Tecnis foldable acrylic IOL ZA9003. Diopter 17.5. Day 1: When they took that bandage off my left eye, I was amazed at the colors.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you had surgery on both eyes, in that case if you do get a lens exchange I'd suggest considering only doing 1 eye at first to see if it makes any difference. Unfortunately there is no perfect lens out there which is comparable to the healthy natural lens of a young person.
284078 tn?1282620298 Finally, regarding toric IOLs, there is an expectation from patients that they will see fairly well without glasses, so it is of the utmost importance for the surgeon to get excellent measurments of the eye before surgery. This means using an IOL Master or Lenstar unit, and multiple manual and automated readings of the corneal astigmatism making sure that the reading are clear and consistant. A corneal topography reading is also needed.
Avatar f tn After cataract surgery last September i noticed a long, diagonal glare through all light bulbs. In November green traffic lights looked elongated or double. Several months after that, white lights (headlights etc.) began to look elongated. Red was normal, until tonight I noticed they were double or elongated. These aberrations are apparent at a distance, coming together the closer I get to the light.
Avatar m tn It appears that the double vision problem was fixed yesterday through laser surgery. Strands of vitreous were holding my iris open at the bottom and causing my pupil to be sort of heart shaped -- at least the bottom of a heart. I'm not sure of the technical name of the condition, but vitreous had leaked from around my eye muscles towards the front of my eye. It did not leak into the lens capsule. Once the strands were cut, they retracted and my pupil became round and the aberrations went away.
1570394 tn?1295631620 I am going to one of the very best surgeons in the Phila area and they are recommending the Femtosecond(sp) laser for the emulsification of the old lens to minimiaze zonule/capsule bag issues. Does this sound right?
Avatar n tn I am 49 years old and had cataract surgery on my left eye 11 months ago. The lens used was a Acrysof IQ Intraocular lens. After the surgery I experienced flickering light resembling strobe lighting in my vision with this eye. I returned to by surgeon after 3 months and was was told this would subside in 6 to 12 months as my brain adjusts to the new lens. It has subsided a little but I continue to have problems under florescent lighting.
Avatar m tn I am now 1 week after the surgery in my right eye (Symfony). Left eye clear from cataract - so untouched (myopic: -4.25) - I use a contact lens in this eye. My results - good distant vision (with good contrast - also at night), intermediate - quite good - I can read a computer screen quite well, near - needs to improve - I can not read a newspaper with my right eye. Flickering - I also have it sometimes, most of the time not disturbing.
Avatar m tn I am planning to have a cataract surgery on my left eye which has a RD surgery last year. My right eye is -1.75 and has quite a good vision (20/15). My doc expect my left eye to recover to 20/25 or better after the cataract surgery. I am still making decision of alcon-arcysoft as I had some astigmatism or Crystalens. I just found baggyrinkle mentioned that has both eyes done for plano but his vision can cover from 20" to infinity.
Avatar n tn Then he said that I also had an option once I decided to have the surgery of having additional surgery (i.e. laser) to put a "small incision" in my lens to replace or change it so that I would no longer have such bad vision. But, I would still have to have reading glasses (I am over 55).
Avatar n tn Almost four months after surgery, I am still experiencing massive swelling and excruiating pain with inflammation. I was having a great recovery for the first ten days, then BAM! My leg, knee and ankle swelled to gigantic proportions. My doctor has said only that I have arthritis in my knee and I have to be patient. On at least three occasions, I have been in tears in his office and asking what to do about it. He still tells me be patient. This is surely not normal.
Avatar n tn Discomfort from gas between shoulders, nothing bad just did not expect that. Waiting for the surgery was worse then the surgery...Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn I started noticing the discomfort in my left eye about 3 days after having laser surgery. The "something in my eye" usually goes away eventually but while I am experiencing the discomfort, I am ready to pull my eye out. I dig things into my eyelid, trying to make it go away. This is a slow means of torture to say the least. This last bout is leading to insanity so I am going to try to get into see an eye specialist again.