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Avatar f tn My derm advised me to seek laser hair removal, but now I am worried that laser hair removal will just make matters worse, which I just cannot handle. He said that laser hair removal is superior to electrolysis, but stories like this tell otherwise. I read that IPL damages darker skin tones because it does not do a good job in differentiating melanin in hair follicles and melanin in skin, so it damages the surrounding skin. Did all of you ladies have IPL performed on your skin?
Avatar m tn // provides acne scars removal treatment on an outpatient basis. They are trusted professionals who care about giving clients the quality treatment they deserve. They work with each client to explain what type of results they can expect. For most, the end result will be clear, beautiful skin that no longer looks as though they have acne, or that the ever did!
Avatar n tn Hey, just thought I'd let you know that I recently had laser removal around my bikini area and my sister has had it done on her lip. Its totaly worth it. The thicker the hair the more treatments you will need but 8 is the maxium. It saves your skin from being shaved and roughed up. I would go for it.
Avatar n tn Acne holes are essentially scars caused by prior acne. While acne doesn't generally scar, many individuals pick or squeeze their acne. Wear sunscreen daily. Sun exposure can worsen the appearance of your acne holes. As the sun damages your skin, it weakens its ability to heal from scarring.
Avatar n tn I am 25 and have been dealing with the same list of ongoing problems as everyone else apparently this a very common thing I am fixing to go to the doctor right now she is very passionate at wanting to help me with this I know that I have PCOS I was diagnosed 5 years ago with it and I have more hair on my face then I care to have and I went to the laser hair removal place and the technician has PCOS also she said it will take up to 2 years to get 85% of the hair permanently removed and that I wi
Avatar n tn I believe it must have happened when they first shaved my face (standard procedure for laser hair removal)- yet the shaving opened all the little acne bumps and must have allowed it to spread. Someone mentioned diabetes and menstral cycle problems. I have very irregular periods and have been diagnosed with " PCOS " (a pre-diabetic stage). I know my facial hair is rooted to this problem, yet I do not know how to fix it.
162948 tn?1205256292 I had the mirena in for about 13 months & had it removed end of august to try to get pregnant. I had thought it was more immediate. I found out it can take 3-6 months for your cycle to return. my husband and I are pretty bummed because we would have removed it earlier (or never had it put in). Anyway, I bled a few days after removal (probably due to the removal) & then nothing until a couple days of brown spotting at the beginning of this month.
Avatar n tn And I do not have any other health problems. About the laser hair removal, How much does it cost me to undergo that kind of treatment.? I will definately visit dermatologist very soon for my pimples problem. Thank you very much for your help.
Avatar f tn Hello, The approximate cost of laser hair removal of buttocks in England is 500 pounds.I am forwarding you a link from where you can have more information: I would suggest that you get it evaluated from a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn --- In the past at the age of 17-18 my parents paid for laser-hair removal sessions (6 total spanning over 16 months, separated roughly 8 -12 weeks apart) and found the treatment to have minimal effect, actually disfiguring or denaturing the appearance with constant irritation, ingrowns, and acne (that is otherwise unheard of on my skin) rather than thinning it out to something approximating 'normal' or 'presentable'.
1353026 tn?1285546867 I found another doctor I heard about from a friend who did a laser removal treatment of flat warts called the pulsed dye laser (which is supposedly very successful) and made an apt (I had to wait 6 months to be seen)- I wanted to go to an insane asylum because I could not handle the pain, inconvenience, and the alarming growth rate literally over night. My mother took me to Feel-Rite (an organic and natural health and vitamin store).
Avatar n tn The excess hair on the face can be reduced by the laser hair removal...however, I do not think any insurance will cover the cost of it seeing they have it listed under "cosmetic". I've heard of hair removal creams I think it's called Vanic (sp?). That can be given by a dermotolgist. Metformin should help, it's one of the most common given medications for those who have PCOS. I take that along with Yasmin bc.
Avatar f tn You must check out the electrologist and be sure that person is well qualified and has a good track record. Laser hair removal is effective too but the results vary for different racial types so you must get an experienced doctor. Creams and topical treatments do not work for most women and you may have PCOS which requires other medical treatment. If you have other problems like acne,use a skin-care regimen for your skin type.The skin will gradually normalize if there is no scarring yet.
363243 tn?1331037450 This is an ongoing problem and I think the only options that will completely remove the hair is electrolysis and laser, both of which are expensive, and the laser hair removal can be tricky with dark skin. I completely understand how you feel and I'm here for you when you get frustrated. If you learn anything let me know and I'll do the same. Take care.
Avatar n tn dark headed, so I have heard that the laser hair removal works well on this type of person. hum...wonder how much a all over body hair removal would cost? :) My husband doesn't seem to be bothered with it don't know why. I've talked to my doctor and he said this was common...there is medication I could take but it only controls the hair does nothing for what is already there...
Avatar n tn I want to look into Laser hair removal (At this point I can care less about the cost). Im kind of scared though because the thought of lasers on my breast seems dangerous or cancerous. Does anyone have info on Laser hair removal? P.S. I do feel a little better though now knowing others can relate....... so thanks everyone.
Avatar n tn but i was hoping a laser treatment would STOP me from having further breakouts which is my main concern.. maybe i should have laser hair removal done on my entire face since i think the hairs cause these bumps? Please help with any and all advice possible.. i seriously cant take this anymore!!!! Ive seen the show extreme makeover where they have done wonders with acne and horrible skin tone and scars.. what in the world do they do and what does it cost?
Avatar f tn I have tons of symptoms, have had them my whole life. Fatigue dispite of getting enough sleep, major hairloss, acne, rosacea, scalp folliculitis so I have to be on Minocykline at all times, I had eczema as a kid up to my late teen years, insomnia, hot flashes, depression, no libido what so ever, and on and on... I'm now 43 years old and at my wits end. I just decided to go gluten free, as of next tuesday it will be 2 weeks without.
Avatar f tn I'll give you a diagnosis right now. It's RINGWORM. I had the same exact thing for 8-9 months before I realized what it was. Cleared up after just 4 days of over the counter clotrimazole 1% cream.Turns out I also have tinea corporis with the typical rings that were really really faint in color so i didn't recognize it. I'd been really itchy all over my torso since about the time these painful boils started popping up over my face. The funny thing is that the boils didn't really itch.
Avatar f tn I do not want to have to deal with this for the rest of my life, it really ***** big time. I think it is now officially a necessity for me to get laser hair removal. I also have dust mite allergies, I found that interesting to read there could be a correlation. I can't wait to be free of this!
Avatar f tn The treatment for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment.Apply hydroquinone cream on this scar and it should go away in a few days to months.If it still persists then you can go in for laser treatment, Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion. Avoid picking, harsh scrubbing, and abrasive treatments unless prescribed by a dermatologist during this period. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn Ladies, you are suffering form Multiple Miliary Osteoma Cutis as am I. This is a very frustrating disorder and I have tried laser removal (never again), retina-a (doesn't make a big difference) and manual excision by a doctor (best results). I'm desperate for a name of a doctor or esthetician that will remove as the plastic surgeon I saw said his practice is too busy for him to now do this type of procedure. Any success on removals or info would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn - Laser hair removal (long pulse yag laser works good) - there was a clinical experiment being done but do not kown what was the outcome clinical trial but laser has helped me ALOT. I have my doctor perscribe this treatment for me, although my insurance does not cover it but I have had Flex Account cover it. - As mentioned by other people change sweaty clothes, keep dry and wear only cotton.
Avatar n tn Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the top five recommended treatments for mild acne, including whiteheads and blackheads. Acne affects most teenagers to some extent, but acne does not discriminate against age, sex or race. While not a life threatening condition, acne can be upsetting and disfiguring. When severe, acne can lead to permanent scarring. Even less severe cases can lead to scarring. While acne is not curable, it is 100% treatable with Benzoyl Peroxide or is it?
Avatar m tn (THIS IS NOT AN ACNE PROBLEM!) I have a really clean face and body, I just destroy every piece of it by doing this. Well here, let me tell you my story. I'm 17 years old, the typical high school teen.I have the compulsion of looking in the mirror and standing there for hours looking at every pore on my face then picking. Then it over turned to my whole body, its gotten way worst since I begun doing this since 1 1/2 years ago.
Avatar n tn I found another doctor I heard about from a friend who did a laser removal treatment of flat warts and made an apt (I had to wait 6 months to be seen)- I wanted to go to an insane asylum because I could not handle the pain, inconvenience, and the alarming growth rate literally over night. My mother took me to Feel-Rite (an organic and natural health and vitamin store).
Avatar n tn I have since decided to stop taking it because of the cost that my insurance wont cover. i have been off of it for a month this week and for the last 2 weeks i am going through the feeling being pregnant all over again. I am constantly sick and have breast tenderness though that is not as bad as it was when i started it. I dont understand this, i can see when you start the hormone treatment but to feel this way when you stop? I have taken 2 preganacy test and both were negative.
Avatar n tn Ive been to like skin clinics and gthey charge like upto 3k fr the treatment but yet its not a gaurantee to get rid off it as its a laser treatment. The cons are that i could get burns and the skin colour could go darker or i may have pale marks on my legs after the treatment. Therefore i never went for the treatment. I am loking for a treatment which is more effective and does not have any side effects. I saw the forums posted and was woundering if someone could guide me the right way.
Avatar f tn I found a book online called The Atlas of Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthesis Its a medical book for sale and you can only see a couple pages, but from the index there was a whole chapter on plate removal due to immunologic response. Also.... Allergic reactions to metal implants: Influence of wear debris Properties of implant materials and particles.