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Avatar n tn Hi, this is Eloise from the acne forum. Take a look at my pictures to see how effective microdermabrasion and laser treatment can be at treating post-acne scars. You must wait 6 months after finishing Accutane treatment before having such procedures done because of the increased risk of scarring already fragilised skin. Oral retinoids can cause facial redness and it has only been 3 months since you finished Accutane.
Avatar n tn Avoid the mini-pill, depot shot or hormonal IUD which will induce acne. Most acne scarring is superficial and will fade on its own within a year. I had laser treatment 6 months after finishing Roaccutane therapy to remove my acne scars. Please see pictures in my profile. Eloise.
Avatar n tn At first I thought they might be acne scars, though overall I havent had much acne at all in several years . But the reason I DONT think they are acne scars and possible scarring from plucking hairs and or waxing hairs is because they are in the areas I plucked/ waxed my hairs ( I had really thick, dark hairs in those areas).
Avatar m tn While the Vbeam laser removes red from acne scar tissue, the Cool Touch laser tightens the skin from the inside out. But this requires more than two sittings to take effect. So you should follow up with your cosmetologist and get it done in multiple sittings. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar n tn Thank-you for your post. I cleared my acne scarring with microdermabrasion (see pictures in my profile). Laser treatments and chemical peels can also be effective. Fortunately Effexor did not make my acne worse, especially as I was prescribed it for the psychological distress and social phobia associated with acne. There are other drugs to treat depression and Effexor should not be a first line treatment, but it can help people for whom SSRI anti-depressants such as Prozac are ineffective.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am having a problem for over a year time. It started with small acne/pimples or how ever are they called on my left chick. Since them it started spreading all over my face and lately on my forehead and in my hair. Red spots at first on my beard and then transferring to whiteheads for a day time and then evolving to red spots (like fat, tick hard under the skin) and lasting for several weeks. Some of them are for several months. See picture attached.
Avatar f tn I wanted to be able to wear make up and didn't like my skin always peeling. Then I got married and was unable to do anything about my acne because I got pregnant. After I had my first daughter I went to the dermatologist and she really couldn't tell me what kind of acne I had on my nose nor could she give me any type of clear of answer of how to fix it with the exception of that retin A stuff which I couldn't use because I was nursing my daughter...
Avatar f tn Oily make-up may not have helped, but it sounds like your acne is hormonal not cosmetic acne. Acne occurs when patients have high levels of androgens (hormones like testosterone).This is common during times of hormonal change such as puberty and pregnancy. Androgens stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin. Bacteria on the skin feed off this excess oil (called sebum) blocking the pores and resulting in acne.
Avatar n tn I had great skin until I turned 21, at which time I developed severe cystic acne. I was on Accutane when it first came out, I've been to tons of dermatologists over the yrs, I've had steroid injections into the cysts, I've had surgery to try to "de-bulk" them - you name it, I've done it. So here I am, 32 yrs later, & I still have deep, hard, scar-filled cysts under the skin on my face - that are still actively cranking out nasty gunk on a daily basis. I have a huge one (about 1.
Avatar n tn Can anyone give advice on how to deal with someone who has sever acne? She has very low self esteem and is very embarrassed about the acne. How do you help without making them feel worse emotionally?
Avatar n tn I believe it must have happened when they first shaved my face (standard procedure for laser hair removal)- yet the shaving opened all the little acne bumps and must have allowed it to spread. Someone mentioned diabetes and menstral cycle problems. I have very irregular periods and have been diagnosed with " PCOS " (a pre-diabetic stage). I know my facial hair is rooted to this problem, yet I do not know how to fix it.
948349 tn?1294383837 This isn't a question... just a possible solution to acne that I think EVERY acne sufferer should at least try. The answer? Vitamin D. I know, I honestly can't believe something so simple as the "skin vitamin" could possibly cure my acne. I have been taking about 1000 IU a day, every day for the past month now. Both with my breakfast and with my supper... and ACNE IS GONE!!!! I am 25 years old and have had acne since I was 14... and for once no more acne!
Avatar n tn Hi I've been suffering from "acne vulgaris" for about 3 years now.... i have been on many different tablets prescribed by my GP, then i was referred too a dermatologist as i did not believe the redness off my nose is acne........ since visiting the dermatologist for the past 8 months he has jus give me more n more tablets and said theres nothing he can do..... but i get big boil like spots on my nose and even if there is no spots on my nose its always big and red...
Avatar n tn Hi, I used to have really, really bad acne around two years ago and I started on Accutane. I've been off of it for over... I want to say, 8 months or so. It completely cleared up my face and stopped me from having scabby acne on my shoulders, for which I'm grateful, but I still have some stuff on my shoulders. I have some little flesh-colored crater-like things on my face, which I'm pretty sure are acne scars, but my shoulders don't look so good.
Avatar n tn You must wait 6 moths after Accutane therapy before having microdermabrasion due to the increased risk of scarring. Please see my pictures in my profile. I am 32 and had acne for twenty years, but there can be a happy ending to the story. Eloise.
Avatar n tn I have had a problem with acne all my life and took a course of Accutane in my early twenties. I was acne free for 10 years, but then it came back and I developed tiny bumps under my eyes that my dermatologist said were syringoma (after a year of treating it as acne with retin-a and antibiotics). As usual, the antibiotics and retin-a did not do anything to treat my acne problems, so I have begun a new course of Accutane.
Avatar n tn Im 27 and I have suffered from acne for 14 years, which I still get, over the past 7 years my skin has transformed to an orange peel skin texture over my whole face as well as my skin always being red like im sunburned with scars, large brown spots and my skin has literary thickened up which looks scaly, wrinkley and lined and makes my face feel so tight I cant open my mouth properly. Any creams just sit on top of my skin and dont do anything.
Avatar f tn I started shaving my happy trail and pubic hair when I was about 12. As the years have gone by, I've developed terrible scars and discoloration from razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I just wanted to know if there is anything I can do to fix this? Any creams..etc. Please help me. The scars and discoloration are really ugly and it's caused me to be really self conscious about myself. Here are some pictures below:
Avatar m tn Ive had these bumps scattered everywhere on the head of penis and on the foreskin, they look almost like acne without the redness. Ive tried popping them but it there isnt any puss in them although theyre white and acne like without redness. I have had them as long as i can remember, which is around 13 years old. That is when i first learned about penile hygiene.
Avatar m tn Ive had these bumps scattered all over the head of penis and the top foreskin, they look almost like acne without the redness. Ive tried popping them but it there isnt any puss in them although theyre white and acne like without redness. I have had them as long as i can remember, which is around 13 years old. That is when i first learned about penile hygiene.
Avatar m tn Hi, This is a pimple or acne. There are several treatment options available for acne - topical application creams, oral medications, laser treatment etc. It would be best to consult your dermatologist to decide about the best treatment option in your case. This should heal spontaneously in a few days. Let us know about how you are doing and what your doctor advises. Post us if you need any further information. Regards.
6884018 tn?1385768642 pictures are in my album message me if you have trouble finding them
Avatar m tn What kind of treatment would be the best to get the rid of acne, scars and bumps and get back my normal glans. Surgery to install some new skin or laser treatment? Thank you in advance. Waiting for the kind reply.
Avatar m tn at first i thought that it was just acne but it never went away. They are all over the underside at none on the top. they are the excact same colour as my skin just slightly elevated. There not painfull at all there not red or any other colour than my skin there just there and its a reall eye sore because there cleary visible when you look at on top of my reguler acne. If anyone might know what this is and how i might be able to get rid of it that would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn im not a candidate for co2 fraction laser because of my dark skin. What do you suggest based on my pictures?
Avatar n tn Hi. I have battled acne scars for years, and this may be useful info for my question. I had laser surgery a few times in 1997. In 2001 I got micro-droplet silicone inject. by Dr. Orientreich in New York (who invented it I believe), but I only did it once, so I wasn't alot of silicone(> 1 cc). Now for my question...Over the past 2-3 years I have noticed a small area near my nose on my cheek that is slightly raised outwards (maybe 3/4 in in length and 1/8 in.
Avatar f tn So I wax my upper legs and i get these little bumps, they are pinkish but not very dark in color. I don't know if this started before or after I started waxing but I know before I started I put some clean & clear on there I believe I had some leg acne? Or this may be the same thing. I suspect it's either acne, ingrown hairs, or some bacteria got into the exposed pore after waxing.
Avatar f tn Sclerotherapy is the standard treatment and telangiectasias on the face are often treated with laser. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.