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627818 tn?1271780626 Liquid diet, pain meds and rest and he will be fine. I am on another Z-pack - went from a viral laryngitis to a cough so doc thought better safe than sorry as I was getting up "crud". Just had pneumonia and I don't want to go there again! I will try to check in more often!
Avatar m tn Below is the latest idea I had on the cause of this if anyone could help with it I would be grateful. And would the z-pack be effective if this from the huge hole in my tooth that food gets stuck in. It is an upper tooth. I am back on azithromycin z-pak because my throat has not cleared up . I have very little mucus but I do get a little crusting in my nose and can blow a little out sometimes.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks later, still fever, bronchitis, my cough is more productive, but I have serious tickling in my chest when inhaling, cough is less frequent as is runny nose, but still the tickling in chest all day. Chest x-ray shows no pneumonia, and I just finished my Z-pack. I have been on Inderal LA for 20 years due to irregular heartbeats / mitral valve prolapse. Could this have damaged my lungs?
Avatar m tn The laryngitis lasted for 10 days and reduced me to barely an audible whisper. After seeing a doctor and being treated with a Z pack antibiotic and cough syrup, my sinus infection improved, but I still have an unproductive cough. My voice has slowly come back, but is impaired and gets worse during the day and evening. The stamina it takes to talk for any length of time leaves me winded.
Avatar m tn I have a prescription for a Z-pack. Should I take it a a precaution for Pharyngeal gonorrhea? Thank you and have a great summer!
Avatar n tn I'm a 25 yo female and I keep getting these upper respiratory illnesses- in November, I had the flu, followed by post viral syndrome, January, I had a sinus infection treated with doxycycline, in March I had another cold, again followed by post viral syndrome, and an ear infection a week later, treated with azithromycin. Now I've got another cold- it started with laryngitis that came on over 12 hours, progressed with a fever that spiked at 101 the next am, and was 99-99.
Avatar f tn and I have had a history of chronic laryngitis as I am a professional singer. my dr. has always put me on the z pack. i greatly appreciate your insight into whether any of these symptoms are related or not and/or what you can recommend is wrong with me.
Avatar m tn Three weeks back I had a Z pack for bacterial laryngitis and took tylenol then too. Those are the only medications I have taken. I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. In 2009 I had my gallbladder removed due to gallbladder disease. Other than Asthma I have been healthy. Today in the ER my lab results came back: Protein (H) 8.4 range 6.2-8.2 Albumin 4.2 range 3.2-4.7 Billirubin total 1.0 range <1.1 Billirubin (H) 0.5 range 0.0-0.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago my family returned from vacation, my husband, daughter and I ended up on z-pack for Laryngitis, sore throat and chest congestion. My son was treated for strep throat(his rapid strep test was negative but he had pus on his tonsils, fever, and very bad sore throat). I also had twinges of nausea. About a week later I got up to go to work(I am an RN) and although I was OK the day before I was very dizzy, short of breath and hypotensive. I stayed home the next day as well.
Avatar n tn 2 days ago while still on Zithromax, the next day I woke up with the left side of my throat swollen worse than it has ever been. I called my ENT and he told me to finish the Z-pack and if it gets worse over this weekend to call him. So now here I am, with bronchitis and a throat infection, peaked and weak, and I lost 10 lbs from not eating much. Do you think perhaps he didnt get all of the infectious tissue during the tonsillectomy?? Is this the root of all my problems??
Avatar n tn Then he told me that while he could give me a shot with anti-biotics and some other goodies and a script for a z-pack of antibotics to fill several days later that it could be VERY difficult to get the problem solved as there really isn't much blood flow in the upper cavities. So two shots and a script later and several more weeks I've still got the problem. Now it's time to start doing some googling on the subject of homeopathic health! Geez the HUGE PILE of information out there!
436516 tn?1382388265 I went back two weeks later and they said it was bronchitis and gave me a z pack. I went back and they gave me another z pack and it still didn't work. I went to see another doctor who gave me breathing treatments and another nasal spray and that didn't work either. I went to see a lung specialist who gave me aciphex and that helped a little bit but I was still coughing. This is really embarrasing but sometimes I cough so hard that I accidently pee on myself.
Avatar n tn acid reflux and allergies to dust bunnies...I remember when it first came on was a really bad flu virus and I had laryngitis. It has now come to the point where I am having fainting spells as well as a seizure. I'm also going through pre menapause and when it's "supposed" to be that time, and I have a lot of water retention, it gets bad then too as well as a cold and allergy symptoms. I really hate that we are all suffering from this weird problem...
Avatar n tn I have had the same problem most of you are experiencing. I have went to the doctor 3 times to only find no solution. I was given a z-pack of antibiotics to clear up the middle ear infection. ten days came and went and there was NO change. So, I went back to the doctor. This time they gave me nasal steroids and told me to go on a decongestant. Well, it has been 6 days and still no change. I can still feel the pressure of fluid in my left ear.
Avatar n tn The dr perscribed a z pack and i'm on the last day of it and it pretty much cured my fever/sore throat. A few days ago though, I had some pain down there when using the bathroom and didn't think much of it until the next day when it was worse. That's when I noticed something i'd never seen before and got worried. I had about three white filled ulcers around the outside of my vagina. They hurt, I stayed up till 4 worrying.
Avatar n tn no one will believe me because it is a common thing to be in disbelief that any of you "clean" people could possibly have any sort of std but most likely you are not as educated as you would like to think when it comes to this subject. I write this in the hope that if it only causes closure for at least one person on here then I have helped at least one person.