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Avatar n tn Anyway, both my husband and I have had strep throat this spring 3-4 times each. My question is, is it possible my laryngitis is caused from being a carrier of strep? Or, can allergies really cause this hoarseness? I do tend to notice a lot of phlegm in the back of my throat. I'm just so confused!!
Avatar f tn I have had laryngitis and hoarseness, which is getting worse now. In my 6th wk of treatment and wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Have had in the past, never this bad. Any thoughts would be appreiciated. Other then normal allergies, and some fatigue, no other changes. Could my liver have an effect on my vocal cords, throat,, etc.?
Avatar f tn Started with sore throat and cold. Then the dry, hacking cough with little mucus. Laryngitis followed from all the constant coughing, which also disturbed my sleep for days. In desperation, after reading all these posts, I decided to try just gargling with warm water and salt added, as I read somewhere it was moisturizing and antiseptic to the throat. It worked wonders! I have only done this three times so far and what was a constant cough has all but disappeared! Please try it!
Avatar f tn Has anyone developed a brittle voice from drinking Crystal Light. My voice became very brittle. I stopped drinking it for a couple of months. My voice healed. I started drinking it again. My voice is raspy again. I drink Peach Tea. Is it possible that something in that damages my singing and speaking voice?
Avatar m tn I experienced congestion, cough, and laryngitis a day or two after exposure to large amounts of hay and agricultural lime. Taking this into consideration, I'm a bit skeptical as to whether or not it was a cold or just an alergic reaction. The symptoms have drastically decreased. My nose is still half-way stuffy, and I'm still spitting up white phlegm, but it's more of an annoyance now than anything else. Some people I've talked to think that it's post-nasal drip.
Avatar n tn I had a cold or virus, including laryngitis, followed by being out of breath and having an aching chest when I try to read to my children at bed. I get a slight fever (under 100) every afternoon for several weeks now and cannot walk across the room without getting out of breath. I am a runner, never smoked at all, and normally very fit. At first they said it was allergies and put me on advair, then when I got worse, said it was bronchitis and gave me antibiotics and an albuterol inhaler.
Avatar m tn At the same time, I developed laryngitis, an ear ache and sinusitis, which started on the operated side and progressed to encompass my whole head. Pain was more pronounced on the operation side feeling like eye strain emanating from the socket, with an occasional fleeting sharp pain which has slowly reduced. My ENT did a thorough exam and ended up doing a CT and found no infection and ruled out allergies or a cold.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it starts with a sore throat and other times my nose will just start to drip. It results in prolific green mucous coming from my nose and chest that lasts for several days and sometimes laryngitis. My doctors always assume I'm a smoker (I'm not). It takes about two weeks to start to feel good again, only to have the symptoms reappear and the cycle starts all over again. This has been ongoing for the past 4 years.
Avatar m tn I seem to have a recurring sinus, laryngitis, lower respiratory infection going on since November. In Nov., after 12 days of a cold and the green mucus from my lungs and nose worsening my Dr. prescribed a 5 day course of Augmentin. It cleared up the green quickly but I was left with a lingering dry cough/asthma symptoms and nasal congestion that never resolved. Dec.
Avatar f tn ugh! Im sorry to here you are feeling so sick. I'm not a medical doctor but here is my opinion on some of things things you mentioned you could possibly have: pneumonia: its possible, but pneumonia is relatively uncommon influenza (flu) - unlikely. You would have rapid onset of symptoms w/ high grade fever common cold - definitely possible bronchitis - not sure emphysema - not sure asthma - this would be secondary to a primary illness.
Avatar f tn No matter how hard I try to swallow correctly, some water feels like it's going down the wrong tube and I start coughing/choking on it. I'm hoping its allergies or laryngitis or something, which I've never had, but I can only imagine could feel like this. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Yes, the cough could be due to Mono. The mucus and voice raspiness suggests laryngitis. This can sometimes be seen with reflux of liquid and/or food from the stomach that then drops onto the vocal cords along with heartburn usually. Mucus from postnasal drip could be another cause. If the cough is really lessening, give it more time to go away. Rest assured, if your pulmonary function tests were normal, you definitely do not have COPD.
Avatar f tn I've had silent GERD for the past-4 years. (gave me severe laryngitis for 4 months until I took double PPI (Rabeprazole 2x20mg), which controlled it. Since lumpectomy, first, I thought it was triggered by movement (walking/getting up too fast, bending over), cold air, and first thing in the morning, movement/getting up still triggers it. However, there are other times when I'm just sitting there. I realize that often it's after I've eaten something. Could it possibly being GERD-related?
Avatar m tn hi, i have undergone a turbinoctomy to remove some turbinates off my right nostril around 3 months ago and i'm suffering from chronic cough ever since i woke up from the Anesthesia. My nose got hypersensitive, i've seen few doctors who uttered it's just an irritation and it should go away anytime soon but in vain. Does anyone of you have any idea on what is this?
Avatar n tn Symptoms can include a headache or pressure in the area of the sinuses, a stuffy nose, achy teeth, postnasal drip, cough, sore throat, laryngitis, constant low fever, and thick, yellow to green nasal drainage. The most common cause of sinusitis is an infection, especially when the mucus is green. Sinus infections can be difficult to treat since they respond slowly. When a bacterial infection is the cause you may need to take an antibiotic for at least 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn Symptoms can include a headache or pressure in the area of the sinuses, a stuffy nose, achy teeth, an odor coming from the nose, postnasal drip, cough, sore throat, laryngitis, lightheadedness, constant low fever, and thick, yellow to green nasal drainage. This inflammation can block sinus drainage and cause increased mucus production. The mucus can drain from the nose and sinuses down the back of the throat causing a constant or intermittent postnasal drip and sore throat.
Avatar n tn Then I got serious stabbing sensation in my lower abdomin...on both sides from around the belly button to the pelvic bone. I started sweating and felt nautious. It lasted 5 min. I ran to the bathroom and had diarhea. I felt a bit better - but 5 min later the same thing happened. It cycled around like 4 times until i finally got to bed. the next day I ate and drank fluids normally...but i ended up fainting. before i fainted i felt the same pain - i started sweating - and my vision slowly went.
Avatar f tn The general consensus from the 3 doctors (2 ER's and my family doctor) is that I am having allergies with asthma issues. I have coughed so hard that I have bruised my esophagus, and so now for the 11th day - I have no voice - I mean NO voice. I still have extreme bouts of coughing that expel ALL of the air from my lungs, and make me cough to the point of completely losing my breath ( and loss of bladder control at times).
Avatar f tn He has never had any attacks with his breathing but does seem to get these chest infections often now, should I assume that yes it is asthma or opt for more testing. He has always suffered with seasonal allergies and is always nasal sounding but who knows really what he is allergic too. I just hate that he is stuck on these puffers until who knows when. My son is 14 years old and there is no history of asthma at all in the family but my husband had many allergies as a child.
232690 tn?1189759429 The doctor did a visual inspection and I had nasal polyps. The pain moves around from the base of my nasopharynx, throat, and occasionally in the laryngopharynx. It's lasted about 2 years. A few weeks before I got the chronic sore throat, I had a 3 day-long flu with fever and rash on my chest for a few days. I decided to get a full panel STD test. The first test yielded false positive HIV: reactive ELISA, non-reactive Western Blot. I retested 7 months later and it was negative.
Avatar m tn Tired Eyes - I felt a pressure behind the eyes Blocked Nose - Nose always feel congested, but the blockage shifts from side to side White tongue - Always Furry Dry Throat (and mouth to a certain extent, at the bottom of the throat) Voice Deeper - Voice sounds deeper and croakier I was subsequently diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and received appropriate medication. I also had severe stomach acid which came under control once my thyroid was adequately medicated.
Avatar f tn Have noticed the last several years I cannot wear glasses AT ALL because anything touching the sides of my head at all causes horrible pain. MD says that where my head hurts is where the muscles from your back attach to your head. Thinks it could be a musclar problem sends me for MRI. Exam negative for anything. Doc gives me muscle relaxers and says he doesn't know what it is.(o Mar- Headaches aren't as frequent (unless I try to wear my glasses).
Avatar n tn My 3 year old son was suffering from severe stomach cramping (which would last approx. 5-10 min. which would occur sporatically 2 times a day to once or twice a week) We took him to the pediatrician and was tested and diagnosed with having parianal strepococcus dermititus about 6 weeks ago. (strep around his anus) Please forgive my spelling. He was prescibed 2 rounds of antibiotic to get rid of it. (1st - Clindimycin for 10 days, then Augmetin & Flagyl for 21 days.
250155 tn?1485299539 croup can become very serious quickly-- although most of the time it goes away on its own. Could his barking sounding cough be just from him coughing so much and making him hoarse or the result of a sore throat? Is it all the time when he's breathing, or just occassionally? With my son it was constant, you could visibly see and hear he was having problems breathing (thus the barking), and he was "off", not playing and running around. Hope he's better real soon!
Avatar f tn daughter is 15 yrs she suffers from sinus.
Avatar f tn I didnt get this cold as bad as he did- however, I did get the post nasal drip, I still have post nasal drip that is driving me crazy(3wks), clearing of throat, coughing in the morning,hoareness, on veramyst for 1 week(from another Doctor), slowly noticing difference. Could this have resulted from my 1st virus that started in my throat?( my history is also bad allergies and reactive lungs (slight asthma), the new Doctor gave me Advair only to use if I get a cold instead of antibiotics.
1534024 tn?1294249675 Acid reflux and the symptoms you get from it are crazy. I thought I had so many other things...heart problems, lung problems, sinus problems, allergies... u name it. At first it started out with a pressure feeling in my upper abdomen/chest area. I just thought maybe it was indigestion. Then later on I started getting a coldness feeling in my chest almost like I ate a bunch of peppermints. Well these symptoms weren't going away.
Avatar m tn I've had recurring sinus, sore throat/ laryngitis, asthma, PND, lower respiratory infections (viral and/or bacterial) since last spring, worse since this past fall. Antibiotics seem to quickly albeit temporarily clear up the green/yellow but other lingering symptoms persist. A few weeks ago I asked for a sputum culture (the results below) which were negative. My GP says it is allergies and quite frankly I feel written off.
Avatar m tn Exposure to asbestos can cause acute symptoms that are related to irritation and inflammation of the upper airways (throat and wind-pipe [trachea]) and the lower airways. The chronic effects that may result from asbestos usually occur many years after the exposure (20-30 years). There are three main chronic conditions: 1. Asbestos-related Pleural Disease: Benign. Represented by what are called plaques that originate in the pleura (a sort of lining to the outside of the lung). 2.