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Avatar f tn Okay, since 1992 I have had lots of throat infections in 1995 I had my tonsils and adanoids removed to help however it never did. And still had aleast 7 throat infections and laryngitis a year but since January this year I have had 20suvere throat infections all with laryngitis.
Avatar m tn I had a unprotected sex about 3 and half weeks back with an unknown Girl for about 5 mins. Next day I got mouth infection ( just soar throat no fever no flu symptoms) and doctor (ENT) suggested some antibiotics, after which I was feeling OK in a day. I thought it was a strep and asked for a swab test. Couple days later doctor confirmed its nothing. I had tonsillitis (swollen tonsils) before I had sex with her.
Avatar n tn My tonsils are lumpy and slightly large and slightly hard. They have several dimensions and crevices. There is no pain although I have had several cases of throat infection, tonsillitis and acute laryngitis over the years. I've already discovered that I can't eat nuts or else I will get tonsil stones but I don't think that's the reason my tonsils are large. I have been poking and prodding and there's nothing coming out. How can I get my tonsils to look normal.
Avatar f tn I had white spots in the back of my throat and my doctor sent me off with bacteria killing antibiotics. Now I have pain on my right tonsils and right ear. I Also have bad mucus. Do you possibly know what it is? I visited my doctor 3 times and everything she gave me didn't work. But the white spots are gone.
Avatar n tn It rapidly turned into a sinus infection, laryngitis, middle ear infection, constant cough, and -- to top it all off and make things just a little more gross -- conjunctivitis. What makes these episodes even more unpleasant is that, after even the mildest cold or upper respiratory infection, I almost always end up with a cough that lasts for weeks or months afterward. (It appears to be due to a post-nasal drip that exacerbates some kind of underlying allergies.
Avatar f tn There are no rashes or ulcers neither in my mouth nor on my tonsils. I had my check up 8 days ago and was given Augmentin, the hoarseness was gone but the pain on the lower part of my neck is still there every time I speak and the pain on my ear is still there. My doctor advised me to use Augmentin for another 3 days. I need advise on the tests that I need to do that I can suggest to my doctor, what medicines I need to take, and what I can do to take care of my throat. Please help me.
Avatar f tn The under-the-tongue pain is so bad it is kind of eclipsing the whole area. I've checked under my tongue and things look normal. No spots on my throat or tonsils, so I don't think I have strep. My lymph nodes feel swollen also. Other than the fever and stiff neck I had a few days ago, no other symptoms. I should note that I had mono once when I was 17, but that was over 10 years ago and this really doesn't feel the same to me. Can anybody offer any insight?
Avatar m tn Im Just 22 from India, and been having this problem for around say 5 years from today,i feel theres a tight feeling,a lump at the back of my throat, sumthing ready to be swallowed,but stuck there, and my voice keeps gettn hoarse time to time,if i sleep or take rest for sumtime,it gets fine for sometime,but tends to get worse in few minutes,water helps at times,though i try n keep my vocal chords and throat hydrated,,my worse gets hoarse from time to time,and i am really down and depressed at tim
Avatar n tn my grandson has all the symptoms of mono. but we don't understand this very loud and constant burbs coming from him. This is tiring him out.
Avatar f tn When I get excited like at football games or loud parties my throat seems to tighten up and my voice is altered to very low like laryngitis until I settle down and its over. At night I seem to have to clear my throat alot if I don't constantly drink water. I also notice that my tonsils have cryptic craddles and some times collect food thats eaten and decays causing very bad breath even when I can't see anything in my tonsils.
Avatar f tn I had white spots in the back of my throat and my doctor sent me off with bacteria killing antibiotics. Now I have pain on my right tonsils and right ear. I Also have bad mucus. Do you possibly know what it is? I visited my doctor 3 times and everything she gave me didn't work. But the white spots are gone.
Avatar m tn Hello, A clinical examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and management. The common cause is tonsillitis or laryngitis. More serious causes could be strep throat, scarlet fever, or mononucleosis. White spots on the tonsils can also be due to tonsil stones. These are trapped rotting food in mucus. It is best to consult an ENT specialist. A correct diagnosis will be helpful for deciding the treatment. I hope it helps. Take care and regards!
Avatar m tn These symptoms can be due to post nasal drip which can cause laryngitis .In such cases nasal steroids and saline rinse helps . Your symptoms could be attributed to GERD.In this condition the acid contents of the stomach come up into the esophagus. For this along with OTC antacids, you can try lifestyle measures like take frequent small meals. Eat dinner about two hours before sleeping. Elevate the head end of the bed.
Avatar m tn girl and received oral from her unprotected, and also gave oral to her unprotected - two days after the most recent intercourse (directly above) I came down with a bad case of laryngitis that gradually appeared over the course of a couple of days, became worse day 3-6, and has slowly been getting better but 7 days in there is still a sore throat (now more like pharyngitis, not as much laryngitis anymore).
Avatar m tn Your symptoms could be due to disorders like laryngitis, vocal nodules, vocal polyp and sometimes contact ulcers on the vocal cords. But these changes are reversible if the causative factors are dealt with. And sometimes voice therapy is helpful. You will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation, who may then refer you to an ENT specialist. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Sounds from the throat are generally due to stridor. These can be due to laryngitis or inflammation of the voice box, smoke inhalation injury to vocal cord, swollen tonsils or adenoids, allergic reaction to smoke or any other allergen or due to excess phlegm secretion again due to allergy. It can also be due to reflux. Gas coming up during a burp can also act as an irritant. Raise head end of bed.
Avatar f tn I am still short on energy and have a lot of post nasal drip., headaches, laryngitis, very sore throat and get periods of shortness of breath. The doctor gave me a prescription for a cough suppressant. He said it's a virus. I do have white patches on the opening to my throat and the surrounding tissue is pale. I've tried a netti pot, ginger and honey tea, garlic, etc. I can't get relief!
Avatar f tn I have recenltly been diagnosed with gastroparesis and have had problems with swallowing, breathing, laryngitis, hoarseness, coughing. Thank you.
Avatar f tn well, my throat at random times will start crocking and i dont know why. It like it will start soft and gradually go louder as the crock starts to finish, i may have big loud crocks or little ones. the randomest times, when im at school, or doing homework, or watching tv or even at my dance class. i dont understand why it happens or what causes it or how to prevent it. it annoys me quite alot and if there is anyone who has the same thing, please tell me, i dont know anyone who does it aswell.
Avatar n tn I called my doctor, who changed me to Azithromycin. My laryngitis is better. Most of the sore throat is gone. However, I still have sore swollen glands, and I still have a large white pocket in my throat (Next to my Faucial Pillars). Is this typical? How long should I give it for the white patch and gland stuff to go away?
Avatar n tn I suggest you demonstrate it to a doctor who can examine you. It could be gastric reflux too and not related to lungs. If you do not have any breathing problems, it is unlikely to be coming from lungs. The sound can also be a stridor. These can be due to laryngitis or inflammation of the voice box, smoke inhalation injury to vocal cord, swollen tonsils or adenoids, allergic reaction to smoke or any other allergen or due to excess phlegm secretion again due to allergy.
Avatar f tn Nobody can really diagnose what you have by those symptoms they are just to generic, which is a good thing because it is probably nothing serious. I would goto an ENT specialist and have you tonsils checked out, and checked for strep, mono and laryngitis. Keep in mind there is all sorts of **** that can get stuck in your tonsils that can cause this and only a doc and prescribe antibiotics.
Avatar f tn I smoke occassionally (maybe 5 on average a week). I exercise on a regular basis and i am fit and healthy. About a year ago i noticed strange breathing sounds when i take a deep breath. The sounds don't always originate from the same place, and is accompanied by a vibration sensation (which i can actually feel on the outside of my chest if i place my hand on the area where the sound is coming from). It's like a snorting/wheezing/croaking sound.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. I'm 25 years old and last August I was diagnosed with a severe case of Epstein Barr. I was hospitalized for a period of time and have since then recovered for the most part. The only problem is that I keep coming down with either strep throat, pharyngitis, laryngitis or the h flu every other month. I just recently came down with strep throat again and I'm wondering if there is anything that I can to to prevent getting sick.
Avatar f tn On the 6th September I saw an ENT as I had bumps in my throat. The ENT examined me, and looked at the lumps through my nose with a Flexible Laryngoscopy.
Avatar n tn Tussionex was the only thing that worked but who wants to be dependant on a cough syrup that costs $90 a bottle and is a narcotic???! After a lot of research I determined that my tonsils were the issue - not only were they useless, they were inviting constant reinfection. I resorted to having them removed 3 years ago.
Avatar n tn At least once or twice a week the smallest thing, like drinking water, or soda, or even taking in a breath, will trigger a tickle in my throat which sends me into a coughing fit until my eyes water and usually end with sneezing. It's very embarrasing at a restaurant and out in public. What's causing it?
Avatar n tn I am a 27 year old Canadian woman who has been living and working in Japan for the last 2 1/2 years. For the last year and a half I've been having a lot of problems with gastritis and reflux and I can't seem to get rid of them. I first noticed the symptoms last year when I felt a terrible burning in my stomach and had a lot of belching and heartburn after I ate. I had an upper GI X-ray done and there wasn't anything wrong except for excess acid production.
Avatar n tn I have no fever, no appitite and no congestion. Though I am starting to feel my voice goin again. I had my tonsils and adnoids removed about 2 years ago so I am pretty sure it isn't tonsilitis. I changed my tooth brush, I gargle with warm salt water, I have been drinking Traditional Medicinals "Throat Coat" Tea and trying not to talk much but the pain is not going away. I don't have medical insurance and the last visit in february cost me 400 dollars.
Avatar n tn The swelling had gone down a little and a few weeks later it flared up again and then i had bad laryngitis on top of that, so I went back. He then told me he thought it was acid reflux and not an infection. So he put me on Nexium, and a week later I started coughing badly so I went to my primary care physician. He said my throat was infected (meanwhile i wasn't complaining about my throat, i was there for coughing)and I had fluid in my ears.