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Avatar n tn Take 10 units of Humalog before meals and 55units of Lantus before bed. What is the sliding scale when sick. Have sinus infection and bad cough.
Avatar m tn I am on Lantus 40 units, twice a day. Humalog sliding scale, starting at 20 units. For every 50 mg/dl over 150, 2 more units. In a typical day, Between 20-28 units multiple times a day. A1c=7.7 currently. Is Humalog maybe not the right choice if I need such high dosing?
Avatar f tn It just doesn't make much sense why the NPH isn't working anymore. She's on a sliding scale for Humalog and she gives a shot of 40 units of NPH in the morning.
Avatar n tn * What health clinics charge * Sliding scale of insulin per foods you eat: per carbs, per starches, per snack, etc Most endocrinologists will put a diabetic patient who uses insulin on a sliding scale of insulin, depending on what the blood glucose is when you test before a meal. What did your doctor tell you?
Avatar m tn Greetings! I am on a sliding scale of HUMALOG. In the evening should I take my Lantus injection? Or in the morning?
Avatar n tn I would think it should either be raised (little by little) or a short acting insulin, such as Humalog, be added at meal times, on a sliding scale, to cover the mealtime highs. That's how I've been treating mine for 5 of my last 38 years of being Type 1. (I'm almost 41). It's worked quite nicely. Like sickandtired1983, I have had to periodically have my dosage changed by my Endo. We just change ever some-odd period of years. For me, it's about 7 years between changes.
Avatar n tn Also, I am taking a sliding scale 1-4 additional Humalog units in a.m. to cover high fasting addition to covering breakfast carbs. It seems to correct well, and I'm off to a better day overall. I was worried it was "way" too much, but I have to say, I haven't had too many lows since adding units in morning. (This sliding scale addition is for fasting only) I'm curious to see A1C in a full 12 weeks. I tested after only 6 weeks, so results aren't too dramatic.
Avatar n tn I went to a diabetes education class that teaches about the sliding scale and how to take your Humalog. However, my doc gave me a formula to use to counteract high blood sugars when not enough insulin has been taken. It's (bloodsugar) - 100 divided by 40. So, if your blood sugar is 300 you would subtract 100 to get 200. Divide that by 40 to get 5 units of Humalog. I also have a scale for when I eat. It's for every 15 grams of carbs I take 2 units of Humalog.
Avatar f tn I am to keep increasing the Lantus until my levels are in the 180s. I am at 30 units of Lantus now, but my levels are all over the board depending on when I test. My doctor didn't say when to test and I think that would make a lot of difference. So, I am doing a fasting test in the morning and then test a few more times thru the day. Fasting levels are around 120 to 150. Other levels have been mostly in the 200s. I just wonder if it's standard to start on Lantus this way.
Avatar n tn My husband is on a sliding scale for Humolog and 44units of Lantus at bedtime.His blood sugar at 9pm was 155 I gave him the Lantus as ordered.At 2am he was shaky,sweaty,and weak.was the Lantus dose to much for his blood sugar level?I should mention he ate supper late 7pm.I'm wondering if I gave it to close to thr humolog dose before supper.
704262 tn?1247678238 I take the Novolog 5 units in the morning and 5 units in the evenings, with meals. I also use a sliding scale with it. The Lantus I take just before bedtime. Right now, I'm at 25 units, from 45 units 3 weeks ago!!! I've found that when I take both just before bed, my morning fasting blood sugars are really below 80. I've had it drop as low as 53. It was soo scary!! This morning, it was 89, which I was satisfied with.
Avatar n tn I'm 40, Type 1, diagnosed 1990, one Lantus shot per day, Humalog for meals, with sliding scale adjustment for high (which I have to use EVERY DAY). Last A1C was 8.5, which was the best in about 3 years. Blood sugars very bad, lows in 20-25 range, highs up to 500-600. See nurse practitioner at endocrinologist's office. She doesn't know how to help me, so is passing me off to a diabetes center. I feel like I need to adjust my own insulin, because I'm not getting a lot of help.
Avatar n tn This would be my lunch time. I could use a sliding scale determined at lunch. If I forgot the dinner shot, the Lantus would still be working. And I could still test at bedtime and bolus if needed. I see it this way because at least then I would have some insulin in my system at dinner, rather than the tiny amount of Lantus left, there would be a bit more (since I would be taking it about 8 & 1/2 hours later). Anyone have any suggestions or comments tomy thoughts?
Avatar n tn I take 24 units at 2 am before the 3 am phenomenin, where everyones GL rises. Also take novalog if needed on sliding scale around or after lunch, usually a few units like 3. I switched from humalin l and humolog. Even thou i hate the reactions from fast acting insulin. Lantus works ok i guess, was worried at first about hitting blood on an injection due to it's a 24 hr. insulin.
443862 tn?1238003039 when do I take my enxt dose of lantus? she said take it on a sliding scale of 2 hours per day to 3 days to make up the 6 hiours time differnece, but what does that mean? does that mean I take it a 8pm insteald of 10 pm and whose time, ours or theirs? Because 8 pm their time is 2 pm our time, in which case I will be overlapping my lants. I caleld back but still did not udnersand! Help!
Avatar n tn My husband is on a sliding scale for humolog .He does his blood sugar before meals.If he eats supper at 7pm and goes to bed at ten thirty can he still get the 44 units of lantus?
Avatar n tn The doctors prescribed a short acting insulin to be taken on a sliding scale along with taking the Lantus daily. Our schedule was thrown off today by a visiting nurse and he fell behind on taking his insulin. His sugar was just over 300. Can he take both insulins at the same time or does he need to space them apart?
Avatar n tn I give myself about 21 units of insulin per day--13 units of Lantus and a sliding scale of Humalog between 6-10 units--depending on how many carbohydrates I have eaten--So, it takes me about 2-3 months to use a bottle of Humalog and the Lantus would take longer, but I must open a new bottle every month for consistency issues. Does that help?
Avatar f tn I take 40 units Lantus (long acting), and sliding scale Novolog (fast acting) insulins. My bg is always so high in the mornings, I have to take Novolog and wait for sugar to come down to eat. I've had diabetes for many years, but never knew for sure which one! My dr would switch my diagnosis all the time. But went to endo and they did a blood test, and said I'm type 1. I'm angry my dr. never did anything about this. My daughter splits her insulin dose, 1/2 in the morning, and 1/2 at night.
1111143 tn?1259095953 She put me on Byetta (5 units before breakfast and dinner), and she changed my Novolog insulin sliding scale. Eventually she would like for me to switch to Lantus, but in the meantime, I need to take at least 20 units before each meal, no matter what my BS is. Then she wants me to increase the units based on my levels using this formula: BS minus 150 / 10 for example: BS = 224 - 150 = 74 /10 = 7.
Avatar n tn just found out my son has type 1, he was in the hospital for a week with out of control bs levels of over 500. he works on a sliding scale and carb count for his insulin and gets 15 mg of lantus everynight. i am still having alot of trouble with his high bs at night. i have that stupid fear of giving him to much insulin and then he gets lantus. i guess the ?
Avatar n tn It might be helpful it is on a sliding scale. depending on what the blood sugar is before the snack. The other option is too about going on an insulin pump where you have better control of the insulin.
Avatar n tn Heck, I was even using NPH instead of Lantus because I could never get Lantus to work right for me. Even so, my two NPH shots plus sliding-scale Humalog worked very well. And I work out (aerobic and weight lifting) religiously. The tight control changed as my metabolism changed in my early 30s. I'm 32 now and things just went a little whacky, for lack of a better word. I tried (like hell) to get things back under control, but I just couldn't do it.
Avatar n tn Okay I'm 19 been diabetic since I was 4 and and I have gained 15-20 pounds with my new insulin regimen started about 6 months ago.I take humalog on sliding scale 1 unit per 10 carbs and I take it every time I eat and I also take 50 units of lantus at bed time.So my question is can this be causing my weight gain? I think the lantus initially caused me to gain about 20lbs. to begin with 6yrs. ago and I'm now over weight.I'm on my feet constantly at work 9 hrs.
Avatar f tn Most doctor's prescribe a long acting insulin (such as Lantus) to be taken daily and then also a shorter acting insulin to be used on a sliding scale. The person tests their blood sugar before each meal and at bed time and compares the result to the scale prescribed by the doctor and inject the appropriate amount of insulin (if indicated). It is a good idea to record these levels in a journal so it can be shared with the doctor.
Avatar n tn He currently gets with breakfast 4 units of NPH and 2 units of Novolog plus the sliding scale. He gets with Dinner 1 unit of Novolog plus the sliding scale. At bedime he gets 1 unit of NPH If his sugar is above 250 at the 4am check he gets 1 unit of Novolog. They said that he is in the honeymoon stage now and I don't know if that has anything to do with it but the last 2 days have been HECK. His sugars are running low. She is supposed to call this morning about changing his dosing.
Avatar f tn Currently, I take 15 units of Lantus, and Humalog on a sliding scale. I am a vegetarian, mostly vegan, and eat a diet based on a large amount of fruits and vegetables and hardly any refined foods (maybe whole grains 2 or 3 times a week, no refined sugars, etc.) I have always been physically active, but recently lost a lot of weight (I was out of the country and didn't have food), which seemed to make me more insulin-sensitive.
Avatar n tn I recently started thyroid medication and I am gaining weight. Does thyroid medication worsen insulin resistance/ glucose tolerance?
Avatar f tn Should I have a 2nd opinion. I also have diabetes 2 - taking Lantus and just added another insulin on a sliding scale for meals - I take Nexium, Singular, Glipizide, Metformin 500 qam/qpm - use a SVN with albuetrol when needed.
Avatar m tn My friend has type 1 diabetes and recently underwent a quadruple bypass surgery. When released they put him on a sliding scale of long acting lantus for night and novo rapid during the day. Since then his blood sugars keep rising no matter what he eats or how much? Has this happened to anyone out there and if so what did they do to level out the sugars???