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Avatar n tn You can buy Lantus without a prescription from any pharmacy in Canada. There are other prescription and nonprescription drugs available for sale online, which can save an uninsured American a lot of money. The powers that be will argue its not safe or say almost anything to get the monet and authority back in their control. They are liars and would allow people to die in order to maintain their lavish lifestyle.
Avatar n tn I have been using Lantus for a few months. I too have had a couple of bad low sugar episodes... But not from Lantus, but from mistaking my Humalog pen for my Lantus pen. They are not exactly easy to tell apart when you are tired (I take it at night). I was taking 16 units, so imagine the same of Humalog! Wow! Cram those glucose tabs!!! On a pump now (or rather the pod) for the past couple days. Harder to goof up.
Avatar n tn Lesley, I'm a pumper (and not a physician), but I've read reports from many Lantus users. As folks've posted here, many do see a peak of some sort. One person seemed to find her peak within 4-5 hours of taking her shot. Thus, she switched from taking it at nite to taking it in the morning & using the peak "feature" to lessen her breakfast shot. It is very important to not Lantus with short-acting insulins.
Avatar m tn A quote from the Lantus web site (Lantus Prescribing information). Something my physician neglected to tell me, by the way. PRECAUTIONS General: LANTUS is not intended for intravenous administration. The prolonged duration of activity of insulin glargine is dependent on injection into subcutaneous tissue. Intravenous administration of the usual subcutaneous dose could result in severe hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn And, I recently read a professional article on the Ph of Lantus and injection site tumors. A bit later, I came across a note from a patient that had two tumors removed from hip injection sites - one cancer, one benign. Was wondering if anyone that has been on Lantus since it first was approved has noted any such problems developing.
Avatar n tn (you know who you are) put pressure on the Canadian government and the Canadian pharmacies in a effort to try to stop American citizens from being able to purchase drugs from Canada. Tulsa, Oklahoma had one of the first businesses in the U.S. that would make all the arrangements to purchase drugs for U.S. citizens from Canadian pharmacies. The government eventually shut them down.
Avatar n tn So you should hear exciting things soon..........I live in Canada so it won't be available to us as soon as you but can't wait for the good word.........sounds like a great step for my son's needs.
443862 tn?1238003039 Then he eliminated the bads from his diet and is in better health today. You can't base your insulin amount based upon carbs alone. Everyone reacts different to foods so its important to track what you put into your body, how you feel afterwards and what your test measure.
Avatar n tn I don't have health insurance. I guess I'm not contributing enough to the GDP to deserve proper health care... Canada is looking like an awfully nice place to live right now. The eye doctor wants me to see my endocrinologist immediately. This really sounds like a waste of time and money to me. At my last appointment in December I paid him $80 for 5 minutes and a piece of paper saying that I should be allowed to buy Humolog and Lantus.
Avatar f tn It typically results from a benign adrenal or pituitary tumor, but can also be the result of administering cortical steroids such as prednisone as a medication. It is more common in dogs than it cats and older cats have a higher incidence.
Avatar n tn When I had really bad coverage thru my job I was told that I could drop my daughter from my policy and she could go on Medicaid. 3.
Avatar m tn - Went from 80 units of Lantus a day to 30 units, - Went from 10 units of Novalog to zero units per day, - Went from 300/12.5 of Tekturna a day to 150/12.5, - Still taking 40mg a day of Lisinopril, - Increased Metformin from 1000mg to 2000mg, - Have lost 28 pounds as of 5/27. - During that time, zero exercise, just a change in eating habits (see below), - Added in walking last week, goal is 3-4 hours per week for now Victoza - There were some stomach issues at first.
Avatar n tn Part of my friend's longevity he credits to luck, but also to a fanatical parent who banned sugar from their house. His family changed their lifestyle to support the changes required. They used every since management principle for diabetes that they could, and stuck to them religiously. Taking care of yourself is what gets you to old age as a diabetic.
Avatar m tn I'm definitely somewhat filtering comments from those that have taken ADs solely on treatment from those who have taken ADs off of treatment, although I'm interested in all coments. Hope sides are treating you as well as can be expected and all the best luck with DR. J. I know you expect him to say 72 weeks but I wouldn't be surprised if he lets you off the hook with 60. Just a wild guess but he and Dr. D. are "the man" in the NY area, so you will be well served whatever he advises.
Avatar n tn Do the right thing. Treat her as you would like to be treated 20-30 years from now. Take care of each other !
Avatar n tn greetings in the name of the MOST HIGH, i am a 29 year old black male and i've been smoking marijuana for 10 years now. when i was 27, i was on a 1 year probation( driving on a suspended license). I refrained from smoking marijuana for 6 months then i found myself urinating frequently at night, like every 20 minutes or so through out the night. my mother took me to the hospital (upon my refusal) there i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes ( my mom has it also).
280891 tn?1261016650 I've struggled with those thoughts myself. When i was 9 and diagnosed with ideopathic scoliosis (not an autoimmune disease but still....) I thought it was something I was responsible for. My parents changed my diet we went to the chiropractor, and we tried EVERY alternative. But at age 13 I needed surgery anyways. I've lived my life extremely healthfully, I only eat whole foods and never touch processed food and still ended up getting more then one autoimmune disease in my mid 20's.