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Avatar n tn Just over the past 6 months or so, they gave him LANTUS, in addition to his meds. (Actos, Glypizide, Metaformin) He takes the meds in the morning and the LANTUS at night. Here is my problem. He has a lot of highs and lows. Just 3 weeks ago, his average was 115. This week a different story. He has been in the mid 200's and he has not changed his diet. This morning, before breakfast, his sugar was 337. He is very depressed and I feel so bad for him.
Avatar f tn as well im type1 diabetic and my bloodsugers are really up and down all the time and i take a split dose of lantus. my suger will drop and stay down all day or for hours!
Avatar n tn I am on lantus and the Novolog pen. I know when I first started lantus I got very anxious and before I had to take it, just in a dead panic. I can not fully answer your question, but I need your help. Can you ask your daughter if her lantus burns, itches, and/or does the area she injects it (arm, leg, stomach) feel heavy or like a big knot is under it?
962625 tn?1247126894 Did you find that your new way of eating took a while to kick in terms of weight loss and evening out of your blood sugar? Did you find the same thing if you are on metformin ER and/or Lantus? Could it be that because I'm not evened out yet that my body is still making too much insulin and therefore my body is still holding on to fat? I'm confused, and I'm getting really frustrated that this is not kicking in faster. I am about to start a water aerobics class.
Avatar n tn I am not a physician, but a mom of a type 1 child, and the daughter of a type 2 diabetic. I know that from experiences with my daughter it was hard for her to gain weight. When she was diagnosed the endo wanted her to gain 5 pounds. It took her over year. I have a sitter that is a type one diabetic, she needed to lose weight.
Avatar f tn If I work to reduce my lantus dosage while maintaining a proper blood sugar will that aid weight loss? Does anything out there help to boost metabolism in diabetics? Frustrated! Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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Avatar n tn I have just started using Lantus and am having a hard time controlling BGs. Does anyone have any anecdotal experiences with it? First, there is the 22 hour duration. If I take it at bedtime, I find that getting control of dinnertime BG is very difficult - I have to use 3-4 x the normal dose of insulin to get on top of it until it is time to take the Lantus. Then, I have a perfect fasting and control one day and it starts slowly eroding so that in 3 days I am dealing with BG's in the 200's.
Avatar f tn Hello Everyone, I just had a quick question concerning weight loss for a Type 1 Diabetic. I have been on Adkins for a month now eating 20 carbs total a day. As a result I am taking a significantly lower dose of Novolog than I use too (I am also on Lantus). I am very close monitoring my levels when taking in such a low amount of carbs, but even with this close diet I have lost no weight. I have been a diabetic for 8 years and as a result I have gained roughly 30 pounds.
Avatar m tn Although I have only been on Victoza for 2 weeks, I personally did much better with the weight loss when I was on Byetta. Good luck to you and your weight loss, I know first hand how hard it can be.
Avatar n tn The new insulin Lantus and Novolog does seem to allow me to gain weight more easily but I was able a while back to take off some 25 pounds by staying away from FAT and Lower my Carbs. When sugar went low used quick acting sugar like glucose gel or Coke stayed away from cookies candy bars ect to get it up. Excercise helped not pound wise but did loose inches. Best thing was to eat close to Zero Fat and Low Carbs.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks after taking insulin he began severe vomiting, weight loss from 170 and lowest at 128lbs in March 2014. Lots of tests done all come back normal. We were told by a few doctors we "think" it is gastroperesis........we have questioned since December could it be one of the insulins. Repeated many times to us very doubtful......Upon a visit with the Diabetic RN she has been the only one who has listened and questioned, it could be possible.
Avatar n tn Sometimes hair loss is a symptom of uncontrolled diabetes. Give yourself a chance to adjust to your new routine of insulin, diet and exercise and see if the condition doesn't improve. Stress can certainly cause it, too, and new diabetics -- or those who undergo a treatment change -- often feel pretty stressed about it all. Wish I had more info to offer than "wait & see." Do check with your endocrinologist since thyroid issues can be an underlying cause, too.
Avatar n tn I was going mental about my diabetes and weight gain. I have gained 25 lbs since being on Lantus and humalog. I am about to throw both those bottles in the trash. I am frustrated with my physicians standard answer of this weight gain issue "Oh it is something you have to live with to manage good control of your BS" Well she doesn't live this life and I wish that she would have told me to blog or discuss this weight gain and type 1 diabetes issues with others. I felt alone.
443862 tn?1238003039 Also, obviously combining exercise with weight control makes it easier to lose and maintain weight loss as well as control blood sugar and therefore need less insulin, etc. It's all connected.
Avatar m tn Send me a private message if you want a site with more traffic of Type 1's so you can get more suggestions and ideas about managing your diabetes and weight loss.
1264246 tn?1269999779 ) I'm just looking for some advice from anyone who has tried to lose weight while having type one diabetes. I'm 21 and just want to slim down a bit and tone up. I work full-time so I fit workouts in whenever i can (usually either morning after breakfast, or after dinner) I eat very well, but am finding it hard to balance my sugars with what I eat and with the execise!
Avatar n tn My TSH was at 1.4 in feb. and something else was 0.434 . I am type 2 and on 35 units of Lantus and sliding scale of novolog.
Avatar n tn I am getting married in December, and have been wanting to lose weight, but can't seem to find a way to get it off! Interestingly enough, I was scouting the web to see if there was anything on this topic, and found the message posted by lyn01 -- Funny, but I am having the EXACT same problem! I exercise five times a week, with both cardio and weight training. I eat healthy foods -- no pop, very little candy, low carbs, lots of vegetables and fruits -- but I still can't lose weight.
Avatar n tn You didn't say if you are lifting weights or doing strength training. This can add muscle and toning and can cause a bit of weight gain. I know how frustrating this can be. College also can be full of stress and this may effect your goal. Please let me look into this further and I will post soon. You will probably get posts from others so keep in touch. You raise a very interesting question and we have other members who will contribute with more info.
Avatar n tn Increased exercise will also reduce her need for insulin, and if she exercises so much that she goes hypo, then she'll end up feeding the BG and limiting her weight loss on that day. I guess there will be some trial and error required, and it would be good to have a close buddy know what her plan is and to be there incase she overdoes things and doesn't feel well. Weight loss for people with Diabetes is tricky but it can be done.
Avatar f tn This is because of the hormones and enzymes that are no longer secreted by your body. Weight loss isn't much different but it is possible. Overall: Healthy snacks, portion control, and grains are very helpful to a diabetic. Keeping your BG at a normal level is important to all body function, not just weight loss. If your blood sugar drops, drink juice and eat fruit rather than a sugar filled debbie cake. You can exercise as long as you keep a close watch on your BG.
Avatar n tn Diabetics who undergo gastric bypass usually do experience weight loss over time and a better blood sugar control. However similar levels of blood glucose levels can be achieved through diet control as well. Post surgery the blood sugar levels may vary a bit due to the stress hormones kicking in, these are likely to settle with time. Diet control and exercise (if feasible) need to be continued even after the surgery. Medications may also be continued further, if required.
Avatar n tn I had my gallbladder removed 2 months ago. Continue to have loss of appetite and weight loss, upper right quadrant pain and a severe "attack" last week after a meal heavier than I normally eat. The attack consisted of extreme stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting lots of bile for 12 hours. After reading other peoples postings with the same symptoms, I think it may be bile reflux. I don't understand why most doctors are aware of this problem after gallbladder surgery.
907729 tn?1244177963 It would be helpful to know what kind of heart surgery is being recommended, because sometimes there are procedures that are less invasive that could be considered, and could result in some improvement in how you feel. Weight loss surgery can be a great option for some people, but keep in mind that it often does come down to surgical risk.
Avatar n tn With any such pill, though, I wouldn't do anything without first checking with my doctor (both personal and endo) about the effects. I did a search for info on cylaris, and the weight loss predictions sound like marketing hype. I can't find anywhere that their study proving their results is actually published. I can't find any information on how it actually works on your body, so it's hard to say what the effects on your diabetes control would be.
Avatar n tn If your blood sugars are rather steady, I wouldn't expect the weight loss to be directly coming from diabetes. Normally, we lose weight when our BGs are high and our bodies are, literally starving, while all that nourishing sugar is wreaking havoc in our blood. From what I've read, it's a good idea for you to be followed by a specialist for hepatitis, much like we're advised to be followed by specialist for diabetes. Here are some web resources that might help you in the interim.
Avatar n tn The comment above about weight loss leads me to suspect that the posting by samusay is from someone who is not a type 1 autoimmune system diabetic, but may be a type 2 diabetic. The diseases are very different. I am not sure of any benefit from tumeric on type 1 diabetes. No harm, either, but I want to point out that the two diseases are different. Weight loss is a big issue for type 2 folks, but type 1 folks are usually lean and our health issues cannot be improved by losing weight.
Avatar n tn I've lost 9 pounds in 3 months, but I was happy with the weight loss so it wasn't a big deal for me. The weight loss has seemed to level off over the last few weeks. Also, I found that initially the nausea was far worse and it has tapered off...I don't even notice any nausea anymore and it has NEVER made me throw up.
Avatar n tn He absolutely must get some help from his physician and lower his weight, for obesity causes even more stress on already damaged blood vessels and he can find himself in trouble with blood vessels feeding heart and kidneys, too. In many diabetics, if a complication involving blood vessel damage is happening in one area of the body, then it is reasonable to seek the beginnings of problems in other areas, too.