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Avatar f tn Hello I am new to novolin My Dr has me on 15 units twice a day after being on lantus for 1 year and it just did not work at all for me under 29 units was not enough and over 20 units bottomed my sugar out My question is and this also did this when i was on lantus is it normal after injecting yourself with insulin that my blood sugar spikes up I am talking it can be 150 and after the injection it will jump up to 300 with in 3 hours is this normal or is it just me I know I am not making sense
Avatar n tn I did not start any other meds with the Lantus. I also became proactive last night and stopped the Lantus. I went back to my NovoRapid, Novolin NPH routine. Will see how I feel in a couple of days. Today went well. I want to find out before discussion with the dr. if this could be the problem, otherwise they will have nothing to compare it to because as I am finding out there are many different reactions as there are people.
Avatar f tn In the past I was put on Novolin NPH (28 units morn and 28 at bedtime) and I was taking 7 units of reg with each meal. Well, I recently changed drs and the new dr put me on Novolog pen 70/30-I am at 18 units ever 12 hours and it is not lowering blood sugar readings at all. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is the Novolog pen comparable with the NPH and Reg regamen? I was doing well with the Novolin and I am confused as to why I was swithched.
Avatar n tn About a month ago, my doctor changed my long acting insulin from Novolin NPH to Lantus. This completely threw me off and I ended up being woken up by paramedics 3 times in 1 week. My blood sugar would be normal before bed and then by morning it had gone to 1.8. When I would eat a snack before bed to keep my blood sugar from dropping, I would go high - 13.0-15.0 on average. My doctor has now switched me back to my Novolin NPH and I am still having a hard time getting back on track.
Avatar n tn Hi Bill! I'm a volunteer, not a medical professional, so please check & verify all information received here with your endocrinologist before taking any action. I am the parent of an 18 year old who was diagnosed at the age of 21 months and we've done shots (N&R, Lantus&Humalog), inhaled insulin (did a 2 year study), and currently she's on an insulin pump (& loving it!). My daughter's endo had her on a sliding scale dosage, dependent on her bg reading.
Avatar m tn If you need financial help to pay for insulin, I'd recommend you contact the local Lantus sales rep and see if they have any assistance programs. I would definitely recommend that you work to get off the insulin mix. That makes it more difficult to control your glucose scores, as it is less flexible for corrections and bolusing.
Avatar n tn Why are you taking both lantus (long acting ) and novolin 70/30 (combination of long and short acting?). Typically persons with diabetes take long acting insulin once or twice a day to help keep background blood sugars stable, and short actin insulins before every meal (to help prevent the blood sugar spikes that occur with eating). In any case, if you are doing something different from normal please be sure to monitor your blood sugar levels closely to catch highs / lows.
1274110 tn?1270792161 40MG 2 Beconase AQ PRN Lantus 70 units 2 Novolin R Sliding scale PRN Flaxseed Oil 1000MG 1 Co Q-10 100MG 1 Vision Vitamin 2 Calcium/D 600MG 1 Vitamin D 1000U 1 Chromium Picolinate 200MCG 1
Avatar m tn I switched from lantus to novolog and the doses are different, I then switched to the 70/30 novolin (relion brand from wal mart) as it was much cheaper and the dose once again changed, although I am type 2 and monitor my levels closely, all insulin brands work differently so be careful and consult Dr. I did finally settle on the 70/30 mix, you can get the pens but it is much cheaper to just inject yourself, I get the needles that are the same size as the pens.....
Avatar n tn please back to hep c stage 4 gino typ 1 others out ther if your diabetic and your having blood sugar problems from your liver flare ups eny ideas on dealing with it im on novolin r, lantus,and glipizide also [byetta]-lizzerd spit..........
Avatar m tn Do you take a short acting or long acting insulin? I remember I used to have to mix Novolog (clear - short acting) and Novolin (cloudy - long acting) when I was first diagnosed. But over time, I had to take Lantus, a 24 hour insulin, and then shoot Novolog, a short acting insulin, every single time I had to eat! You just might need to change up your insulin routine or switch insulin types. You body can build up an immunity and/or not respond to a certain type of insulin.
Avatar m tn e when her sugars are high, and another for pre-meal sugars when she is also abut to eat. Sometimes Lantus needs to be split into two doses as the effect doesn't last 24 hours for some people. 2)If she skips meals, her Lantus should keep her relatively even until her next dosing period, IF the dose is right. Lantus should basically keep sugars under control when there is no eating involved(your basal needs). When food comes into play, you need mealtime insulin.
1367276 tn?1278805412 The doctor had me take 5 units of novolog 3 times a day with 1 unit for every 50 points above 150, and then I take 15 units of Lantus at bedtime. For the past 3 days I have been checking my levels 6 to 7 times a day and they have been between 167 and 297 and I can't seem to get them below. What can I do without taking more insulin?
Avatar f tn Long acting: Lantus or Levemir and short acting: Humalog, Novalog or Apidra. They are much more steady and easy to manage. Do you see a pediatric endo? If so, you should make an appointment and talk with him about her doses and getting on a more updated regimen. If you are seeing a regular doctor I would strongly encourage a pediatric endo. Also send me a PM if you want the name of a website with a lot more type 1's and parents that you can talk with.
Avatar f tn Someone i know gave me some insulin that they came across, Lantus, Novolog mix 70/30, and novolin R. I am taking now lantus 25 units at night, and the last bottle of novolog regular i have been using the sliding scale last DR. gave. I wanted to know how to use the Novolog mix? and do i need regular insulin while take the Novolog mix? and should i stop taking the lantus if i start the novolog mix? Any help is welcomed, please and thank you.
Avatar f tn I was lucky because when I was diagnosed I already had good dietary habits and haven't had to make too many changes. I'm also at my perfect weight and now I'm working to make sure insulin doesn't change that!. My post-prandial peaks are sometimes within range and when they are high they are in the high 100s or low 200s. I know that sometimes diet isn't enough, because like you say, you eat the same thing that was good yesterday and you are too high.
Avatar f tn The last doctor I was seeing he put me on- Novolog sliding scale with each meal and at bedtime, Novolin N 10 units before meals, Lantus 40 units twice daily, 2000 mg of glucophage, asa daily, lisinopril a day. My blood sugar still runs between 250-500. I take my medication everyday (the best of my ability and what I can afford), exercise 30 min a day (walking), and watch what I eat. I recently had staph in my left kidney, and I have a cyst on my right one.
Avatar m tn Would anyone know about how long a typical vial of generic insulin will last? And has anyone had any experience with Walmart's ReliOn/Novolin 70/30?
Avatar n tn not too many lows, we are soon transitioning to Lantus which I ve been told is better then novolog and novolin (or as I call them clear and cloudy) so we may see relief but I'm a single dad and I'm simply reachin out, Thanks,