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Avatar n tn thank you,i donot think she can,also will the lantus do more as it is increased and how far should the increase should it be done in 2u or can it go up 5u with no problems if i watch the blood sugars?
Avatar m tn I am on 500 metformins twice a day and 40 units of Lantus. When my sugar is really high I will take one extra metformin. Is this okay ?
645800 tn?1466864555 The VA prescribed Glyburide, Metformin, and Lantus without problems, however on ocasion may authorize other medications upon consideration by a hospital panel.
962625 tn?1247126894 Did you find the same thing if you are on metformin ER and/or Lantus? Could it be that because I'm not evened out yet that my body is still making too much insulin and therefore my body is still holding on to fat? I'm confused, and I'm getting really frustrated that this is not kicking in faster. I am about to start a water aerobics class.
Avatar n tn So far, I am not taking any other insulin, just lantus and the normal pills, amaryl, and metformin. I was taking Avandia until the big scare. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I take Lantus and I also take Metformin 500 mg. twice a day. I am on 20 units of Lantus and have taken Lantus for years. (I use to be on 40 units a day, until I lost 125 pounds) I have not been good about following my diet and I notice that my blood sugar readings have been higher. My fasting blood sugars have been higher than normal (around 175) but I know it's because I have been eating too many carbs and have gained 20 pounds.
12861759 tn?1432921555 I am currently using Lantus and Novolog. Drs. advice is to start with 40 units of Lantus and up it 2 units every third day until I get a fasting BG of less then 130. Is it more important to get to my Lantus goal on a consistant basis before I try to adjust my Novolog?
Avatar f tn My doctor's procedure is to stop taking Glucovance and to just be on Lantus, nothing else such as metformin. I am to keep increasing the Lantus until my levels are in the 180s. I am at 30 units of Lantus now, but my levels are all over the board depending on when I test. My doctor didn't say when to test and I think that would make a lot of difference. So, I am doing a fasting test in the morning and then test a few more times thru the day. Fasting levels are around 120 to 150.
Avatar m tn I am now up to 25 units of lantus and 1000 in the AM and 500 in the PM of metformin. I have liver issues and maybe the IR is playing into this. Anyone have any insight into this?
Avatar n tn I am also on Metformin I stopped taking the latus and the vomiting stopped and everything is good now that I am only taking Metformin and not the Lantus.... I think that I was having a reaction to the latus and my Doctor told me that my numbers are good so to not take the lantus....
Avatar m tn Recently it was reccomended that I add to my Diabetes Type II meds regime of Glucophage (Metformin) and Diamicron MR (Gliclazide) a use of either Lamtus or Levenmir Pen Insulin Injection sytems. Two questions: Do you have any experience of this meds regime? Would you see this as a non-reversable step.
Avatar f tn It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
233616 tn?1312790796 All I can say to that is if you are not IR or have type 2 diabetes you don't want to be on metformin. My husband is diabetic and needs it but why would you want to take it if you don't need it? Too much IR resistance information going around these days. Either your IR or your not. Tx life doesn't revolve around IR resistance, diabetes, obesity etc, etc. I think it's good to be aware, but all the information lately has been a bit much. Prior to tx fasting glucose was normal.
Avatar n tn You are a good candidate for Lantus. Or upping the Metformin to 100 mg. And/or adding glyburide. And of course, losing weight and exercising...
Icecream Metformin and properly dosed insulin should be sufficient, though you may need more than 20 units of lantus. You should also be using a basal-bolus dosing regime. Basal is long acting insulin (such as lantus) and bolus is short acting insulin fro when you eat (such as humalog). You need to learn about diabetes manageme3nt and become responsibile for your own management.
10443766 tn?1410727807 I was on metformin lantus and humalog then they took me off metformin and changed to levimer and humalog. My Dr made me a high risk patient so I get more visits. Its harder because I need to test more but its worth it. My Dr is also very curious on my body and my baby though because once I begay second trimester insulin made my sugars spike (600+) and ice cream, cake, candy etc would make me low (75-90) so I haven't been able to take my insulin.
Avatar n tn Is Lantus and Metformin ok to take or is the Metformin harmful to my liver? I know several with Hep-c who take Metformin.
Avatar n tn I found out that I have a fistula located between my vagina and my intestine. How is this fixed and what are the chances that it would be malignant? Do you have to have surgery to repair this or are there other means of fixing it? I am afraid to have surgery because I had a slight stroke about 2 - 3 mos. ago. I am on a lot of medications (plavix, altace (10 mgm.) twice a day, actose, metformin, lopressor,&lantus insulin.
Avatar n tn Hi there! Diabetes is neither an indication for gastric bypass nor does help cure diabetes, though it ‘may’ help control blood sugar levels in patients where it may otherwise be indicated such as with morbid obesity. Diabetics who undergo gastric bypass usually do experience weight loss over time and a better blood sugar control. However similar levels of blood glucose levels can be achieved through diet control as well.
Avatar f tn Thats not true I never went under 145 or past 160 but since the lantus and humalog pen I have gained 22 lbs. I eat right,have my green shake, work out,exercise daily. Drink plenty of water. Eat very small healthy meals. I keep gaining weight. Im on a sliding scale because I now have fibrosis of the liver due to metformin And ibuprofen. Im going to ask to just stsy on lantus but levemere is so much better.
Avatar m tn But found nothing, After two months she stopped Metformin and dia micron. I was feeling little better, Now sugar wnt high, 10 to 16 MMOL. She could not not give any medicine lower sugar. I was eating ½ Roti, vegetable and one piece chicken leg. When sugar was coming down to 10mmol, it was dropping quickly, I used to feel serious hypo. I started eating every three hours, it stopped dropping. But I could not go below 10.
1536914 tn?1302705194 They think if i loose weight i might not need medication in the end. They sent me home on metformin and glypuride. Question 1: we splurged and had chinese food the other night at a buffet (but i still watched what I ate) I took my medication like i was supposed to and then went to walmart. We were at the buffet for at least an hour, so it was about an hour after i ate when we were walking around walmart i became very pale, felt really light headed, and very sick to my stomach.
Avatar n tn So I was using metformin until this hcv diagnosis (hopefully can resume it soon), plus I take 15 units of lantus at night. Every now and then, when I want to eat loads of carbs even though I shouldnt, I might also shoot some Novalog if I've got it handy. I'm not quite an official diabetic, never had a fasting, without insulin, over 110, but have occasionally hit 235 postprandially (mainly after Chinese food).
Avatar n tn I have been on different types of insulin (currently prescribed Humolog and Lantis), and have tried working with nurses specifically involed with diabetic nutrition, but, it seems like an endless cycle in regards to losing substantial weight. So, I am hoping someone out there can help me. I'm looking for information on the effect of diet pills on type 1 diabetic's. Specifically, I'm thinking of trying a product called cylaris.
Avatar f tn My own opinion is that use of Lantus together with Metformin, together with exercise and tight dietary control (and I mean tight) would not unduly hazard the general public.
Avatar m tn Is there some correlation between sugar intake and svr? I am not a big sugar user, but the hot weather goes so well with frozen yogurt during the times I don't feel like vomiting. I was also wondering the same thing about carbs.
488724 tn?1253554835 1 so it went down but i know its gone back up because during the last month i've gotten 300-400's and thats with taking 1000mg of metformin twice daily, 45mg actos once daily and taking 12units of Lantus in the Morning and 8 at night. My doctor gave me humalog for fast acting but its not in the pen form like Lantus, and i dont have access to a fridge everytime im gonna eat. so i never do it.
394687 tn?1290924440 4 so looks like I might be looking forward to a smidge of Lantus daily. Current diet and temptations aren't cutting it. Am controlling the weight, less than pre-tx but was never overweight anyway. The Dm will be an ongoing challenge, I suppose.
Avatar f tn It is a once a week injection that I take along with my daily Metformin and nightly Lantus injection. It has worked really well over the past year. Has anyone else used it? Others I have spoken with have never heard of it. And on top of that, I spoke with a customer service rep at Brystol-Myers who said it was not intended to be used with insulin.
Avatar m tn I just started on Lantus and Humalog and my blood sugars seem to keep going up, I take 30 U at night Lantus and I take Humalog 10 before meals if my bs is 180 or higher, does this sound right, I was diagnosed a Type 2 about 6 years ago, but the Glipizide and Metformin I was taking has been stopped, but my fasting bs has been 270 or higher any suggestions I know control my diet I get that, I also weigh 239 my Dr's say to loose weight, and I am going to try.