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925572 tn?1246543631 the thing is , many people has the same remarks who took only lamictal with lithium or other not aware about ur medication now Ezz, it would be nice if any one who (in this forum) has long experience with lamictale preferably with not more than one MS to tell me about their experience to avoid the possibility of meds interaction.........
Avatar n tn I really had no other side effects from either med. Lithium is more for mania and prozac for depression. I take a Lithium/Wellbutrin combo and it is awsome for me. Controls both sides pretty darn good! It is really trial and error with any med, it might or might not effect your libido. Just have to try and see. If it does, switch again! I know tegretol kills it too. So you might do better on Lithium or Prozac.
Avatar f tn hi there i was a 6 ft 2 tall and athletically lean dude until depakote was added to lamictal...since then(9 months) i have put on 35 lbs!!!! TThe fact is that i will not take anything that causes such a damaging side effect. My hair is a little thinner need some advice on what class of drug or specific drug will not cause such glaringly and embarrasing physica side effeccts to modify my moods without feeling space out...
Avatar n tn and the former comment is correct - lithium is not the best to treat bi-polar depression. lamictal (lamotrogene) is rated as #1 by the APA for such treatment.
Avatar m tn I know that this question gets asked alot but I am about to swap meds again this time onto lithium. I understand that the first few months are quite difficult and was just wondering if i could hear a few of your experiences and is it as bad as i have heard?. Also would i find it difficult to work during this period?
421882 tn?1203230940 After flip-flopping with my Psych about me needing a mood stabilizer vs. an anti-depressant, 5 years ago I went on Depakote for nearly 4 years.....stopped.....things seemed fine, and so I started through the entire gamut of anti-depressants for the past 2 years and NOTHING has worked. I am miserable and depressed and SO irritable all the time and alienating everyone around me because of these crazy outbursts I have.
497950 tn?1255867527 I have recently started taking Lamictal for bipolar, 25mg the first week and am now at 50mg until I see my pdoc next month. I have been having trouble eating since starting the lamictal. I feel hungry but my stomach is doing some nauseous, crampy thing. I have already lost a few pounds which I am thrilled about. Has anyone else had this experience before? Take care all!
Avatar n tn I have suffered the weight gain problem but on Lithium. I love all the other results of Lithium as a mood stabilizer but it made me gain 30lbs and I could never lose the weight and I really tried with dieting and exercise when I never did either prior to being on Lithium so I know it was the cause. My current doctor has put me on Topamax to prevent the weight gain. I've only been taking it about 3 weeks now and I'm at 100mg/day. I've already lost 10lbs .
Avatar f tn And, do I have just depression/anxiety, or do I have a mood disorder?! Just for the record I do take 100mg of Lamictal, which doesn’t really do anything but I’m also on a low dose of it. I just don’t want to get off of it because it takes too long to titrate up on it. Please help me with your feedback. Please don’t tell me to discuss this with my doctor. I already know that and already have discussed it with him (both of them) and have two different opinions.
1551327 tn?1514049467 That lead me to take medications. I think the lithium helped my memory return, though it made me sick and I went psychotic while taking it. Lamictal made me feel flat and I hallucinated ravens dive bombing my head on Abilify. My wife and I noticed that drugs either have way less affect on me or they really change me. I do think the meds helped me land back in the 3D world for sure. I adjusted my life, which was way hard, and I got my affairs more in order.
Avatar n tn When I have a panic episode my heart pounds like a drum, my breathing is all off and I shake alot. The episodes can leave me tired for days. Anyhoo I just tried lithium and just felt flat and even more depressed. Thanks for reading this--does klonopin sound like it will do the trick? (oh I also take ambien for sleep problems--I wake up all the time). thanks again!
Avatar f tn Bipolar 1 generally requires medication (lithium remains the gold standard, with other meds like Lamictal also available) for management, and therapy is useful too.
Avatar m tn Lamictal, Wellbutrin, nuvigil Evening: Lamictal and seroquel I should mention that I reacted differently than the "norm" with Wellbutrin. It generally (but not always) has a stimulating effect. But it made me incredibly depressed. The way I see it, is I take downers and uppers and they balance each other out. Nuvigil was the final puzzle piece. It was my first run with clarity in 13 years.
944643 tn?1418218022 Do they just simply prescribe an anti-depressant for Bipolar? I heard Lithium was bad to take. Is this true? And is a stimulant ok to take if ur Bipolar? If it turns out that I am in fact Bipolar, I'm not gonna know what to think. I'm going to be relieved, but almost embarrassed at the same time. Please don't take offense to this statement.
Avatar f tn She said that it is a part of depression and it will go away. I then asked for a anti-depressent to go with my Lithium. She said it would make me manic. I knew otherwise due to research. Some SSRI's will but other anti-depressents do not. I was so frustrated and did not know what to do. A few days after my last visit with her I tried to commit suicide. Luckly, my fiance go to me in time and called 911. I was taken to a great mental hospital and guess what?
1315061 tn?1288062082 What do you think? Can you compare it to others and if so do you feel it is better than Valproate/Lithium/Lamictal etc.
980052 tn?1262970679 What i know is that for the past two years i did not feel any side effect. Anyway i like lamictal and dont want to change eventhough my doctor wants me to take lithium instead....
Avatar f tn hey, i have rapid cycling bipolar and am on a lot of medication, prozac, lithium, lamictal, seroquel. i have put on a lot of weight since going on these meds, ive practically doubled in size! im coming off prozac and intend to come off anything except lithium. Im afraid that i will have severe mood swings when i do this but i need to get my life back, i sleep most of the day because of fatigue and i need to lose weight! any advice please? be well.
918275 tn?1254072352 There has to be something else than choosing fat and sane vs. skinny and dead. I wish the lamictal hadn't been bad for me. I am afraid to even fill my Risperidone prescription because I'm already over weight and have high risk due to my family history for diabetes and heart disease. I want to talk to my doctor about a different medicine instead.
Avatar f tn // The drugs which must now carry this warning are: Depakote (divalproex sodium) Gabitril (tiagabine) Keppra (levetiracetam) Lamictal (lamotrigine) Neurontin (gabapentin) Tegretol (carbamazepine) Topamax (topiramate) Trileptal (oxcarbazepine I would agree with the statement that the risk is greater left untreated than with them. My suicidal ideations are MUCH less being treated vs.
Avatar f tn I lost weight when I switched from lithium to lamictal (I had gained 50 lbs on lithium and lost about 10 after the switch). I more recently stopped taking zyprexa and have lost the rest of the weight. I am living in a developing country, so being away from fatty american foods is part of it, but I didn't loose weight here until after I went off of the zyprexa.
Avatar f tn Now since he has been on his new meds...Lamictal and Lithium he has had maybe three days total in the past month which is a great improvement for him. So his longest period has been two days in a row, which I am grateful for since before it would be weeks at a time. But before it was easier to see when he was in his depressed state now it just seems like moments and I just don't know how to manage it or not take it personally.
Avatar f tn As for the Cymbalta, I was also told that this was the highest dose before being ineffective and that it could be used safely with Lamictal up to 300mg before I need to consider lithium. I've been having some really bad side -affects to something...but neither my pdoc or general practicioner can tell me we are obviously still trying to figure out the right balance. Thanks again...and hope all this helps Ms. Anxiety...always helps me to hear from others.
Avatar n tn Lamictal is pretty good, especially for bipolar depression. It also overall has one of the best side effect profiles of mood stabilizers, which is why it's a first choice for a lot of doctors when it comes to bipolar II. It's also supposed to be weight neutral. Everyone freaks out about the rash, but it's actually extremely rare (and a lot less rare than internet forums would lead you to believe--how many people spontaneously go on the internet to praise something vs. complain about it?).
Avatar m tn valproic acid or divalproex (Depakote), lithium, lamotrigine (Lamictal), etc. Antidepressants, such as fluoxetine (Prozac), sertraline (Zoloft), mirtazepine (Remeron), and etc., are not recommended to treat bipolar alone, because they may actually worsen bipolar by triggering the manic cycle. ******************************************************************************** Per FDA, "Understanding Antidepressant Medications"
427801 tn?1203848162 im currently on wellbutrin, equettro and lithium and have been on them for a couple years. i was also on topamax and wellbutrin in highschool for about 2 years. i dont know how long its been going on, but i notice about 2-3 years ago that my brain keeps screwing stuff up ha ha. like, i cannot for the life of me remember someones name when i meet them. it takes a good 10 or so introductions before i finally remember it. i used to always remember someones name the first time.
Avatar f tn If you could not tolerate Lithium for reasons other than the bloodtests Lamictal might be one to ask a psychiatrist about. Of course recreational drugs can be destructive and some can cause brain damage but they also can hasten the onset of bipolar and worsen it. So yes the outcome could have been worse but you still could easily have bipolar. For more information on mood disorders in general and medications for them google "Depression Central".
Avatar f tn Doing them by feel was a good way to stay unwound for her, and something like that, laying in the dark and doing something tactile, might help cool the brain off a bit. How high up on the Lamictal did you get? I've read a lot of reports of Lamictal making people hypo at first, with the effect going away once you hit 100 mg or so.
337492 tn?1212462436 They have tried me on all sorts of meds and all that works really well is Lithium. I am happy you were blessed with a son. I think I have no choice but to adopt. Now if I can just get over not ever experiencing pregnancy without it making me so sad, I know I will be ok.