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Avatar f tn Hi Everyone! I recently posted that I had been increased to 400 mg of Lamictal, going from 200 mg. To say that was a bad idea is an understatement! One day, out of the blue, I literally couldn't use my legs! My brain would say walk but the message did not register in my legs. Trouble is, it wouldn't last all day so the first time I thought, well maybe, I had been given too much anthesia when I had dental surgery, so I shrugged it off.
Avatar n tn I went from taking nothing to taking Klonipin 1mg 3-4x/day, Inderal 10mg 3x/day, and Lamictal. I got up to 150mg of the Lamictal after 7weeks. I had a dangerous and deadly reaction to the Lamictal. I was told to stop it suddenly. My life has been a disaster ever since. I feel I was better before I took all of this stuff. I have been suicidal due to the sudden stop of the meds. Last Saturday i tried to kill myself. I took 90mg of klonopin and about 45mg of inderal. I awoke about 6 hrs.
Avatar f tn So after that month the concerta dosage stayed the same but the pdoc gave me 25mg lamictal with it. He said something about having a mood disorder, this after i filled out another questionair that, to me, sounded exactly like the adhd questionair. I told the doc that i really don't want to just keep changing the meds the whole time. I'd rather not take any but he said we have to figure out the dosage etc and that will take a couple or allot of months. So I said ok.
Avatar m tn I lost my insurance, now I can't pay for the lamictal I was taking, and even if I tried, lamictal was a pretty stiff liver hazard penalty. I know that others have had it much worse. Maybe I'm spoiled, I know that I am weak. I can't concentrate, I hate the way I look, I hate the mean way that I act and think. I hate the mean, terrible things that happen in this world to people that don't seem to deserve it. Little innocent children killed and mistreated.
696149 tn?1314324559 hey how are you feeling now? the symptoms you describe slow pulse and trouble breathing are definitely signs of overdose. if the symtoms continue you should go to the er. make sure you take as prescribed. overdosing of subox can cause coma and death. be careful. you should stay awake now.
Avatar n tn I am on 150mg Lamictal, 20mg Prozac, 150mg Trazodone, and 800mg Seroquel. Over the past year I have noticed an increase of involuntary muscle jerks, I was in an accident 2 years ago and it seems that my lower back is constantly doing theses little jerks. It does not hurt, but sometimes the jerks cause me to almost drop things that I am holding. It is so very hard to explain. I was very sick when I was 4 years old. I spent months in the hospital with a still undiagnosed virus.
Avatar f tn I take about 18 Lyrica a day. Please help me. I will die from overdose or severe depression. I have no one to talk to. My teenage daughters are suffering with me.
Avatar n tn about Lamictal. (Xanex ER as well, for the agression). I have a long story about my bipolar, and I'll tell you about it sometime. I was started on anidepressants at first, for most bipolar patients, it makes the symptoms increase!!!! I have also been on, geodon, that knocked me out, and made me feel like I was going to overdose, (AT WORK!!) I was on Zyprexa, that knocked me out, and I was on Lythium and lie list goes on and on. Every one is different. !
Avatar f tn I'm puzzled to see if me being medicated might make this happen (I take Lamictal 400 mg, and Risperdal 1mg), brain damage, or what might make this happen. None of it is un-managable, but it's just there. It wasn't there (or didn't appear to be - but I wasn't stable, so who knows!?), so I'm just curious! Have any of you "survivors" had these experiences?
Avatar f tn There is a danger that you might overdose yourself.You need to have your other symptoms assessed properly by the neurologist.
Avatar f tn Hopefully I can keep my overly long writings (like in my journal at home) to more of a minimum...we'll see!!! I'm glad I found this place, it seems more organized than some of the other & not so "nitpicky" about the groups you fall into. To me that's important because I have several issues I need to deal with. My shrink has never said I'm bipolar, I think it's so he doesn't have to write it down & screw me over when I go to get insurance.
Avatar f tn Infrequent side effects include urticaria, hypersensitivity reaction, shock, and pulmonary edema. Overdose can include slow, shallow breathing, respiratory depression, clammy skin, convulsions, extreme somnolence, apnea, circulatory collapse, cardiac arrest, coma, and possible death.
Avatar m tn In addition to the Remeron, I take 10 mg. of diazepam 4 times a day and 400 mg. of Lamictal daily. I find this cocktail has worked the best for me after six (6) years of trying. I sincerely hope that you have the same success that I have had with Remeron.
955560 tn?1250198145 If it makes you feel any better, I am currently taking a high dosage Tri-cyclic antidepressant, and 900Mgs of Lithium, and 200Mgs a day of Lamictal, and 2.50Mgs a day of Xanax. That's enough medication to knock a horse on it's ***. I'm still alive.
Avatar n tn Anxiety or Panic attack - what's the real difference? These just began 1 week ago for me. I am bipolar and just quit Lamictal 1 week ago (bad side effects). It start within a few minutes - difficulty breathing, dizzy and off balance (feel like I'm dying - but no chest pains). As soon as it comes on I chew up (2) .5 Xanax and it takes about 1 hr. to completely go away. I have been to my psy. (just said to get off Lamictal for now) and then my primary care dr. both this week.
Avatar n tn I have rapid cycling bipolar. Ask your Dr. about Lamictal. (Xanex ER as well, for the agression). I have a long story about my bipolar, and I'll tell you about it sometime. I was started on anidepressants at first, for most bipolar patients, it makes the symptoms increase!!!! I have also been on, geodon, that knocked me out, and made me feel like I was going to overdose, (AT WORK!!) I was on Zyprexa, that knocked me out, and I was on Lythium and lie list goes on and on. Every one is different. !
486647 tn?1208789291 I have since moved on and started to seriously overdose on Stilnox, sometimes taking 100-200 mg's per night which is like 10-20 tablets and although Stilnox won't kill you and Heath Ledger did not die from an overdose of Stilnox, an overdose is bad either way...
723497 tn?1363374440 I checked and rechecked different fatal dosages and cross effects. I counted out all the pills I had of all the types I had, except Lamictal because that has proven to be nonfatal [or so my research showed me]. I had alcohol to top it off. Not a lot, but I was definitely on my second or third drink when it all started kicking in. It's a waste of meds, honestly, or turned out to be. Its apparently a lot harder to kill yourself than they make it seem, or at least for me it was.
8958586 tn?1481364312 I was admitted to the hospital after an accidental overdose when I was taking too much clonazepam to get through appointments and bad days. Since I wrote this, I still have yet to be diagnosed with Bipolar, simply because i have a new psychiatrist. I was started on Latuda while I was in hospital, but it didn't work for me and was too expensive. I still haven't been tried on lithium.
Avatar n tn my husband was recently diagnosed BP he was put on lamictal, desyrel, zyprexa, inderal.he was put in a hospital after he attempted suicide, they released him after putting him on these meds for only four days, they gave him no aftercare support.
Avatar m tn finally a diagnosis of epilepsy after full seizure and put on Lamictal 9. low blood sugar = 70 mg/dL 10. binge eating and drinking 11. allergies totally out of the bounds of reality!!! 11. frequent urination and Dysuria off-scale 12. all incoming stimuli perceived as pain? Fibromyalgia? 13. walking around in a cognitive cloud 14. painful odd, strained defecation 15. poor short term memory and logic skills Am I on the right med?
696149 tn?1314324559 I was taking Wellbutrin and Lamictal, but the feeling and the mood slowly faded and went from awesome to fairly depressed. I wasn't rock bottom or anything but I was far from feeling good! OK, so anyway Vicodin (in the short term) seems to work for me. I did some research about Suboxone and talked with my doctor and he put me on 4mg a in the morning and one at night.
2010625 tn?1329375656 It was recommended in a book I was reading. It is an amino acid. It is primarily used for tylenol overdose and some other heart related stuff, it is not widely used in bipolar so don't be surprised if your doc hasn't heard about it. There is only one study out there that I could find, but it was a well done study, that showed it helped with the depression end of things as an adjunct to what people were already taking. So it was as an addition not instead of.
5717054 tn?1372962145 25 to 30% of the people with ADHD have anxiety as a coexisting disorder, so the anxiety is not surprising - especially if the ADHD has gone undiagnosed for so long. Typically, if the adderall is making you sleepy its an overdose. It comes in 10 mgs. Kind of surprised the doc didn't start you off with that as they usually go with the lowest dose first. By the way, you might find it interesting to check out this web site. Its for adults with ADD and has a ton of useful information.
Avatar n tn I am going to ask to go back on it because it helped with my migraines a lot about five years ago. I was on that and Lamictal. The Lamictal didn't seem to do anything - tried it twice - but it sure was nice to avoid some of those migraines. It sounds like you have medication problems similar to my mom - she has issues with any kind of sleeping pill or pain pill. She can take it once, but the second time it doesn't work at all. My heart goes out to you.
Avatar f tn In Britain where there exist the conservative docs, they write lithium (the king) and either/or an AC (depakote or tegretol) in the USA another AC (lamictal) etc...
Avatar f tn I found on my own that I am bipolar - from all the info in the internet. It makes sense to me. I started now on Lamictal and I hope it will work. I don't see any problem to take meds for mental illness as I want to get better. Secondly you wouldn't think about refusing to take meds for diabetes, heart cobdition or so, would you? You have loads of thinking in front of you. All the best.
Avatar m tn I took Ambien for a couple years, but took myself off of it because I can get impulsive and overdose. Ambien is kind of addictive. I've always been interested in Lunesta since it's non-narcotic but my insurance wouldn't cover it. Have you tried over-the-counter sleep aids? I haven't had Seroquil for bipolar, and I won't try it since it has such a sedative effect on me.
Avatar f tn I'm drinking a big fuc**** glass of wine and taking three hundred mg of seroquel, and I've already got four mg of clonazepam in me, forty mg of propranolol, and four hundred mg of lamictal, and I honestly don't care if I wake up in the morning or not. I just don't care. I'm a financial drain, and I know it's pointless to lament, but I hate being this way. Why can't I just be a normal person?
Avatar f tn , I am currently taking Seroqual at night 25mg to sleep and it calms me and my thoughts, and lamictal is like a mood stabilizer, to prevent the outbursts. Good Luck!