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Avatar n tn I've been taking lamictal for a yr. and have never felt better, i have NOT had any problems/spots on my tounge but i have noticed over time about 6-7 months in my skin was breaking out pretty bad at times which was never a problem for me. I've controled it with washing my face 3 times a day and it's way better than it was. Have you noticed breakouts as well?
560501 tn?1383616340 He then said that he has (2) patients that he is currently RX'd Lamictal to and it seems (at least for now) be stabalizing their B/P. He said he gives it in a Very low dose....I think only 25mg daily. Which is low becasue my daughter takes 200mgs 2x's daily for seizure disorder. OK, after all that :) Here is my question........Have any of you heard of taking Lamictal (off Label) for AD? OR have any of you tried it or heard of it? Thanks in advance for the info.
925572 tn?1246543631 I bet it isn't the lamictal, it's your worries and depression. living on the edge of a cliff all the time and feeling insecure makes the person concentrate less, have volatile memory especially the short one. This happens to all of us. I believe you should do something regarding your depression. Whereas it says that antidepressants worsen mania causing rapid cycling and mixed states, but most BP pts take them to be able to function.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how the side effect rash looks like or strats from taking lamictal. My problem is I just started taking it 5 days ago and now I feel like bugs are crawling all over me. I have a rash starting on my leg that itches like a razor rash. I am not sure if I am having severe anxiety attack or if this is a side effect from the Lamictal. Please respond if you know anything about this. I am going crazy.
Avatar n tn I have been on lamictal for 2.5 years with no symptoms of rash. I now have a very itchy trunk rash that has developed, and worsened over the past 4 months. I am also under alot of stress at work. I wok out alot, and also wonder if rash reacts more with heavy sweating during workouts. I have no fever, fatigue, headaches etc. Only itching.
Avatar n tn Important Safety Information about LAMICTAL Prescription LAMICTAL Tablets are not for everyone. Most people who take LAMICTAL tolerate it well. Common side effects with LAMICTAL include dizziness, headache, blurred or double vision, lack of coordination, sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, tremor, and rash. LAMICTAL may cause other side effects not listed here. If you develop any side effects or symptoms you are concerned about, or if you need more information, call your doctor.
800851 tn?1260346702 Hi my psych. doctor prescribed me Lamictal to deal with persistent depression (initial dosing of 25mg). I have already had a bout of steven-johnson's-syndrom due to the nasty drug tegratol. It almost killed me when I was 17. It gave me a severe rash that lasted well over 6 months from head to toe. Made me lay on towels filled with ice to save my life, as well as taking steroids and many other uncomfortable measures. I should have bought some stock in the company that makes cortaid!
Avatar n tn Everything I have ready says that it is rare to get a rash related to lamictal after bering on the lamictal for so long, and that the rash is probably not related to lamictal. I am wondering though, if the fact that I had MRSA, has compromised my immune system, especially with the steress I am feeling, and that having had MRSA might make me more susceptible to rashes, or more susceptible to a reaction from the lamictal. 2nd question: Lamictal has been like a miracle drug for me.
Avatar f tn It feels lightly painful. The pain seems to go deep into my body. I am on Lamictal. Wondering if this is possibly a Lamictal rash? Shingles? I am 46. Ellen L.
Avatar f tn Besides the Celexa and Lamictal, what other meds have you tried? Are you in therapy? It's hard to say if the itching is just a side effect or if it's related to an adverse reaction. Most allergic reactions would present with a rash. That being said, your symptoms are still concerning and should be addressed with your doc. I think a discussion with your doc is definitely in order, so you know how to proceed.
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist wanted me to go on Lamictal and wean off Lithium due to me being hypothyroid. I tried Depakote years ago, but I could not function at all. I made him aware of that but he said that Lamictal has a high success rate. I picked up my starter pack on the pharmacy today and took 25 mg of Lamictal, along with my regular meds, Eskalith ER 450 mg, Wellbutrin,150mg 2 x day, klonepin 1 mg 2 x a day and Inderal 10 mg 2 x a day. I was very skiddish to try this medication.
Avatar n tn My psychiatrist put me on Lamictal for depression around 6/3/2003 I believe. I started with 25 mgs morning and night and after 2 weeks 50 mgs morning and night. After 3 weeks total, I stopped taking it because I was not comfortable taking a medication that was off-label use for depression, there were alot of other antidepressants I haven't tried. Also I had already read about the Stevens Johnson syndrome and that scared me, even though it is rare.
Avatar n tn hello all. with all this crazy weather it knocked out my computer..ahh when it rains it pours lol...i am on the med lamictal for my depression " bipolar" which was triggered by the of the sides is a rash as well as a side of the riba...i noticed also that i am bruising much easier. the rash is like a heat rash and i sit around like a junkie itchin for their next fix, should i call the doctor and let him know? i am taking benadryl but still keeps me up sometimes..
355133 tn?1241573248 my doc says it's the mix of Paxil and Lamictal. needless to say, i am coming off of Lamictal. but now, i am scared i will have a seizure. i am weaning off the right way but i am still scared. my doc didn't tell me this was an anti-seizure med when i started. has anyone had these symptoms and has anyone had a seizure when coming off of Lamictal?
Avatar f tn I'm a 57 year old woman who was recently diagnosed as being bipolar. I was put on Lamictal starting with the graduated starter packet. I did fine with the exception of a few small and painful sores in my mouth (cleared up after about 3 weeks). With time I'm now up to 300 mg with the Effexor being reduced…I continue to feel better and better. Shortly after the med, I broke out in acne; my skin was in great shape prior to this. This acne is not only new to me, but very extreme.
Avatar n tn Hi I was currently had the same problem. Out of no where my body started itching. The doctor diagnosised it as demertitis. I had the same symptoms as your son, no visible signs of anythings. My doctor suggest benadryl, and told me to take two hydroxine at night. She doesn't have an idea what it is. She told me if its still bothering me in three days, to come back to see her.
Avatar f tn I suddenly had the Lamictal rash develop on my whole body after 11 days on the medication Lamictal(Lamotrigine). As a side note, I was/am also taking Ambien for a period of 4-5 days prior to this rash, and Ativan, which I've been on for a longer period of about 1 month.
Avatar n tn I still have a rash after having been off lamictal for 6 months. The itching is gone but I seem to have a permanent rash. Does anyone know why?
Avatar m tn I've just stopped lamictal yesterday because of terrible itching, for weeks. I've been told that mouth sores are very worrying indeed - not as bad of course as the dreaded lethal rash, but still pretty concerning, and a reason to go to your doctor/hospital asap.
3248373 tn?1346985593 I was put on topomax for complex migranes about 7 months ago and they put me on 100 mg 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night and friday of last week they upped my dose to 200 mg because my migranes were getting worse. Today all of a sudden I am itching everywhere and its been a constant thing all day and it wont stop ! no rashes though weird but I am wondering if its the meds. But I am also on lamictal as well so is anyone else having these problems ?
Avatar n tn I try Lamictal for 2 weeks that was over 2 months ago . My skin still burn all over, especially on my face and abdomen, antihistamine help some time for few hours. I would like to know how long that burning sensation will last and any other treatment that I could start.
Avatar m tn after my breakdown i started experiancing twitching in my arms and head. i also cant control the itching in my scalp it has caused hair loss in certain spots. my question is has anyone experianced these problems or does anyone have vital information for the following .
Avatar f tn said uterus a little big -not unheard of - had 3 big kids prev. Then for depres. put on Lamictal - Octobe. Weight up sharply clear fluid retention. December, my bp raised & put on Hydrochlorot. 2,3 days & had flushing on legs, then itched insanely - NO bumps. I'd scratch it'd quit & would start on another area - occurred cyclicly 1x day. Susp. Lamictal, stopped, but not the diuretic - cont. to swel.
5669694 tn?1372074010 I'm also taking Lamictal 200mg, Reclipsen birth control (3 month continuous), xanax (as needed, not everyday), trazodone (as needed, not everyday and do not take it with tramadol). The ER doctor and pharmacist said it was also fine to take Tramadol with my Lamictal medication.. but I read online and the warning labels that it shouldn't be taken with anticonvulsants. I haven't had a weird reaction yet. The main side effect I've had from Tramadol is itching.
Avatar f tn had me increase the medicine to 300mg twice a day, I have been feeling awful, so depressed, massively itchy, agitated, and having slight headaches. I talked to my dr. and he said if the itching continues to stop the medication all together & not take anything. Has anyone had similar experiences with this medicine? I am also wondering what other medication we should try because my dr. is having trouble finding the right medication for me after seeing him for over 3 years.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with folliculitis on my chest and back, apparently due to exercise/sweating, but I also recently started Lamictal after a month of Azithromycin at 500mg a day (not sure if either of those have anything to do with it, but I read something about long term antibiotic usage). Now my head is itching and my hair is falling out. Is it possible that the folliculitis has spread from my chest to my scalp because I use the same towel or for some other reason?
10608291 tn?1411419202 I don't know if I can distinguish what is real emotion or withdrawal from Effexor, Lamictal, Remeron. How long does this last. I have been taking St. John's Wort, B12, Valerian, and L Tyrosene to build up my own natural supply of serotonin, dopamine. This crying thing is the pits. I'm so sick of medications. I want to have a baby without spina bifida or missing limbs and cardiac anamolies, I've been on and off meds for years.
Avatar f tn (I know the one about the severe depression and PTSD probably is correct - but if I look at the test it looks like everything is wrong with me and nothing is right with me - and it seems so overwhelming it's like can I ever get well - I was placed on Lamictal, Cymbalta and Klonopin - however my doctor upped the lamictal to 400 mgs and the cymbalta to 60 mgs and I had a very severe reaction to it (this was after having been rushed to the hospital in the intensive cardiac care unit because the d
1361130 tn?1277646052 Have been diagnosed with bipolar II and serious depression. Taking lamictal, ritalin, and celexa as prescribed. Have reduced ritaling by one pill. At night have jerking in my legs, take requip for that. Also, have full body jerks and itching all over my body. Thanks.
899491 tn?1243777227 I'm okay but disappointed that the med's didn't work out for me. Good news...with the allergies med's to make me stop itching....I lost weight! I'm nearly my target Weight Watchers weight of 135 lbs!