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Avatar m tn 200 lamictal 20 lexapro
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Avatar f tn combination of medications for someone who needs to suppress menstrual periods and is also taking Lexapro and Lamictal for Major Depression with Bipolar 2 ? My daughter tried taking Yasmin continually (not taking the "fake" week of pills for 3 months) but experiences almost daily cramping, hot and cold flashes, nausea. The gyne was stumped as to which BC pill would be best, as Yasmin is for the PMDD, but causes the side effects for her.
Avatar m tn I am on 200mg Lamictal and 20mg Lexapro. When I was on Lamictal and Seroquel, I asked the doc to take me off the seroquel because I gained 30 lbs. in 2 months, it made me very tired all the time, and my hair started to fall out. The Lamictal/Lexapro combination seems to work best for me.
Avatar m tn 150 Bupropion (added) 20 Lexapro 2 clonozapam 200 lamictal have been very tired since starting Lexapro or starting to work out.
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Avatar f tn Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement. I am on 200 mg Lamictal plus 20 mg Lexapro. With that combination I feel a lot better. So glad I stopped the Seroquel and Depakote. The meditation sounds like a good idea for the anxiety -- I still feel that way sometimes but try to put those thoughts out of my mind. Good luck to you also!
2176476 tn?1338605299 I am currently taking Risperdal, Lamictal, Lithium, and Lexapro. I was on Seroquel XR for quite sometime, but switched back to Risperdal because 1) it is a heck of a lot cheaper, and 2) it really worked well for me, even better than Seroquel. I believe in the fact that medications work quite differently for everyone. I personally have not had any issues with my current combination.
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Avatar m tn As long as you can tolerate that combo and it is working, I don't see any of them that would cause a bad interaction in most people. You doctor has approved it and the Lexapro dosage is very small, so I can't see why that combination would be an issue as long as you can tolerate it.
Avatar m tn 200 Lamictal 20 Lexapro 36 Concerta 5 clonozapam Resigned today. A little nerve racking but change is good.
Avatar n tn in 2 months on Depakote and Seroquel. Am now on 200mg Lamictal and 20mg Lexapro and have lost 17 lbs. in 2 months. And the new drugs are working much better for me in controlling my bp symptoms. No need to suffer with unpleasant side effects. Each person reacts to the meds differently, so please have your son see his doctor, preferably a psychiatrist (specialist) who can prescribe alternative meds more suited to your son.
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Avatar f tn Since Wellbutin, Lamictal and Topaxax all have the same side effects of anxiety,hyperactivity,insomnia, mood swings why use them to treat a manic episode, especially a severe one? My Psych. has me on all three, plus Klonopin, am not getting anybetter and refuse to take anti-psychotic meds.
Avatar n tn In my case, I am now on Lamictal (mood stabilizer) and Lexapro (antidepressant). Antidepressants can increase mania in bp, but there are some such as Lexapro that work well in controlling the depression part of it. Trust your doctor's diagnosis. Report any side effects or symptoms promptly -- and work with your doc until you find the right combination of meds that works best for you. Tell your doc everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem or how embarassing or whatever.
Avatar m tn Effexor 50mg Lexapro 10 mg Lamictal 300 mg Still very sore from accident. Gaining weight. Have not exercised in weeks.
Avatar f tn I seem to be very forgetfull, at least that's what my husband tells me. I feel confused at times and clear at times. It may go with my mood. I use to be the best speller and can't think of how to spell simple words. I get frustrated. I'm on depakote, Lamictal 100mg, Lexapro, and amitriptyline for pain from my fibromyalgia.
Avatar n tn The docs took me off Keppra and put me on Lamictal. I was also put on Lexapro (10mg) for suicidal thoughts. A year later I got Stevens Johnsons Syndrome as a result of the Lamictal. I was then put on Lyrica which made me bloat and gain weight. Then I was on Topamax. I stopped all seizure meds in June of 2009 and am seizure free. However, I just stopped taking Lexapro last week due to 10lb weight gain. I am very active - just ran a 1/2 marathon and am planning another in June.
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Avatar m tn 200 Lamictal 20 Lexapro