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Avatar n tn I'm also on some appetite suppresents named adipex. I'm in Georgia and the doctor that I go to in Dr. JT Cooper. He has a website. When I find out what it is I will be sure to let you know. I know one girl that sees him and lost 75 pds in 4 months. He really helps.
Avatar f tn He had developed a thriving practice as an obstetrician/gynecologist in Savannah, Georgia. A highly trained and skilled microsurgeon, Dr. Burgstiner was devoted to his profession. But his profession nearly cost him his life. THE ORDEAL BEGINS "In 1983, I contracted hepatitis B after I had stuck my finger while operating on an infected patient," recalled Dr. Burgstiner, who was 49 at the time.
Avatar n tn I signed up a week about to start Alpha Health Care's weight loss program with Dr. Synder. (They have several locations in the LA area. They combine B12 shots 3 times a week along with daily appetite suppressants, multi-vitamin, folic acid, potassium, chromate, and a water pill every other day. If you exercise 20-30 mins daily than you should have 1200 calories per day and 1000 if you don’t exercise. You are suppose to have a low carb high protein diet w/ 2 fruits and as many vegetables a day.
Avatar n tn In the next day or two can everyone check in how they're doing? It's helpful to all of us to see how this is all going. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Only relief is ice. It started 10 years ago (was living in mountains of Colorado--sunny, but little humidity) in the summer. It comes back every year around July/August and lasts thru December, disappearing just as suddenly as it returned. Does your itch do this as well? I am awake every single night with this, although it also occurs in the daytime now. It started on my left upper arm, but seems to expand each year.
Avatar n tn I would like to start the hcg shots soon. I live in NJ and I can't find a clinic in this state. There are a couple of questions I have. 1. On what website can I buy the hcg from? 2. Are most people following a 500 or 800 vlcd? 3. Are dieters washing their hair? Please answer "yes". 4. What are some of the menu options? I've read the Simeon's manuscript already.
1647691 tn?1363727302 I am very worry about my 2nd try... my appointment to see my Dr is Sat. but they called me to move it to Monday because here in LA freeway is going to close for the weekends. I can wait to see my Dr and asked him why my ivf didn't work??? Good luck to all of you.... this thing is getting so complicated. It's beyond us.... this has to be in god will. If it's God will, we will have our wish one day. I hope he (God) will make it sooner.