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Avatar m tn There needs to be a way of combating these effects on kidneys. Many thanks VeteranB, have been able to locate Habiscus tea and beat root juice with L - Arginine which i have started taking immediately.
Avatar n tn Mostly in bed and napping and on the computer, as this was mostly what I could handle. The supplement is a form of L-Arginine, (A-AKG). It's supposed to help with oxygenation, according to what I've read. I don't know the details, but it worked within 20 minutes. The brand I used is Force Factor, but other brands with that amino form may work as well as be less costly. It'd be nice to know if someone can comment on the technical reasons this works. I am just happy to function.
Avatar n tn I still take the Taxtia XT, but wonder if I would go into a crazy racing heart if I stopped(probably right)??? I take CQ10 along with L-Arginine and an hour later take L-Lysine. I take Vitamin C with Ester. I have recently started taking Resveratrol of which I bought at Walgreens. If this stuff (resveratrol) helps from everything I have read about it, I am going to go to a high grade type that does cost a bit more. Everyone should read up on it.