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Avatar m tn Has anyone tried l-arginine to improve the erection. If you could give me your opinion about l-arginine I will appreciate it.
Avatar m tn but dont L-arginine increase blood flow to all parts of the body.? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1170185'>Libido problem</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi, My husband is 39 yrs old, Azoospermic but were able to conceive by IVF successfuly twice. The problem underlies in his low libido since we were married( 10 yrs) but had worsen lately. His erection is very normal, its just the desire! We did Total testosterone test and the result was 382 ng/dL. Free T was also done several months ago, I dont remember the value but it was in the lower limit of normal.
Avatar m tn Hi. I'm glad you found the information helpful. I don't know what you mean by "spice things up" but I can tell you that l-arginine is not going to increase your desire or have any effect--unless, of course, you totally believe it will, in which case you may get a mild placebo effect. As for Viagra, I'll tell you what I tell everyone: Viagra does one thing and one thing only: increases blood flow to your penis.
Avatar n tn 22nmol/L Free Testosterone :593pmol/L LH: 3.3 IU/L Prolactin : 237 mIU/L TSH: 2.1mU/L i also had complete blood count and urine tsts and the doctor said they all normal. megazoid, can you please expalin me my results? thanks a lot, again!!
Avatar m tn Naturally occurring herbs like ginseng, bee pollen, wild oats, and amino acid L-Arginine are known libido boosters. Please check with your doctor before starting any herbal supplements. Take care!
Avatar n tn I stopped taking the propecia and started taking 50mg DHEA, yohimbe, Maca and L-arginine, about two weeks ago but nothing is helping. I am only 28 but I feel like I the sexual drive of a 50 year old and my wife thinks that I am bored of her. PLease help.
Avatar m tn Can someone help me please... RESULTS Oestradiol 147 pmol/L (44-156) Prolactin 211mIU/L (86-324) Testosterone 29.5 nmol/L (7.6-31.4) Thyroid stimulating hormone 1.26 mIU/L (0.27-4.20) Thank you!
Avatar n tn I have since decided to take various suppliments since December like ginko, ginseng, L-arginine and now the testosterone boosting suppliment Tribex. I also tried Viagra So far nothing has really helped however just started the Tribex. If anyone can help point me in the right direction in identifying the problem and remedying this, it would be greatly appreciated. I really don't have any clue as to what has happened to the old horny me except the testosterone issue.
Avatar n tn Not viagra or anything like that, id consider that cheating. Basically L-Arginine plus some herbs. Anyway, Friday i'm seeing one the 2nd girl I failed with.
Avatar m tn Since then, my morning erections are weaker and erections are completely gone otherwise along with my libido. My Urologist prescribed Cialis 5mg for about a month. I started having really strong erections after taking it for the first 10 - 12 days but it just waned in the following days even though I was still taking the pills. ANY IDEAS WHY? My Morning erections are still weaker (its still completely absent otherwise). My Prolactin / testosterone levels are confirmed to be normal.
216278 tn?1308864682 Research demonstrates that the amino acid L-arginine (contained in the FertileCM formula) may safely increase cervical mucus, support endometrial secretions and a healthy uterus during implantation time, and enhance female sexual arousal.
Avatar m tn He who took fo-ti and restored his black hair, youthful appearance and sexual vitality. For more information about fo-ti, read the Fo-Ti Fact Sheet. 4) L-Arginine L-arginine is not a herb but an amino acid that has numerous functions in the body. It has been used for erectile dysfunction and is often promoted as a Viagra alternative. For more information about L-arginine, read the L-Arginine Fact Sheet. 5) Damiana Damiana is a plant native to Mexico and the southern United States.
Avatar m tn This ingredient enhances the blood flow by causing sure the veins being dilated and driven blood in the muscles along with the penis, when it's needed essentially the most. • Tribulus Terrestris: As being a natural herb, it has been proven to improve natural testosterone production, bringing about boosted sexual drive and satisfaction, creating muscle tissue and reducing fat cells.
Avatar m tn One supplement that often works for vascular problems is L-arginine. Don't smoke. Fish oil may be useful. Get checked for diabetes. Exercise.
Avatar m tn So a week ago you should be ok, and even the next day you should have been ok, You could try some DHEA its a hormone, but please read up about first as it can have the odd funny side effect with the odd person, but it will boost you testosterone, lift your libido and give your energy levels a lick, start low dose 25mg a day and slowly build it up over 6 to 8 weeks, me I leveled off at 75 a day, and things like Cayenne, Ginger, Garlic, Green Tea, Tribulus, L-Arginine all these will help to get y
Avatar f tn If he doesn't realize he has diabetes, that's the problem. Aside from those things, L-arginine may help because it improves blood flow.
Avatar n tn But stress is a killer, and if you have ED then stress is your problem in most cases, google natural ways to get stress down, lots of info. but you could also boost your sex life with some L-Arginine, this will boost your nitrates, should be good for your sex life. Please feel free to google any thing I have said, but they do work I'm on them and then some.
Avatar m tn He needs to make sure he doesn't have diabetes or thyroid problems or something like that. L-arginine from a store that sells supplements may help his blood flow.
Avatar f tn Have you tried any vascular supplements? give L-Arginine a try at night. You can find it at a nearby whole foods or any supplement store cheap. See if that gives you an erection. Another possibility could be that you have a tight PF (pelvic floor). I know it's going to sound terrible if you aren't a yoga guy as I'm not but I've tried this for the penile injury I'm dealing with to rule it out. Try doing stretches daily and you need to really sit through them. Not just 30 second stretches.
Avatar n tn Working major muscle groups increases testosterone and makes you feel better. Take protein to increase muscle. Get yourself NOW brand L-Arginine/L-Ornithine and take 2 capsules 2-3 times per day on an empty stomach. That will help blood flow. Try the test/libido boosters Stoked from Anabolic Innovations and Activate Xtreme from Designer Supplements. Also, take ZMA before bed on an empty stomach. Zinc deficiency is common and zinc is important for testosterone.
Avatar n tn L-Arginine and Yohimbe are the only two things that I know are proven to have affects on both men and women for blood flow and libido. And the Yohimbe can have negative affects on the liver if you use too much on a daily basis.
Avatar m tn Hi P, A urologist is your man to see, or you can try these, Tribulus is a herb , it will boost your testosterone, lift your libido and kick up your energy levels, Cayenne will help clean your blood as will ginger, now add in some Green tea again for your blood, you could also try some L-Arginine as this helps with getting nitrates for erections, and you should be firing again.
Avatar f tn Also, the stuff I ordered has L-Arginine, Cotton Root, Goat Weed Leaf, Tribulus Seed, Damiana Aerial Parts, Mucuna Seed, Muira Pauma Root, and Pine Bark Extract. That's the ones she hasn't had yet except for Maca, but the one she took for Hot flashes has, Black Cohosh, Chasteberry, Dong Quai, Gamma Oryzanol, Hesperidin. That's all she is taking. So I don't know why she is having these interactions.
Avatar m tn If you smoke, stop immediately as tobacco is an erection killer. You could get improvement with L-arginine supplements, which improve blood flow.
Avatar m tn This is not a herb but an amino acid and it helps increase the production of nitric oxide which helps you achieve rock hard or firmer erections. It is also called the Nature's Viagra. Foods that are rich in L-arginine include Oatmeal, Peanuts, Cashews,Walnuts, Dairy, Green Vegetables, Soybeans, Seeds and Chickpeas. 3) Fo-Ti Fo-ti is also called he shou wu, which means "black-haired Mr. He" in Chinese. This name refers to a legend of an older villager named Mr.
Avatar m tn Turkey Breast, high in protein and the single best food source of arginine, the erection-boosting amino acid. Researchers at the NYU School of Medicine gave L-arginine to a group of impotent men, and found that six out of 15 men receiving the amino acid claimed an improved ability to achieve erections, while none of the 15 men in the placebo group reported any benefit.
Avatar m tn DHEA 50-100mg/day, Mag Malate 1250 mg/day, zinc 50mg/day, B6 100mg/day, Vit D 10,00 IU/day, L-arginine 6g/day w/ L-citrulline & L-arginine 6gr/day Cabergoline 6gr/day. All Day has 24 .5g (12g) of CAB for $71 delivered, but look around & it's $40 for 40gr... Scripts: clomiphene 50 mg/day (neutralizes estrogen in the male body. Ir also has anti Ep benefits.It used to "unscew" up the T levels in Men w/EP. Also Crytoheptadine as an anti-histamine instead of Zyrtec.